How To Paint Laminate Countertops 

Are you looking for an easy way to update your countertops? Use our step-by-step tutorial to paint your laminate countertops to look like marble without an expensive kit.

With the right tools and supplies, you can change the look of your counters in just a few days.

Bonding Primer Small Foam Rollers with Handle Angled Synthetic Brush Small Paint Trays Painter’s Tape Bathroom Caulk 220 Fine Sandpaper Deglosser and Rag Small Paint Brush


Use 220 sandpaper to lightly scuff up the counter surface. Wipe to get rid of dust before taping out counters.

Step 1

Use painter’s tape to block any areas you don’t want to get painted such as around the sink and along the walls.

Step 2

Use a rag and a deglosser to wipe down all surfaces needing to be painted.

Step 3

Use a brush to trim and a small foam roller to paint flat areas with primer.

Step 4

Let each layer dry completely before repeating the painting steps.

Step 5

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