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20 Fun Painted Flower Pot Designs (No Green Thumb Needed)

Painting terracotta pots is probably one of the cheapest ways to update your patio this summer. No need to buy expensive decorative pots when you can DIY!

17 painted flower pot ideas with different images of painted flower pots.

By the way, I never know if it is terracotta, terra-cotta, or terra cotta when discussing pots. You can see Wikipedia also says it can be spelled in different ways, too.

Whenever I seem to be looking for the right answer, I will get a few different responses and spellings. However, you all know I am referring to those red clay pots that are a DIY craft person’s dream. Not only are they cheap, but can have so many different end results.

Here are 20+ painted terracotta pots that are sure to help update your outdoor space. First, you may want to know a few things.

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terracotta flower pot collage with painted flower designs on gray painted background.

How to paint terracotta pots?

You can use spray paint, acrylic paint or paint markers to help decorate your terracotta pots. The sky is the limit. You will be surprised how fast acrylic paint will dry.

Just make sure you do not use tempera paint as it will flake off. Tempera paint is meant to be washable and mainly for kid art projects. If you are planning on using outside see the information below.

Can I paint plastic flower pots?

Yes, a spray paint that is meant for plastics and has a primer in it will probably be your best bet for your basecoat. We hope to share some newly painted plastic pots soon! We love that you can makeover plastic pots and you don’t have to worry about them breaking.

How to paint flower pots for the outdoors?

If you really want your terracotta pots to last, I recommend spraying with an outdoor waterproof sealer first. This will help protect your pot from water damage. I will say that we did not do this with our hydro-dipped marbled pots and they have held up mostly over 2 years.

I wish I would have added this waterproofing step though. We do bring them inside the garage during the winter months. You can buy the sealer on Amazon or brush it on with a different sealer from Home Depot.

You also want to make sure that you bring pots in during cold weather. If water is left in them, they will crack and all of your hard work will be ruined.

20+ Design Ideas For Painting Pots

Painted Flower Pot Ideas

No one wants to pay for designer flower pots and planters! These DIY flower pot painting ideas will help you decorate your outdoor space the way you want.

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We think we will be painting more flower pots soon and hope you enjoy whatever you plant in your pretty pots, planter boxes and garden. If you love this post, you may also want to check out 22 backyard planter ideas as well!

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Now we think you should have enough ideas for painting flower pots and it is time to start creating!

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