Easy Chalk Paint Desk Makeover (Using A DIY Paint Recipe)

One of my favorite things is finding an old piece of furniture that can be upcylced. And there is no easier way than with DIY chalk paint.

Come along and see this DIY desk makeover that anyone can do!

Plaster Of Paris Plastic Container Clear Coat (Poly Acrylic) Latex Paint Optional: Cabinet Pulls Deglosser 220 Sandpaper Paintbrush & Small Foam Roller


In a dedicated space, use a screwdriver or drill to remove hinges, doors and hardware.

Step 1

We always like to lightly scuff any surface we are painting with 220-grit sandpaper and use a deglosser on a clean cloth.

Step 2

Using your favorite paint brush (we just used a 2.5″ brush) and a small roller add your first coat of paint.

Step 3

Once the first coat is dry to the touch you can repeat the same process.

Step 4

One of the biggest cons of DIY chalk paint is that you will have some grit still showing. Once you add a clear coat, we don’t think it is nearly as noticeable.

Step 5

Swipe up for the full tutorial!