How To Whitewash A Brick Fireplace

Do you love your brick fireplace, but hate the boring red or brown brick? This DIY painting project turned out so much better than we could have imagined.

Read all of our tips and tricks for whitewashing a brick fireplace.

Masonry Paint Water


Use painter’s tape on all edges including where the fireplace touches the carpet.

Step 1

You can use drop cloths, paper or plastic drop cloths with painter’s tape to make sure that your surrounding areas are completely protected.

Step 2

Use a small wire brush to help knock loose dirt off.

Step 3

You can use TSP clean on a rag or use Dawn dish soap and water. Let the brick fully dry before painting.

Step 4

Once your fireplace is clean and areas taped you are ready to start whitewashing. Mix paint with water.

Step 5

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