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42+ Cheerful Rainbow Crafts for Adults & Kids

Rainbows are the perfect subject matter when creating crafts as a family. Here is an awesome list of 42 rainbow crafts you can make today.

42 rainbow crafts for adults and kids

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Rainbows are just one of those images that make us happy. The best part about creating DIY rainbow projects is all the different ways you can use them. From a rainbow cake topper to easy rainbow crafts for kids, this list has a rainbow project for all ages. 

We couldn’t believe how many awesome rainbow projects are out there. If you are considering doing many of these projects you may want to stock up on the following DIY & craft supplies.

Rainbow Craft Supplies

  • Rainbow colored yarn
  • Ribbon (yes all the colors on this)
  • Variety of acrylic paints

Rainbow Craft Ideas

We love rainbows! There are so many different rainbow craft ideas out there. If you love rainbows (like we do) then this list of crafts is for you. Find rainbow ideas for any age!

Rainbow Crafts For Adults

Now, we know kids love rainbows, but so do adults. From different color palettes to the bright classic rainbows, we've got you covered.

Rainbow Crafts for Kids

Most of these DIY rainbow crafts are great for younger and old children. Rainbows are such an easy subject matter to work with. Enjoy this list of rainbow crafts for toddlers to preschool and beyond.

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42+ Rainbow Craft idas for adults and kids

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We just love that these DIY rainbow crafts will help adults and children spread joy!

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