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32 Modern DIY Desk Ideas You Can Build For Your Home Office

Are you looking for a custom way to makeover your home office? Most of us are probably looking to upgrade our home office cheaply. These 32+ DIY desk ideas are here to help inspire you with free plans, ideas and resources.

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There are many ways that people look at creating their own furniture. You can either repurpose furniture that already exists or build something completely brand new. The home office is more important than ever and the perfect place to start with making your own desk.

Our favorite is #4. We can’t believe the smooth finish she was able to get with plywood.

What to look for when repurposing a desk?

  • Make sure that it has a sturdy base or that you have a plan to fix any structural problems. You will see a Pottery Barn look-a-like that was a good piece to start with but got completely redone in order to make it a solid desk that will last.
  • If it is a wooden desk, dovetailed drawers are something to look for.
  • Do the drawers easily slide in and out? Is anything broken?
  • What is the desktop like? Are you planning on replacing it? If it is uneven or warped you will need a plan for this.
  • Think outside the box. Is there a different piece of furniture that could work as a desk or desk storage?

Tips For Building A New Desk

  • The standard desk is at least 30″ wide and 18″ deep. Make sure you are building a desk that fits your space. As you will see in the desk ideas below, you can build many different sizes.
  • Create a drawing of what you want
  • Measure, measure, measure
  • Make sure to account for the proper height of your chair and the height of the desk. The last thing you want is a desk that is uncomfortable to sit at. You could also make the height so that it is a custom standing desk.
  • Decide on the type of wood. If you are painting your desk you probably can go for cheaper wood than if you are staining.
  • If you are not sure you want to do a complete DIY desk build, you could consider mixing premade items like file cabinets with wooden board top to get the look you need.

