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26 Unique Small Closet Shelving Ideas Anyone Can DIY

Do you want to make the most of your closet space? Custom shelving does not have to be expensive or hard. Find your next DIY closet organization project on this list (we love number 11)!

5 different small closet shelving ideas.

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Unique Storage Ideas

Sometimes you want to completely organize the closet and other times you can completely redo the space to be whatever you want. Closets are awesome small spaces to start to think outside of the box (literally) to meet your individual needs.

  1. Paint the walls
  2. Redo the shelves
  3. Add wooden shelves
  4. Use brackets to add shelving of your choice
  5. Use patterned wallpaper
  6. Get matching storage containers
  7. Buy a variety of containers (clear is always great)
  8. Add a tension-hanging closet rod in unexpected ways (see the shoe image below)
  9. Create a French cleat system
  10. Take the closet doors off and create an open space
  11. Buy a kit to add to your closet
  12. Build shelving in the dead space (side of the closet)
  13. Use PVC pipe to store shoes, toys or other household items
  14. Cover wire shelving with plywood to create wood shelves
  15. Create DIY drawers and pull-outs
  16. Don’t even use it as a closet, but create something new!
  17. Create easy labels and dividers to let your family know exactly where things belong

DIY Closet Ideas With Photos

wood shelves on brackets for closet idea storing crafts
Craft Closet With Simple Wood Shelves and Brackets
Removing the doors is an easy way to increase storage and help a messy closet. Our children have easy access to their art supplies but also have to organize the open shelving before leaving the space. No more just closing the doors!
You can create simple wood shelves using farmhouse brackets to turn an unused basement closet into an amazing craft supply storage area. Add your own storage bins or recycle plastic containers like we did. We can just see the creativity coming out of this kid's craft room.
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organized closet with bins
Bedroom Closet Idea With Storage Bins
This kid's closet is what all parents hope for. We love the labeled fabric bins in this shelving unit. Your child will never be able to say they don't know where something goes.
The top shelf is the perfect place to store seasonal items and off-season clothes. This organized closet really used all the valuable real estate.
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Add 2 Hanging Rods
This small closet used all available space by adding two wooden hanging rods and adding storage space on the sides of the closet. This tiny bedroom closet design gives you easy access to everything you would need. We also love the added mirror on the back of the door.
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empty closet before with after image showing gray painted closet and DIY white wooden shelves.
Build Easy DIY Wooden Small Closet Shelves
Sick of those old wire shelving units and need a more custom shelving option? Creating your own easy, custom wood shelves is an awesome shelving idea. We also love the contrasting gray painted walls with white shelves to add a little pop to this space.
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How to Build a Simple Inexpensive DIY Closet Organizer
No need to buy a cheap closet kit when you can make your own DIY closet system that will be sturdier.
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Use An Over-The-Door Organizer
Using an over-the-door organizer is one of those storage solutions you should consider in your small space. This organizer really lets you utilize all of the vertical space in your hall closet.
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white painted wood closet cubby and after green painted wood closet cubby.
Turn A Closet Into Open Storage
Turn that unused closet into an entryway storage cubby in your home. Add beadboard, hooks and shelves to store everyday items. We also love that we were able to paint the closet a fun color. Again, maybe taking the doors off the closet will force you to keep it more organized.
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side of closet with small dresser.
Use A Small Dresser With Wall Shelves
A small short dresser can be the perfect addition to your closet. Adding bracket shelving along the side of the closet was a great way to get a variety of storage in this closet.
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Create A Fun Hangout
If you don't need a closet, consider changing it into something completely brand new. We love how creative these tweens got to make a cozy space for just them. Getting the whole family involved in DIY projects is a sure way to bond together! We even could see our hexagon-painted wall working here.
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Use Plastic Bins For Easy Storage
Adding Dollar Store bins on cup hooks was a great way to give children easy access to whatever they need. You can easily remove the bins, reorganize them for the season and place them back up.
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cream colored cabinets in DIY closet build
DIY Built-In Closet Organizer With Tons of Storage
We know that this entire closet isn't exactly small. However, some of the same storage solutions can be applied to even the tiniest closets.
A small walk-in closet can make it hard to use all the space correctly. This closet is a perfect example of how to add shelving, drawer organizers and shelf dividers for these DIY custom built-ins. From the fun chandelier to the circle mirror this closet makeover showcases her personality while providing tons of storage.
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plywood closet shelves with craft supplies
Build Closet Craft Shelves
This craft closet organizer is the perfect way to add DIY closet shelving. You will love the step-by-step instructions as well as the 3-d virtual plans provided.
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Rubbermaid closet system idea
Use A Pre-made Closet System
If creating a DIY closet out of wood or your own materials, then you could always purchase a closet kit to help you out. Personalize this closet by adding an extra hanging rod or different shelves to meet your needs while keeping your total cost down.
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Practical Homeschool Room Closet
We love the use of simple and bright color bins in the same size to keep you organized. Not to mention how smart it is to use the back of the closet door to display school concepts for your little ones.
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black labels on white containers in craft closet
Craft Room Closet Organizer
Create your own organization system for your crafts by making labels and using matching containers.
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Build Shelves In The Side Of The Closet
If you have extra space on the side of your closet why not put small shelves there. This is such a perfect way to keep those random games and toys organized.
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Making the Closet Pantry Prettier With Paint
Did we mention we love painted designs? This easy wall design added a lot of character to this pantry closet. Simply use painter's tape to get your vertical lines and paint the walls your favorite color.
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pink wrapping paper on closet walls
Create Fun Patterned Closet Walls
If painting isn't your thing you could always try decorative paper to add a little fun to your linen closet. The contrast of the white bins with the fun wall really updates this linen closet.
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Simple Linen With Different Containers For Organizing
Mix and match different containers to help you stay organized in your linen closet. Labeling and using motion-sensing lights in your closet can truly help keep your family organized.
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DIY Custom Closet – Easy French Cleat System
Comparing the before and after closets is mindblowing. No one would even think this is the same closet. Creating a DIY french cleat system in a closet is our genius and one we think our kiddos could actually keep neat.
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hanging blue striped pocket organizer
DIY Hanging Organizer with Pockets
Create this fun organizer for any closet. We see so many different ways this could be used to help keep your closets organized.
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6" PVC pipe used to make DIY PVC pipe shoe rack storing shoes.
DIY PVC Shoe Rack To Give You More Floor Space
Use this step-by-step tutorial to add a shoe rack made from PVC pipes to your closet to help you stack your shoes and keep them organized. The best part about this DIY project is that you can easily customize it for the size of your closet.
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curtain room used to hold shoes in closet
Small Closet Shoe Organization with Curtain Rods
Using wall space to help organize your shoes is borderline genius. Not only will this keep shoes off your floor but you will easily be able to find the right pair to match your outfit.
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floating wood shelves over toilet and shiplap wall
Build DIY Floating Closet Shelves
Technically these shelves are above a toilet, but you could do that exact same DIY shelf building process in any closet.
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DIY Closet Shelving | Replacing The Wire Shelf In Our Nursery Closet
Don't be scared of building a closet organizer. We all dream of getting rid of those wire shelves and this proves you do not have to be a master woodworker to try. We love that they decided to just remove the closet doors since kids always just leave them open anyway!
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DIY easy nursery dividers for clothes
DIY Baby Nursery Closet Ideas
Create easy closet dividers and gain other baby closet ideas from this post. All DIY projects don't have to be expensive or hard.
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These DIY closet organizer ideas are the perfect DIY project to start today. We know we always feel better when we declutter and start to get organized.

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