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46+ Best DIY Shelves For Any Home Decor Style

Are you looking for DIY shelves you can build today? Here are some of our favorite DIY shelves for any room in your home. DIY shelving is the perfect opportunity to add extra storage while avoiding buying expensive premade ones.

6 different DIY shelves in polaroid frames from wall shelves to easy DIY shelves.

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DIY Shelving Ideas Can Get Your Organized

Building your own DIY wall shelves can save you money and have you get a custom look to fit your style. As far as DIY home projects go, building your own shelves is not that much harder than putting up premade ones (not to mention how much you will save for way higher-quality materials). 

Why build your own shelves?

The best part about creating your own shelving is that you get to pick the style, price of materials, and difficulty. You will love checking out this list of DIY shelving ideas.

You may even decide that there is a blank interior wall in your home that could use some shelving. Or a closet that could get redone after seeing these shelf designs. 

Building your own shelves can be either decorative or completely functional. Each of the shelves on this list has a unique purpose and not all require power tools like a circular saw and more.

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Is it cheaper to build your own shelves?

It all depends on the materials you are using. Most of the time your DIY shelves will end up being cheaper if you build them right the first time and purchase your own materials.

The best upside to building DIY shelves is that you will be able to customize the shelves for your space. In this list, you can even see 70″ kitchen floating shelves and super long wall shelves that you would never be able to purchase as is.

Types of DIY Shelves To Try

  • Wood shelves
  • Floating shelves
  • Shelves with Brackets
  • Bookcases
  • Picture Ledges
  • Bathroom Wall Shelves
  • Closet shelves
  • Hanging Shelves
  • Garage Shelves
  • Built-Ins With Shelving
  • Freestanding Shelves
  • Corner Shelves

Our Favorite DIY Shelving Ideas

This list contains all different types of shelving ideas, from DIY wall shelves to easy shelving ideas to bookcases. These shelf tutorials could fit anyone's budget, style, and skill. We can't wait to see which ones you love!

DIY Shelves for Walls

Everyone loves to have wall shelving to help them stay organize or to just display their favorite home decor items.

Easy DIY Shelving Ideas

Not everyone wants to get out power towels to build their own shelving units. Here are a few easy DIY projects that can be done with minimal tools and time.

DIY Built-in Shelving Ideas (and some fun bookcases)

Here are some inexpensive shelving ideas that really help make space feel like home. Learn how you can use store-bought shelves (IKEA hacks anyone) or simple materials to create a custom look for half the price.

DIY Closet Shelving Ideas

Bye, bye wire shelf organizers. These DIY shelves for all types or closets are sure to help you organize your space the way you want to.

We hope you found inspiration from these DIY shelf ideas. We know there are a few new ones that we would love to try. Bye, bye wire shelving that we have all over.

Shelving FAQs

What wood is the cheapest to make shelves?

Plywood is the cheapest wood, followed by Pine. Both are good options if you plan on painting your shelves.

How thick should plywood be for shelves?

At least 3/4″ plywood works when building shelves.

What is the easiest shelf to build?

Bracket shelves give a great custom look without too much hassle. Simply cut a wood board or have it cut to size, stain it or paint it and add it to your brackets. Use as a stud finder to help attach your brackets to the wall studs, check that they are level and add your board. Within a few hours, you could end up with brand-new open shelving.

Looking for more DIY shelving inspiration, then follow our Pinterest Board all about shelving and organization.

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We just love these awesome home decor DIY projects that can help you create the home (and new shelves) of your dreams!

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Friday 26th of June 2020

I love these! As we are decluttering, we are seeing where we need shelving solutions.


Friday 26th of June 2020

Hi Steph! Yes, DIY shelves are the perfect solution for decluttering!

Emily Flint

Friday 26th of June 2020

I am always looking for new places to put things and I love that you put together so many ideas in one place. I am definitely making some of these shelves this summer!


Friday 26th of June 2020

Hi Emily! I am glad you enjoyed seeing all types of DIY shelving options. I love that this list not contains unique shelving ideas, but will allow you to stay on budget because you are trying to do-it-yourself. Good luck building.


Friday 26th of June 2020

Hi Erin - I love all of these creative DIY shelves. PINNED! Thank you for including my book case reveal. My heart is full of gratitude! Hugs, Holly


Friday 26th of June 2020

Hi Holly! I am glad you enjoyed these shelving ideas. We were happy to include your book case reveal!


Friday 26th of June 2020

Thank you! We are buying a house and one of the first things we want to make are some shelves! This will be helpful!


Friday 26th of June 2020

Hi Rachel! Hopefully, you will be inspired by a few of these DIY shelving projects. I know there are a few on my DIY list now.

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