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Easy Watercolor Valentine’s Day Cards

Are you looking for easy and inexpensive ways to make Valentine’s Day cards? Here are fun watercolor paint techniques that you can do with your whole family. Save money and get creative with these simple watercolor Valentine’s cards.

6 Valentine's Day cards with hearts done with watercolor paint.

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What age can make these homemade cards?

These fun and easy cards can be done by kids of all ages. The painter’s tape one is a great option for even the youngest artist. Have so much fun exploring this awesome list of homemade Valentine’s Day cards. Pick your favorite and try it out!

Valentine’s cards are the perfect way to experiment with different techniques. It really helps because you can choose to work with a simple heart shape. These techniques can be used for all sorts of DIY holiday cards and art projects! Just follow these simple steps to make lovely cards in no time.

watercolor paint, markers, oil pastels, white paper and trimmer on marble table.

Recommended Supplies

Regular paper will work fine, but if you have the budget and really want to make beautiful cards then you may consider buying the premade watercolor cards listed above.

The paper is thick, easy to work with, and really goes the extra mile to give you unique designs. However, I would not spend the money to get these if children are making DIY cards.

Before You Begin

Use a small rotary cutter or paper trimmer to make several folded and blank cards before you begin. If using 9″ x 12″ paper. You can easily fold the paper in half (longways or hot dog style) and then cut it in half. This will give you cards that are about 4.5″ x 6″.

hand folding white paper in half on art table.

These handmade cards go pretty quickly, so you may want to have several papers ready. 

If doing words or lettering, you may want to check out how to sketch lettering using this simple word drawing technique for your watercolor Valentine’s Day cards.

Rainbow Heart Watercolor Card

Create multiple hearts on your card. Each heart used two different colors that are next to each other in the color wheel to create an understated rainbow heart design. Get the Valentine’s Day painting tutorial here.

repeated watercolor hearts painted on card.

Use Washable Markers As Watercolor Paint

This is an easy way to get a watercolor look without as much mess. If you are looking for a simple way to add a little painterly look to your homemade cards or projects, try to use washable markers first. Then use a small brush to add water to some areas to see what happens. 

red and pink hearts drawn with marker on white paper.
These hearts were done with these markers on regular heavy-weight drawing paper.

Just note that this technique really only works well on watercolor paper. Sometimes it will work on heavy drawing paper depending on the thickness of your paper.

two heart cards done with marker and water.

Crayon Resist with Watercolor Paint

This is my all-time favorite watercolor technique to use with elementary-aged children, pre-school aged and younger children! I know that adults will LOVE this too. 

Step 1: Draw Hearts With Crayons

Draw as many hearts with crayons on the front of the card. The harder the crayons are pressed on the more wax will be on the paper.

Step 2: Paint on Top Of Crayon Designs

After the drawing, use the colors of your choice from the watercolor set and paint on top of the crayon drawing.

For best results, make sure that the watercolor paint has enough water in it for the technique to work. I tell little kids, if the paint is goopy, then they are not using the paint correctly.

two heart cards drawn with crayons with watercolor painted on top.

This watercolor paint technique will also work with oil pastels. They are just a little messier. I highly recommend these oil pastels if you are looking for scholarly oil pastels that will last and have great color saturation.

Optional: Add Extra Designs

After this card dries, you could use pen markers to add an extra simple design.

Repeated Word Design Card

This card was done on a dry background that was painted with watercolor paint first.

No need to be perfect when writing with a metallic paint marker. Have fun adding a heartfelt message on top of your watercolor painting.

watercolor card with gold xoxo written on it in envelope.

You could also print cool shaving cream paper to use as a background for this card idea. You can get our full tutorial on how to print on shaving cream using acrylic paint or liquid watercolor.

Once you have your print paper choose a sweet message or word to repeat with a paint marker.

Add Salt to Watercolor Paint

This classic watercolor technique is a great technique for watercolor hearts because the salt gives it a wintery feel and helps the colors blending in a fun way. Use reds, pinks, purples or any colors you love. Just make sure you are choosing colors that mix well together. No one wants brown DIY Valentine’s Day cards.

red & purple watercolor heart painted on white paper with salt added.

Wet the watercolor paper first using a brush. Add the colors of your choice and well the paint is wet sprinkle regular salt onto the painting and see what happens! 

You can leave the salted as an added texture or wait until the paint if fully dry and dust it off.

Use Painter’s Tape Before Watercolor Paint

Here you can find a much more detailed way to use painter’s or masking tape to tape out your design and then add watercolor paint on top. A simple heart card is the best because even the youngest of children can do the painting part.

blue painter's tape partially pulled up of watercolor paint.

You can even do this watercolor painting with young children and toddlers! We still have them hanging in our home office with my teal desk.

Draw With Glue First

Draw with white bottled glue first. Let the glue dry then add watercolor paint on top. There is no need to be perfect with this textured painting idea.

hand holding rainbow watercolor card with xoxo written in glue.

If you are looking for even a different way to use glue, then you will want to check out how to make stained glass with black glue. This would also work really well on cards instead of white glue.

Paint A Simple Word

Make love cards by just using a small brush to paint the Valentine’s word of your choice. Some words you may want to consider: are love, heart, friend, kiss, and xoxo. Keeping it all in lowercase and adding a period at the end of the simple design was perfect for this cute card.

Repeated Heart Design

Start with a heart in the center of the paper. Use variations of paint and continue painting heart lines around your center heart. You can chose to go off the page or have just a few rows of lines.

painted watercolor heart Valentine's card with purple and red paint.

Oil Pastel Resist Heart Card

Use white oil pastels (or any colors) to draw your design before painting. We love how simply we were able to create a rainbow heart card on top of the white oil pastel in the image below.

You can add salt while the paint is wet as well. Kids will think there is some sort of magic behind these creative cards.

two DIY watercolor Valentine's day cards on wood table.

Simple Heart Fade

Start by painting a smaller heart in the center of the card. Add more water to the paint as you go away for the heart. This design below also had a little white oil pastel added around the heart to make hide the pencil and add a little extra contrast.

watercolor heart card on white paper with heart in center in white envelope.

Other Techniques To Try

There are so many creative ideas you can try when making easy Valentines.

  • Use clear plastic wrap to add texture to your paintings
  • Wet on Wet Technique: Put water down first and then add colors to let them blend together. Kids love seeing what happens!
  • Paint a few large paintings and then cut out watercolor hearts to glue to another card.
  • Use colored sharpies for the main design and add watercolor paint to the background.

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collage of different watercolor Valentine's day cards.

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Homemade cards and gifts are the best! We love when you are able to use your creativity to share a personalized message with family and friends. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.