Marbled Nail Polish Dipped Mugs

Are you looking for a fun craft idea that can be done in minutes and costs under $3? This DIY marble mug craft is for you.

Learn how to make awesome marble mugs using nail polish.

White Ceramic Mug Nail Polish Remover Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge


Make sure your container is large enough to dip the mug without hitting the sides.

Step 1

Add a few drops of nail polish to the water.

Step 2

Our blue nail polish naturally made a cool design without needing to swirl it. Some brands may need a little extra swirl. Just make sure you do it quickly.

Step 3

Only dip the bottom of your mug. If you are drinking from these you do not want nail polish where your lips or food would touch.

Step 4

Carefully pull out your mug and flip it over to dry.

Step 5

Swipe up for the full tutorial!