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30 Cheap Bathroom Makeover Ideas For Your Budget

Are you dreaming of an updated bathroom but your wallet is holding you back? Don’t worry you can still get a modern bathroom that is budget-friendly. With these cheap DIY bathroom projects, you can create a stunning bathroom. Discover our favorite ideas for your budget bathroom makeover.

collage of DIY bathroom projects.

HGTV says kitchens and bathrooms have the potential to see a complete return on investment when completely remodeling those spaces. However, sometimes remodeling the entire bathroom is just out of the question. Therefore, we compiled a list of easy and cheap ways you can help modernize your home today.

30 Budget Bathroom Project Ideas

You don’t always have to gut an old bathroom or powder room to update it. Consider adding a fresh coat of paint, replacing or painting your countertops, adding extra bathroom storage, or changing your flooring.

Redoing or adding one or two bathroom updates to make the space feel new for very little money. We love how creative people can be in making a small space they love.

DIY Bathroom Vanity Uprade Ideas

What gets used the most in a bathroom? The vanity is it. Give your bathroom vanity new life today whether adding fresh paint or a new countertop.

white marble painted bathroom counters with sink and faucet.
Paint Your Laminate Countertops (Not Using A Kit)
The good news is that you can paint your countertops and they will last. Since bathroom countertops tend to be smaller, there is no need to buy an inexpensive kit to get a faux marble finish. Use our step-by-step instructions to find out exactly how to paint your bathroom counters to look like the real thing.
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spray painted black bathroom faucet on white sink.
Spray Paint A Bathroom Faucet
The power of paint is amazing. Save money and the hassle of replacing your bathroom faucet. This full tutorial will help you get a fresh look for very little cost.
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blue gray painted bathroom cabinet with silver handles and faucet.
Blue Gray Painted Bathroom Vanity Cabinets
Learn how to paint those old oak vanity cabinets. You won't believe how cheaply you can update your bathroom vanity using a little paint and new hardware.
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tricorn black painted bathroom cabinets with black and white accent wall and part of gold mirror.
Repaint Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Black
And guess what? If you don't like the original bathroom cabinet painting color you can always repaint it to fit your current style. The painted vanity was just one awesome project in this basement budget bathroom remodel.
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DIY Wooden Bathroom Vanity Countertop
Make a Wooden Countertop for Your Bathroom
This is such a fun countertop idea that made a big difference in their space! These DIY"ers" knew they didn't need a whole new vanity and worked with existing materials in this affordable bathroom project.
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silver hardware on box with arrow pointing to black spray painted hardware.
Paint Cabinet Hardware To Be On Trend
Matte black hardware can give your bathroom a new feel. No need to buy completely new when you can just spray paint your old hardware to match your current style.
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teal painted bathroom vanity with shower
Add Fun Color
This new beach themed bathroom added fun charm with a different color. It’s light, fresh, and oh-so-coastal! You will love this bright-colored painted vanity!
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Add A Built-In Trash Can
If you hate seeing your trash out in the open, this bathroom DIY is for you. Learn how you can build and attach a trash can to the inside of the cabinet so that you never see your trash again.
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whitewashed oak cabinet door in bathroom vanity.
Remove Stain To Reveal Natural Wood
While we love painting and staining wood cabinets, we also like seeing the natural beauty underneath. With a little elbow grease, you are able to even get rid of the orange look, too.
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collage of painted bathroom vanity cabinets and different color paint cans.
Find The Best Paint For Your Bathroom Cabinets
It can be hard to find the right bathroom cabinet color and type of paint. Do the right research and you will love the finish you are able to get.
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wooden framed mirror over bathroom vanity with one light
DIY Wood Frame Mirror, Farmhouse Industrial Bathroom Mirror
Upgrade that boring builder-grade sheet mirror on a budget with a DIY frame. Create a farmhouse style bathroom on a budget with this $100 bathroom makeover!
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framed bathroom mirror on red wall
Make a Mirror Frame for the Bathroom (On a Budget!)
Make a farmhouse style DIY mirror frame for your plain clip bathroom mirror. This is so easy – you only need basic woodworking skills to accomplish it.
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Gray Bathroom Countertop Cabinet
Easy DIY Bathroom Countertop Cabinet
Adding a built-in countertop cabinet is a good idea to help make your bathroom look more custom. It's an easy and inexpensive way to make your bathroom look more expensive.
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Tub & Bathroom Floors

Here are simple DIY projects to makeover your bathroom flooring or tubs for a big impact.

