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Reader’s Favorite DIY Projects To Help Turn Your House Into A Home

We love these DIY projects and so do our readers!

We cannot believe that our little blog is almost two years old. It is crazy to think of all the DIY projects we have undertaken in that amount of time. From painting walls to make shelves (and a lot of them), we just are so thankful to share our DIY with DIY nuts like us!

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Now what is crazy is some of our first projects didn’t even make this list. But we have to give a shoutout out to our first painted accent wall that started it all!

Here are just a few DIY projects that our readers loved! We cannot thank everyone enough for all their support!

Reader's Favorites From The DIY Nuts

We are so thrilled that our readers have been loving our DIY projects this year. Not only did we hopefully inspire a DIY project in your home, but we love that we are slowly using DIY projects to turn our house into our forever home.

Our Favorite DIY Outdoor Projects

If one thing we have learned this year, is being outside is the place to be. Our children are happier and so are we.

DIY Furniture Projects

From making new furniture to repurposing pieces we already have, furniture makeovers have always helped us update our home while staying on budget.

DIY Storage and Organization

Every time we would start a DIY project, something always needed to be organized. We just couldn't help ourselves with all the different shelving and storage spaces we have created!

Other Family-Friendly DIY Projects

Whenever in doubt, a simple DIY project can make everyone smile. Here are few that have really been fun for our family!

DIY Inspiration Everywhere

We are so thankful to belong to such a fun DIY community where people are always sharing ideas and projects. Here are two examples of other bloggers that inspire us every day.

40+ Epic Shelving Ideas For Any Home Decor Style

15 Amazing DIY Art Display Ideas

We cannot wait to continue to share our DIY projects with you!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.