DIY Ombré Dipped Painted Flower Pot Design

Cheap terracotta flower pots are the perfect DIY supply to use for all sorts of projects. There are many different design ideas and ways to add your personality to your home decor.

Learn how we dip-dyed our terracotta pots for an easy painted flower pot idea.

White Paint Dye Sealer Spray


Paint your flower pots white with spray paint, craft paint or latex paint.

Step 1

You only need a container that is wide enough for your dipping. A bucket or reusable container may be the best to limit the amount of dye used.

Step 2

For the lightest color on the pot, we dipped it in super fast and then slowly pulled it out.

Step 3

Not going as high, redip the pot and hold a little longer. This worked okay, but if you also really want a darker color to add a little more dye each time you dip.

Step 4

Repeat the dipping and then add extra dye until you are happy with the outcome.

Step 5

Swipe up for the full tutorial!