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DIY Basement Farmhouse Bracket Closet Shelving Idea

We seem to keep doing organization projects. And like most families, we were looking for a kid’s craft room space that we could create for our children. This space in particular was the perfect place to add shelves to the cinderblock wall and open the basement closet. Learn how to build and hang wood shelves on cinderblocks with this craft shelving idea

wood shelves on brackets for closet idea storing crafts

Our Basement Space

We loved the idea that we had a spare room in our basement that over time has been an office, gym space, and bedroom. Once we moved the bed upstairs to my daughter’s room, we knew it was time to really think about how to repurpose this space. 

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Other DIY Projects In This Space

This small room was the inspiration for many of our current DIY projects including a DIY wooden floating desk and DIY pegboard.

The “Before” Basement Closet

chip CMU cinder block in basement before waterproofing

As you can see, the basement closet was in need of some serious help. First, we had to add a waterproof layer to coat the cinderblocks.

Then a new coat of paint would be needed to freshen up space and create a cohesive color. After creating a clean closet, we knew we would add farmhouse brackets and wooden shelves to the cinderblock wall

We were very lucky that first, we had this small space to makeover and that it also had a closet in it.

Time-Lapse Shelving Video

You will see how these shelves were added to cinderblock! I promise we will get better at the whole video thing, but you have to start somewhere.

Makeover To All Usable Space

We were not lucky, the basement closet was in pretty bad shape. See how and what we used to  “re” waterproof the basement cinderblock walls. After using a waterproof you won’t believe it is the same basement closet! 

Basement closet waterproofed with Masterseal 581

Ideas For Craft Closet

  1. Add shelving using wood and brackets.
  2. Waterproof and fix existing cinderblock walls
  3. Remove closet doors and leave open spacing
  4. Create a bin on wheels so that nothing is resting completely on the floor (it is a basement after all)
  5. Store extra books with art materials in our “homeschool” closet
  6. Make some small areas a reading “nook” for our children
  7. Create an organized space for each art material and supply that our children can easily reach and some spaces that are just for storage where they have to ask to have that material.

In addition, once our DIY wooden desks are built, we will be adding pegboards and other organization methods (like our pallet wood crates on wheels).

Recommended Supplies

  • Large Farmhouse Brackets (we used the smaller size in our laundry room storage and found this cheaper set)
  • 1 x 12  cut to size (how many you need will depend on the layout of your closet)
  • Latex Primer
  • Latex Enamel Paint (our favorite current color that we have just a lot leftover)
  • Small Foam Roller and Handle
Black Farmhouse shelving brackets

How To Make Shelves For Brackets

If you do not want to have brackets on your walls, then check out how we added just wooden DIY shelves to our closet upstairs. However, we knew it would be so much easier to just use brackets for this basement closet shelving idea.

We also had experience with these brackets and wood shelves when we used them to add custom-looking shelving in our laundry room. 

Step 1: Cut Wood To Size

Cut wood to size. The 1 x 12 boards that we used are pine. They are pre-finished (pre-sanded) from Home Depot.

Step 2: Set-up Paint Station

Place boards on sawhorses with a 2 x 4s on top. In this picture, you can see how we set up for a variety of painting projects.

Sawhorse paint prep

Step 3: Prime and Paint Wood

Prime and paint the wood using a small foam roller. This will take a little time as you have to do 2 coats and wait for each one to dry before flipping over to do the other side.

Painted wood shelves

More like this: See how this color was used to redo our bathroom vanity and oak railing!

Hanging Supplies

What is a Tapcon?

A Tapcon screw is specifically when attaching to concrete, block, or brick.

Tapcon is a concrete screw

Hanging Shelves On Cinderblock Wall

Note: If the wall where you are hanging the brackets is drywall and 2×4’s use a stud finder and screw the brackets into the studs.

However, it was going to be as easy as this particular closet in our house is constructed out of concrete masonry units (CMU’s), also known as cinderblocks.

Step 1: Mark Holes

Use a tape measure, a pencil, and a level layout (mark the drill holes) for the concrete screws.

Using a tape measure to mark distance for shelving

It is best to anchor into and drill into the grout lines above and below the actual CMU blocks (see photo)

Step 2: Check If Level

Place a 4’ level from hole to hole to make sure you’re close to being level. The CMU grout line itself should be pretty level…(just check and don’t assume).

Checking marked spots are level for farmhouse brackets

Step 3: Pre-Drill Bracket Holes

Using the hammer drill and bit pre-drill all of your bracket holes. Make sure you wear safety glasses people!

Hammer drill to add closet shelving to cinderblock wall

Step 4: Add Tapcons

Once the bracket holes are drilled put the Tapcon through the bracket and sink anchors with a cordless drill.

Use a cordless drill to attach farmhouse shelving brackets

Step 5: Continue For All Brackets

Continue the above steps until all of your brackets are attached.

man adding farmhouse brackets to cinderblock basement closet

Step 6: Add Shelves

Place the painted shelves on the brackets and use the screws that came with the brackets to attach the shelves to the brackets from the underside.

DIY closet basement shelves

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Wood shelving in cinderblock closet

Organize your closet and space. You can use recycle containers or other craft projects to help decorate your shelves.

The “After” Closet

DIY craft closet makeover

From drab to a very useful space, we are happy this DIY basement closet shelving project was such a success!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.