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15+ Easy Chalked Paint Project Ideas Anyone Can Do

Chalk paint is a “DIY” ers best friend for different DIY projects and makeovers. Come along with us as we share some awesome chalk paint projects to try.

15+ easy chalk paint projects with 4 different images of DIY ideas.

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Why Is Chalk Paint Popular?

Chalked paint has become so popular due to its ability to transform anything quickly. There is nothing more satisfying than just updating a piece of furniture quickly without all the priming and fuss that goes along with different painting methods. Here are 15+ chalk paint projects to inspire your next DIY project.

You can either buy or make your own version of decorative paint. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. You can read more about this on Liz Marie’s Blog (people also left some great comments about also considering being eco-friendly).

Pouring in pink paint for chalk paint

Should I splurge on a chalk paintbrush?

Okay, since we are DIY” ers” I hate spending money. If you plan on only doing a small project then a regular brush is probably fine. However, having the right tools (like this brush) can really make your painting job easier.

A lot of “professional” chalk painters would roll their eyes at people using just a regular brush.  They also may not like making your own version, but we have had a lot of success redoing furniture with DIY chalked paint.

Would I chalk paint an expensive piece of furniture?

Probably not. While I think chalk paint can take on my styles and aesthetics it is best to only paint pieces that you won’t be devastated if it doesn’t work out. We love painting free items we get from Facebook BST, other thrift stores and DIY furniture builds that use cheaper materials.

paint brush, paint, plaster of paris and measuring cup for chalk paint

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Chalk Paint Project Ideas

Using DIY chalk paint or fancy store-bought paint can truly help you in your next DIY project. Here are 15+ chalk paint ideas to try this weekend.

Chalk Paint Projects FAQs

What is the difference between chalk paint and chalkboard paint?

Chalkboard paint is meant to create a chalkboard surface you can write on. Chalk paint has chalk in it to make it adhere to surfaces without priming.

Can you make your own chalk paint?

Yes, you can use Plaster of Paris and latex paint, calcium carbonate and latex paint or baking soda and latex paint.

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These chalk paint ideas are easy DIY projects to help you feel accomplished in your DIY journey.

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