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BC Stack

This was the first group of blogging courses that I purchased. It was very inexpensive and last year contained a few courses that I had been looking at purchasing. Therefore, it was a win, win in my book.

This group of blogging resources only goes on sale once a year, so make sure you click and sign-up for updates for the next round. I promise, it really did help me when I first started this blog!

Blogging for New Bloggers Legal Bundle

(You can even sign-up for their free legal course here)

I tried to make my own legal pages, privacy policy, disclaimer & terms. However, I am not a lawyer.

Here Lucrezia gives you detailed templates that you can easily customize. She also runs sales regularly that can help you get a whole legal bundle for way LESS. This helped me with my peace of mind, knowing you are blogging legally.

Tracie Fobe’s Road Map to Success for Affiliate Marketing

(Here is her FREE course on how to start a blog)

I wish I would have signed-up for this affiliate marketing course when I first started blogging. I am still learning companies I could work with and how affiliate marketing can really help my readers.

This course helped me with the technical side of affiliate marketing and gave me great ideas for posts that would work for you.

Debbie Gartner’s Easy SEO Book for Beginners

If you want to learn how to have people find your post on google (and who doesn’t) this is a great first step in how to use SEO in your post.

Again, she offers free SEO training to start so you can see if you like her teaching style and what Debbie has to say. I am pretty sure you will!


Once I actually bought the bulk images (and it really wasn’t much), my Google traffic almost doubled! I can’t believe that I waited that long too something so simple to help compress all of my images.


This is a great starting ad company if you are looking for an ad company that will PAY better than any other entry-level ad company out there. And you only need 10,000 pageviews to join!