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Fun Marbling Crafts For Beginners

Do you love getting fun and unexpected designs when painting? These DIY marbling techniques are the perfect way to get a really cool paint pattern with little effort. Here are 9+ marbling crafts to inspire your next marble painting project.

collage of marbling crafts with mugs, flower pots, jar, paper and pumpkins.

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Materials To Use To Marble Effect

  • Shaving Cream and Paint: You can print off of shaving cream and watercolor, acrylic or food coloring to get a marble paper or item (see the eggs in this list).
  • Water and Spray Paint: Several of the marbling crafts in this list are done by adding spray paint to water and dipping the item in.
  • Water and Nail Polish: This technique can be done super quickly and if you mess up, just wipe those areas up with a little nail polish remover.
  • Acrylic Paint Pour
  • Hydro-Dipping Acrylics On Water
  • Oil and Food Coloring
  • Liquid Starch and Paint

How To Water Marble

Water marbling is a creative technique where paint (or nail polish) floats on the surface of water. You are able to use tools or let the materials naturally swirl together before dipping paper or other items into the mixture.

Elaborate designs can be created with specific acrylic hydro-dipping paints & mediums. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to do basic water marbling.

hand dipping mug in paint water, hand spraying gold spray paint and shaving cream with paint.

Basic Steps

Here are the basic steps we follow, no matter what paint material we are using.

Step 1: Fill A Container With Water

You want to make sure that you are not using a container you like. You will end up with paint or nail polish on the sides.

Step 2: Add Drops Of Color

Whether you are spraying in paint, dropping nail polish or acrylic paint you want to work quickly.

Step 3: Swirl Colors

You can take a skewer or other tool to quickly swirl colors to make a design you like. This step is optional, as the materials naturally will give you a cool effect.

Step 4: Dip Your Item

Step 5: Pull Out and Let Dry

Optional: Seal Your Project

Depending on what you are marbling, it might make sense to use dishwasher-safe Mod Podge or clear spray.

Marbling Crafts For Beginners

These beginner crafts are the perfect way to practice getting a faux marble effect. Whether you want to use contact paper, spray paint, nail polish or acrylic paint this list has a fun DIY idea for you.

Marbling FAQs

What is the best marbling technique?

It depends on what you are marbling. For 3-d crafts, spray paint marbling or nail polish marbling is your best bet. For paper crafts, you can use any method that you like best. If working with kids we would just consider picking the safest and least toxic method.

What are tips to be successful with the water marbling technique?

If you are dipping an item into the water, then you need to work quickly. Spray paint, acrylic paint, and nail polish can get “goopy” in the water. Make sure you completely clean out the old paint before doing another item.

What materials do I need for water marbling?

For basic water marbling, you will need a shallow container filled with water, nail polish, spray paint or acrylic paint, a skewer, and the item you plan to marble.

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