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17+ DIY Closet Shelving Ideas To Keep You Organized

Custom shelving does not have to be expensive or hard. These DIY shelving and closet projects are a perfect way to create an organized space. From DIY shelving ideas to wood shelving ideas to organizing craft supplies here are 17+ different DIY closet ideas for you.

17+ diy closet ideas with 5 different images of closets

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DIY Closet Organizer Ideas & Other DIY Closet Ideas

Sometimes you want to completely organize the closet and other times you can completely redo the space to be whatever you want. Closets are an awesome space to start to think outside of the box (literally).

  1. Paint the walls
  2. Redo the shelves
  3. Add wooden shelves
  4. Use brackets to add shelving of your choice
  5. Use patterned wallpaper
  6. Get matching storage containers
  7. Buy a variety of containers (clear is always great)
  8. Use tension rods in unexpected ways (see the shoe image below)
  9. Create a french cleat system
  10. Take doors off and create an open space
  11. Buy a kit to add to your closet
  12. Build shelving in the dead space (side of the closet)
  13. Use PVC pipe to store shoes, toys or other household items
  14. Cover wire shelving with plywood to create wood shelves
  15. Create DIY drawers and pull-outs
  16. Don’t even use it as a closet, but create something new!
  17. Create easy labels and dividers to let your family know exactly where things belong

DIY Closet Ideas For Any Home

DIY Closet Ideas

From main clothing closets, pantries, and craft closets, here are 15+ closet ideas for your next DIY closet organizer project.

Get More DIY Inspiration

These DIY closet organizer ideas are the perfect DIY project to start today.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.