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Easy DIY Racetrack for Children: Fabulous & Fun Indoor Kid’s Activity

Create a DIY racetrack for your child using painter’s tape

Are you looking for a simple and easy way to entertain your children? This easy DIY racetrack for kids is made with painter’s tape is a fun way to let your little ones play!

If you have been following our blog, then you know all of our DIY projects are simply things that can be done at home while we are trying to stay safe (sane, too)!

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The Before Unorganized Floor

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Finally get your kids to pick up toys

So the best part about this DIY racetrack…

Not that it entertained my son for days, but that before we could tape it out, he had to clean-up the basement. Our basement was redone cheaply as a space for our children, but it is one of the spaces that you just have to get organized all the time!

Supplies Needed:

-A flat space

-Painter’s Tape

-Toy cars (My son recently is into all the car movies and his imagination was soaring using the characters from the movies)

**A note about painter’s tape**

Normally I always recommend using this brand for all of your DIY paint projects, however, this simple blue or cheaper tape will work. Using painter’s tape will hopefully not leave a residue on our basement carpet.

I would not leave this track too long on the surface. Well, painter’s tape should be safe, you always want to check your area. Factors such as the amount of sun that may factor on the surface may leave a residue over time. However, I think our track will be good to leave for around a month.

The great thing about this DIY racetrack is that I can always pull it up and redo it. We may even add to this original racetrack and have one that covers more space in our basement.

How to Tape Out Racetrack

1. Start to create the outer edge of your racetrack. You can slightly bend the tape to make rounder edges. Rip the tape to make sharper turns because you will want the tape as flat as possible on the floor.

Carefully tape out racetrack on floor

2. Continue taping your racetrack with the inside loop.

Painter's tape to make a racetrack for kids

3. Add a starting line, crew pit and stands. Ask your little one what else they might want!

DIY racetrack for kids with painter's tape and toy cars

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Other Toys that encourage imaginative play

If you do not own Magna Tiles and Tinkertoys, then you really need to look into it! Between this DIY racetrack and these two imaginative toys are children are creatively making all day long.

I am one to always try to save money and not spend much. However, I have to say that these two sets of toys are the BEST. I can literally see our children problem-solving and creating. And what DIY girl doesn’t like to see that in her children?!

Now go and have some fun with this great DIY indoor activity for kids!

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Ask The Dutch Guy

Thursday 17th of December 2020

I'm sure the kids will love this one! They will really have fun.

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