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DIY Easy Oobleck Slime for Kids: Keep your toddlers entertained for HOURS!

How to make two-ingredient Oobleck and ways to play with it

I absolutely love this DIY Oobleck recipe for kids! If you are like me, you spend time setting up different projects for your toddlers and only have them entertained for a few minutes. If you are lucky then maybe they will be entertained for part of an hour.

I try to let my kids be bored and learn things on their own, but there are times when you need an activity to entertain them for a while. This is the perfect activity for kids and toddlers because my son can play with DIY Oobleck Slime for hours! 

The best part is that it only takes TWO-INGREDIENTS in this oobleck recipe and one of them is water! The last time we made this, my three-year-old sat at the kitchen table for two hours and did not even ask for us to play with him! He independently entertained himself for that long!

I don’t care what kind of mess he made because that was totally worth it to me.

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What is Oobleck Slime?

Oobleck refers to a green substance from the Dr. Seuss book, Bartholomew. Therefore, if you want to add a literary component to this science experiment then you could always read that book first!

And don’t worry this Dr. Seuss is not one that is being questioned for being appropriate for children in this day in age.

How to make Oobleck?

1. Mix 2 parts cornstarch with 1 part water slowly. Add the water in slowing and mixing it until you get the “goopy gak” consistency that you are looking for. If you add too much water, you can always mix in more cornstarch.   

Kid stirring cornstarch and water to make oobleck


2. At our house we are fine with white DIY Oobleck Slime, however, if you would like colored oobleck slime, then feel free to add food coloring.

Easy DIY Oobleck Slime for Kids

Tips for making Oobleck Slime

  • I like to make this easy DIY Oobleck Slime in some sort of disposable container. However, make sure that it will withstand all the mixing! You may want to double up on bowls.
  • The first time we made this, we added too much water too quickly. Make sure to slowly add water and mix!

This simple and easy two-ingredient Oobleck recipe is now ready to be played with!!!!

Toddler playing in Easy DIY Oobleck Slime

Incorporate a science discussion during this kid’s activity

The best part of this easy DIY Oobleck Slime is that you can discuss states of matter with even your littlest scientist.

Is it a liquid? Is it a solid?

This two-ingredient Oobleck Slime is even fun for adults to play with. I guarantee you will be tempted to have some fun with your little ones!

Once this cornstarch dries up, see how we made the softest homemade playdough next!

Activities to do with the Oobleck Slime

My son loves to add toys to the Oobleck. On this particular day he was using small cars. Another day, he was using small dinosaurs and creating whole imaginative habitat.

Give your child small utensils to dig out toys. Or even better, hide small items in the oobleck and see if he or she can find them.

This easy 2-ingredient “slime” is perfect to help get toddlers and young kids’ imaginations thriving. Not to mention, he was learning through playing by hypothesizing whether the toys will sink or float.

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I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY Oobleck Slime recipe and ideas about how to have fun with your children. What is your favorite DIY activity for kids? We would love to hear about it in the comments!

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DIY Oobleck Slime is a win for all!

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Wednesday 27th of February 2019

Every kid loves this stuff! I confess that I do as well. It is addicting to play with! :)


Wednesday 27th of February 2019

It is so fun! I agree, adults love Oobleck Slime, too!

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