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Great Home Decor Ideas to Complement all of your DIY Home Ideas

  Be inspired with ways to decorate a room in addition to your DIY projects. Or create DIY room decor projects that can add to your home. From DIY flower pots to stylish light fixtures, we hope you gain inspiration and start creating a home you love.

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    25 Cheerful Rainbow Crafts for Adults (Plus 17 For Kids)!

    Rainbow craft ideas to add joy to your home Rainbows are just one of those images that make us happy. The best part about creating DIY rainbow projects is all the different ways you can use them. From a rainbow cake topper to easy rainbow crafts for kids, this list has a rainbow project for all ages.  We couldn’t believe how many awesome rainbow projects are out there. If you are considering doing many of these projects you may want to stock up on the following DIY & craft supplies. *Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may…

  • Repurposed tv cabinet and file cabinet
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    31 Absolutely Clever Repurposed Furniture Ideas (Don’t Throw That Out!)

    DIY furniture makeovers for any home decor style We are such a fan of repurposed furniture projects. Not only do you create something that is unique and custom for you, but you are also helping the environment by upcycling something that already exists. Here is a list of 31 repurposed furniture projects to help you inspire your next project. What is repurposed furniture? Repurposed furniture is when you redo or makeover a current furniture item to either have a new purpose or just a new look. Dressers can become chairs or you can give a whole new look to a desk with new materials. Furniture makeovers are such a great…

  • Fiskar scissors cutting patterned contact paper
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    12 Clever DIY Projects Using Contact Paper You Have To See

    DIY projects using marble contact paper to patterned contact paper and everything in between When you think of contact paper my guess is that you do not think of these amazing DIY projects all done with contact paper. This self-adhesive paper has come a long way. From simple crafts to completely updating your kitchen, you will want to check these projects out! Pin for later! From marble contact paper to basic clear, these DIY projects using contact paper are budget-friendly DIY home decor ideas!

  • Contact Paper pegboard shelf idea
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    How To Build An Easy Pegboard Shelf (Not Using Wood)

    Build A Simple Shelf For Your Craft Room Pegboard Organization When we started to turn a small room in our basement into a craft room/homeschool room for our children, we knew we needed to include many ways to organize things. We are still working on making sure our children keep it that way (which is the story of my life)! After our DIY floating desks were made, we added pegboards above the desks. Now finding the right and most inexpensive pegboard accessories was the next task.  And if you need something to be inexpensive, where else do you head but to the Dollar Store. I found a variety of baskets…

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    How to Build A DIY Pegboard To Easily Get Organized

    Use this tutorial to build a pegboard for your craft room This tutorial will show you how we built multiple pegboards to add to our basement homeschool room for our children. When we first were designing our DIY floating desk for this space, we knew we wanted something to go above the desk. Pin for later! What easy wall decor looks good and is functional? Especially because this is our children’s schoolroom, we wanted to provide each child with his/her own space. Therefore, adding our own pegboard above each desk spot we thought was a great solution.  You can also see the wood next to this pegboard used to create…

  • Hammer, nails, board for large diy string art project
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    Large DIY Word String Art Idea [Step-by-Step Tutorial]

    Large Word Art Idea Made for Under $20 Yet again, I am starting a post with one DIY project led to another. This is true with this large DIY string art project. We have been working on changing a small room in our basement into a homeschool and craft room for our children. Once our DIY pegboards and floating desk were completed, we knew we wanted a large word art on the wall.  How should we create large DIY word art? Should we do DIY poof ball letters, letter paintings, or even adding some sort of painted letters straight on the accent wall? However, finally, we decided on a string…

  • Wooden Art Display with clothespin
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    18 Creative & DIY Artwork Display Ideas Your Home Needs

    From children’s artwork to family photos we all need unique art display ideas In our home we are always looking for fun and unique ways to display artworks. My whole family is a line of artists and I never truly feel that a room is finished until art is on display. If you are looking for ways to display artworks with frames, without frames, and in between this list is for you! *Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Read our…

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    8 Amazing DIY Projects Using Minwax Red Mahogany Stain Color

    Our favorite stain color can add warmth to any wood DIY project We totally have a favorite stain color: Red Mahogany. Here are all of our different DIY projects that use this color. I am sure this list will continue to grow because anytime we try to change to a different color, we always end back on our favorite. *Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Read our full privacy policy here.  What is red mohogany stain? We use Minwax Red Mahogany…

  • Bathroom faucet after easy bathroom makeover
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    16 Cheap Ways to Makeover Your Bathroom Today

    Budget bathroom remodel ideas to help you modernize your home We love saving money while updating our house to be a place we love. If there is a way to do-it-ourselves, we will. The bathrooms are no exception in our house. If you are like us, then you will love this list of 16 DIY bathroom projects! *Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Read full privacy policy here.  HGTV says kitchens and bathrooms have the potential to see a complete return…

  • Honey Oak Cabinets before makeover
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    10 Different Ways Getting Rid of Honey Oak Can Modernize Your Home

    Gain inspiration with these painted and stained oak projects that will help love your home again In this list, we will show you 10 different projects we have done in our home to help get rid of that honey oak. Ultimately, this allowed us to cheaply modernize and update our home. I don’t even have a post all about painting kitchen cabinets (but we have done that one too). With my last oak painting project, I think it is safe to say that most of that grainy honey oak color is mostly gone from our home. We still have wood floors that eventually will be updated, but I actually don’t…