This One Simple Trick Will Make Your Bathroom Feel Luxurious

This bathroom decor hack is one we wish we would have done sooner! You can instantly update your space with very little time and money.

shower curtain hung in front of tub with painted accent wall and shelves.

There are so many ways to update your bathroom decor, but simply changing out your shower curtain is one of the easiest.

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#1 Hang Your Shower Curtain Higher

You can use the same spring rod or purchase a new one. But by hanging your shower curtain higher, you create a more designer look for less.

TIP: Opt for shower curtains at least 78″ tall, if not 84″ tall.

To limit extra moisture accumulation, leave room for the steam to escape. For our regular 8-foot ceiling, that meant using an 84-inch-tall shower curtain and liner.

cartoon drawing showing of bathroom with labels for 84" shower curtains.

If you are concerned about ventilation, trying a 78-inch shower curtain may be better.

We have seen a few DIYers attach a curtain track to the ceiling for a cool look, but we were worried about the ventilation. Sticking with a spring rod will let you still get this look while allowing steam to escape the space.

Here are a few more bonus ideas when changing your shower curtain.

#2 Add Two Shower Curtains Instead Of One

Instead of just going with the basic shower curtain, consider adding two shower curtains like drapes.

two pink shower curtains on a gold rod.

#3 Use Double Hooks

Even if you use a water-resistant shower curtain, you will still need a long liner. Using double-sided hooks is an easy way to have both hanging on the same rod.

gold shower rod with double hooks.
You can see how we mixed and matched different gold finishes in our bathroom makeover.

#4 Opt For A Lighter Color

A lighter color will make a small bathroom feel more inviting and larger. However, if you have lighter decor surrounding your shower, then a darker shower curtain could make a statement.

#5 Think Outside The Box

Interior designers will also purchase regular curtains if they can’t find the perfect pattern. You should ensure you are using a liner and test the durability and water-resistant quality of your purchase before fully committing.

same bathroom with different shower curtain heights.

Our Favorite Budget Shower Curtains

We recently purchased two of these longer shower curtains and are very happy with the quality for the price. The texture and light color added to our pastel bathroom makeover.


Here are a few other longer shower curtains we recommend.

  1. VARIETY OF COLORS: 84″ Textured Shower Curtain with 20+ Colors
  2. BOHO SHOWER CURTAIN: White Chevron Striped 84″ Shower Curtain
  3. FARMHOUSE WITH TASSELS: 3D Embroidery Plaid Style in 10+ Colors
  4. SPURLGE SHOWER CURTAIN: Linen Shower Curtain

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To give your space a fresh feel, you can change your shower curtain height or take on more bathroom projects. We are happy with the outcome of this bathroom makeover and how we could work with what was already there.