32+ DIY Desks

hairpin table legs desk
DIY Hairpin Leg Table Anyone Can Create
We have always wanted to make a hairpin leg table or end table. She is right, anyone can create this simple DIY desk by adding these hairpin legs. This simple table works really well as a DIY desk to create a clean and crisp home office space. We think you would be very zen-like getting work done here.
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teal painted metal tanker desk with glass top on floral carpet.
Spray Paint An Old Tanker Desk
Painting this large tanker metal desk in a fun teal color really added a pop of color to this DIY home office. The most unique part about this desk makeover was adding the patterned cloth and glass top to complete the eclectic and fun home office furniture idea.
Full Tanker Desk Makeover
diy industrial desk
DIY Industrial Computer Desk with Plans
This desk uses different types of metal brackets to create an industrial desk. We love all the DIY projects and furniture builds by this DIY blogger!
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midcentury modern diy desk
Build A DIY A-Frame Desk
This dual-toned desk would be perfect in any corner of a room in your home. Normally we love darker stains, but we are loving these nutmeg-colored legs with the contrasting white top. You won't believe how much money you can save building this desk instead of buying a similar desk.
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Ikea Hack Large Desk
Use IKEA filing cabinets and oak tabletop (or you could use butcher block) to create this two-person desk idea for along your wall. We just love how this desk was really able to fully utilize the space in their basement.
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wood corner floating desk with purple and white chair with globe in the corner.
DIY Corner Floating Desk With Simple Brackets
If you have a small room and need a DIY desk idea that will fit multiple children, then this is your DIY desk idea. This l-shaped floating desk was added in a children's homeschool room to give each child a special place to be creative and get work done. You will love this whole homeschool room!
Full Corner Desk Tutorial
DIY Modern Desk – A Beginner Woodworking Project
Customize this desk to the right size for your space. If you have ever wanted to try a Kreg Jig to make pocket holes this beginner woodworking desk project may be for you. Don't worry though, there are detailed steps to help through this desk build. We just love the look!
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diy farmhouse desk
DIY Desk under $100
We love that this desk build cost less than $100. No one will ever know! If you love a more farmhouse look, then this desk is for you. We definitely feel this is the way to get a Pottery Barn look (like this desk) for way less!
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simple diy desk build
Custom Easy Desk Build Idea
If you are looking for a simple and easy way to create a custom desk, then this is it. Simply create a desktop surface, add a file cabinet of your choice and balance with a trestle.
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large seat with two lamps on desk
Elegant Home Office Area in the Dining Room
Pairing different types of furniture with your desk is a unique way to create a comfortable office space you will love. By adding lamps and a gallery wall above this desk, it is a perfect corner office space that blends into the rest of the living room decor.
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modern farmhouse desk with 3 drawers and computer
DIY Modern Farmhouse Desk (Plans and video)
If you love a more farmhouse style, then this rustic DIY desk build is for you. We love the simple design and details such as the hardware. This desk would be perfect in a separate home office space or in combination with another room.
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DIY desk in closet with chair and shelves
DIY Home Office Nook
This small desk is perfect for those who need to create a desk in a compact area. We just love this fresh DIY desk and home office nook idea.
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DIY desk made from stock upper cabinets with DIY wood top and modern chair
DIY Desk From Painted Stock Cabinets
Use stock cabinets and premade butcher block top to create a custom DIY desk that has all the storage you would need. Learn how to easily paint the cabinets in order to create a custom color for your desk.
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Tiny Home Office Desk Idea
You can either make or buy your own filing cabinet for this small desk idea. This wooden countertop & open shelves are a beautiful addition to this adorable office nook. We think we could sit by this window for hours getting our work done.
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How To Build A Desk In A Closet
Utilize all the space in your home by building a closet desk. Adding a stenciled wall adds charm and character to this working space.
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dark wooden crates on top of desk to make DIY farmhouse desk
Barnwood Furniture Desk Hutch
If you love a more rustic look, then here is a DIY desk idea for you. Using old barn wood, this small desk was able to increase their storage for practically free.
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white desk with before and after $11 thrift store desk
Before and After: $11 Pottery Barn Knock Off Desk
Like Pottery Barn's aesthetic, but don't want to pay the price? This DIY desk was inspired by this model, and love how much money was saved. DIY is awesome and saving money is just one of those reasons. You have to see the total transformation. We were shocked when we saw the "before" desk.
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long DIY work table with file cabinet underneath
DIY Work Table from a Repurposed Door
This cost-effective DIY desk repurposing an old door was a very clever home workspace idea. We love this work table with contrasting gray stained legs with light top. In addition, it is always amazing when we can save the environment by using what we already have.
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green resin desktop with pink chair
How To Make A Beautiful Epoxy Resin Desk
This DIY desk idea uses epoxy to make this unique desktop. It truly makes us want to try this technique soon! We love this faux marble finish that matches her decor.
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white desk with gray and white chair
DIY L Shaped Desk – Home Office Makeover
This l-shaped desk was built using old Pottery Barn desk components that she scored for FREE in a Facebook group (learn the lingo for these buy-sell groups here).
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blue painted desk with green chair.
Easy Desk Makeover With DIY Chalk Paint
A little elbow grease went a long way to makeover a desk found on the side of the road. This desk is a perfect addition to any child's bedroom for extra storage.
Full Chalk Painted Desk Tutorial
DIY lego storage desk with stool
DIY Lego Desk with IKEA Trofast Bin Storage
This clever DIY desk idea has those kiddos in mind. Finally have a place to neatly store all those legos. We just love the clean look and functionality of this desk.
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DIY IKEA Desk Hack
Another great IKEA hack using a file cabinet and Ikea table legs to complete this simple desk. The fun accessories also add a lot of personality.
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DIY Children’s Desk Plans with Storage
Do you need to build a complete custom desk for your child? This tutorial will help you finally give your child a space to work and create that is the right height and size for them.
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How To Make A Unique World Map Desk
Every desk build doesn't have to be super complicated. Use hair pain legs and this fun tutorial to learn how to make a map desk top to allow your family to dream of their next travels. We love this simple DIY desk build that still showcases the owner's personality.
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DIY 2 Person Corner Desk with a Farmhouse Style
We love desks that can help utilize a dead corner in a room. This DIY corner desk uses a combination of premade file cabinets and butcher block top to create a functional desk space for your family.
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DIY Modern Desk Plans
Simple pocket holes and red oak make this a relatively easy build. The two-toned stain really adds a fun and customizable touch this desk project.
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Quick & Easy DIY Writing Desk With Turned Legs
This beginner woodworking project is perfect to try. You can easily change the dimensions of the desk frame and design to fit your space.
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Simple DIY Writing Desk With Storage
This writing desk is the best of both worlds. A place for writing or your computer, a pullout drawer and simple shelves. This desk build would be perfect for any smaller space.
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Create an Ombre Paint Effect Accent Wall with a Desk
If painting projects are more your thing, then you could try adding an ombré effect around your desk. You can create a faux built-in feel by adding shiplap and painting it a similar color to the desk.
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Reuse Your Old Dining Table
Think twice before throwing out your old dining table. You can follow the simple tutorial for how to cut your table and attach the ends to the wall.
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How to Make a DIY Folding Wall Desk
This pipe desk is a great option for people who don't have a lot of space. It can easily fold up against the wall when not in use.
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Is building your own desk cheaper?

If you are looking to buy a quality desk, it would be cheaper to DIY one out of nicer wood. Some of the desks in our list of homemade desks were done for less than $50. DIY projects are always going to be more economical if you already have the tools and some supplies on hand.

What can I use instead of a desk?

A table can easily be repurposed into a desk. Consider adding file cabinets under the table for extra desk storage.

What if I don’t have all the tools?

Some lumber yards and big box stores will help you precut wood for your desk build.

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Building or refurbishing a desk can be a very fun and rewarding project. You don’t always have to be a master woodworker to make something yourself. These DIY desk projects are sure to help you be more productive in your home office.

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  1. Hello, I love your desk! May I ask what fabric you used, and how did you get the edges from fraying?

    1. Hi Kalinda. The fabric was just a pattern found in the remnants at JoAnn fabric. My mother actually folded, stitched and ironed the edges to have the fabric lay flat. If you are looking for a more no-sew idea, you could always just fold the edges over and use iron-on double-sided tape. Just make sure that the fabric you pick is thin enough or else your glass top may not sit as nicely.