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Countertop Color Ideas To Go With Oak Cabinets

Do you not want to paint your cabinetry to update your kitchen? You can save yourself time and money by working with your current oak cabinets. One of the easiest ways to update your space is by adding new countertops. Here are our tips for finding the right countertop ideas to make your kitchen more modern.

countertop and wood cabinets with handles.

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#1: You Don’t Have To Buy The Priciest Counters

We are fans of solid surface countertops such as quartz or granite. However, even the right design on laminate counters can complement oak cabinets. Picking a clean and light pattern will work well in a kitchen or bathroom with wood cabinets.

oak cabinets in kitchen with black and white color schemes.
Photo credit: Remodelaholic

You can see how our friends over at Remodelaholic were able to extend their oak cabinets and work the simple counters and appliances they already had. Even though we may provide a few expensive countertop options, this proves you don’t have to go with the highest end to modernize your oak.

#2: Look At The Undertones Of Your Cabinets

If your cabinets are more honey or yellow colored, finding a little accent color in your stone, quartz or countertop design can work really well. We love the look of this color against the warmer-colored wood.

quartz white and beige countertop on yellow oak cabinets.

Countertop Colors To Consider To Complement Honey-Colored Wood

  • Aura (this is the color listed above)
  • Aurora Cream

#3: Consider A Neutral Color Scheme

Nothing says modern, like a clean black-and-white color scheme with wood cabinets. Painting By The Penny stained stock oak cabinets and added a bright countertop and simple subway tile to complete this awesome space.

stained oak cabinets with subway tile and black hardware.
Photo Credit: Painting By The Penny

#4: Don’t Shy Away From Gray Accents If You Have Stainless Appliances

stainless steal oven with wood cabinets quartz countertop.

Lighter To Medium Countertop Colors To Consider

  • Flake Pearl (pictured above) still has some warmer tones than other gray and white quartz colors.
  • Snow Ibiza (picture below)
snowy ibiza countertop color.

#5: Add A Simple Yet Modern Backsplash

Before choosing your countertops, plan the other design elements out first. If budget is a concern, there are a lot of really cool ceramic white tile backsplashes. If going this route, you will need to make sure you are picking a true white countertop color one that goes with the tile you are picking.

#6: Get Samples And Take Your Time

Just like with painting projects, you want to take your time looking at your samples. Compare your samples at:

  • Different times of day.
  • In different lighting situations
  • Against your paint choices, trim colors and cabinets
  • Consider making a digital mood board in Canva to see your options.

7 Color Ideas

collage of countertop samples with text oak cabinet countertop color ideas.
Colors may appear differently.
  1. Andante
  2. Cashmere Creme
  3. Calacatta Laza
  4. Bella Carrara
  5. High Definition Printed Laminate
  6. Etude
  7. Aura

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More Oak Cabinet Ideas

Designing a small kitchen remodel or a large one is no easy task. With a little patience, you can find the right countertops, paint colors, and decor for your space.

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