wood peel and stick flooring on concrete.
Install Self-Adhesive Floor Tiles
This bathroom flooring renovation was done for under $40. Using a little elbow grease and vinyl faux wood peel and stick planks really made a difference for this small space.
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white and blue geometric painted final floor
Update Your Bathroom Tile with Floor Paint
Learn how to update the old tile with this DIY bathroom idea. This is such a great cheap bathroom update idea!
I don’t mind the look of the floor tiles in our house, but this makes me want to paint my tile backsplash in my kitchen.
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Easy Bathroom Grout Refresh
Paint Your Grout For An Easy Tile Transformation
Painting over old dirty grout with grout paint. It's a cheap and quick way to get the look of new tile floors.
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Gray painted floor in bathroom tile
How To Paint Tile Floor (With Stenciling)
Are you wondering “can you paint a tile floor?” The answer is YES! If your floors are in good condition, painting is a great option. Learn how to paint a tile floor in your bathroom for a cheap and easy DIY! We just love the modern look and you would never know that they are painted tiles with these stencils!
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Add Groutable Peel and Stick Tile for the Bathroom
Groutable peel-and-stick tile is a great alternative to regular tile. This is a great beginner's DIY project that doesn't require as many tools and skills as regular flooring. Get the look of real tile for a lot less.
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Paint Your Tub
Replacing your tub can be a daunting task. Before completely ripping out the tub, you could try to give it new life by painting. Get all the details and instructions here.
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DIY Bathroom Vanity Light
DIY Vanity Lights
These inexpensive, yet gorgeous DIY lights are the perfect lighting upgrade for your bathroom.
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charcoal blue painted globe bathroom light fixture over mirror.
Paint That Old Oak Vanity Light Fixture
Modernize your old oak light fixture with a little paint! Add a new mirror and you are all set. This is such an easy bathroom DIY project you can complete this weekend.
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DIY Bathroom Accessories

Sometimes a little DIY project can go a long way. Here are some of our favorite bathroom accessory projects that can add a little humor and life to your bathroom makeover.

before and after bathroom makeover.
Use A Longer Shower Curtain
Yes, this bathroom was upgraded with a few DIY projects, but getting a new shower rod and two extra-long shower curtains made it feel so much larger. Sometimes a small DIY idea can make a huge impact.
Get More Easy Home Update Ideas
black toilet paper roll holder on wall with white and black pattern.
Easily Paint Your Bathroom Accessories
No need to replace your bathroom accessories to fit your new color scheme. Learn how to use spray paint for a quick and affordable way to makeover bathroom accessories such as your toilet paper roll holder.
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white towel hook and wooden stool in bathroom
Make A DIY Towel Rack with Wood Pallets
Make this charming farmhouse styled DIY towel rack using some leftover wood pallets for your next project. This is a practical and functional DIY furniture build.
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gray painter's tape accent wall in bathroom with mirror and two shelves.
Add Shelving Over The Toliet
Create DIY shelving with these industrial flanges to help keep your bathroom organized. Use items you already have around the house for DIY shelf decor. Old jars can store a lot of bathroom toiletries.
Also, consider painting a fun accent wall to help transform a small bathroom.
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Build DIY Over the Toilet Storage
Add extra storage to your bathroom with this easy shelving build made out of cedar.
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rainbow bath salts with pink flower
Make Relaxing Bath Salts
Bath salts are simple and fun DIY projects to do. They are also elegant decorative elements for our bathroom with their colors and scents.
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bathroom shelf made from reclaimed wood and pipes with be brave sign.
Add Rustic Bathroom Shelving
This rustic bathroom shelf reuses old reclaimed wood and industrial flanges to create a one-of-a-kind shelf for over your toliet.
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3 diy flower pressed soaps
Make Fun Decoupage Soaps
This decoupage soap craft is easy to make for a gift idea or wedding favor. The Mod Podge keeps the design from washing off when you suds up!
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Funny bathroom sign
Create A DIY Funny Bathroom Sign
Looking for a little humor in your bathroom? This step-by-step tutorial will help you create a fun bathroom sign.
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Bathroom FAQs

What can I upgrade in my bathroom for $100 or less?

For under $100, you can upgrade your bathroom by painting (not just the walls), replacing hardware, upgrading the showerhead, getting new towels, and adding accessories such as a rug, shower curtain, or wall decor. Don’t forget that a thorough cleaning can also make a huge difference. These budget-friendly upgrades can greatly impact your space while keeping you on budget.

How can I save money on a bathroom remodel?

You can save money by doing the work yourself for some projects, using affordable materials, and reusing or refinishing existing items. However, we still recommend hiring professionals for bathroom projects outside your comfort zone, as it will save you money in the long run. You can shop for items on sale or use online marketplaces to help you score materials cheaply.

How can I make my bathroom look bigger without a major renovation?

Small bathrooms can be challenging to update, but there are ways to make them appear larger. Painting your bathroom a lighter color is a sure way to make the space feel larger. You can also make the most of the space by adding larger mirrors, decluttering, and using light colors in your decor.

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Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to transform your bathroom on a budget, it’s time to take action. Don’t let a tight budget hold you back from creating the bathroom of your dreams. With these budget-friendly DIY projects, you can easily elevate your space without breaking the bank. Start your bathroom makeover journey today!

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    1. Thanks, Rachel. DIY projects are a great way to add to your home!

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