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33 Unique DIY Planter Ideas For Your Backyard

Creating a backyard you love can be as simple as adding a few new planters to your space. There is no need to overspend at stores when you can create your own DIY planters.

collage of diy planters and flower pots.

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Whether you need a large space to grow vegetables or simple small painted pots for succulents, this list has a planter idea for you.

Ideas For Planters That Are Not Pots

  • Wheelbarrow
  • Recyclables (check out the fun family-friendly ideas)
  • Buckets
  • Old wooden gutter
  • Wood shims to create a box
  • Leftover cedar wood
  • Pallet wood
  • Logs
  • An old wagon
  • Concrete
  • Grow bags
  • K-cups make great seed starters
  • Paver Stones
  • Repurposing Other Household Items

33 DIY Planter Ideas For Your Backyard

DIY Wooden Planter Ideas

Here are DIY wooden garden planters from raised garden boxes to small wooden planters made out of wood shims. Spend an hour or whole weekend making these projects for your backyard.

terracotta pots on hanging vertical wall planter
How to Build Your Own DIY Vertical Planter
How beautiful is this diy planter? We love how the clay pots act like artwork framed by the wood. Because it is a vertical DIY project, I am sure this tall planter would fit in many backyards.
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tomato plant in cage being watered in raised garden planterbox.
DIY Wooden Planter Box Tutorial
Create these large cedar planter boxes to grow the garden of your dreams. From growing herbs to veggies, you will love having these large planters in your backyard.
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wooden hanging planter idea
Make A Beautiful Wooden Hanging Plant Stand In 30 Minutes!
If you love hanging planters, but really don't have anywhere to hang them from you will want to check out this wooden DIY plant stand.
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DIY Garden Trellis
Can it be Spring and Summer all year round so that we can look at this garden trellis and DIY lantern? This garden build really adds so much character and charm to a backyard.
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DIY macarme hanging terracotta pot
DIY Hanging Planter, Boho House Plant Hanger
We love these simple and fun boho plant pots. This great tutorial can help all skill levels create this. We love that they show you that you can reuse things you already have (even the small trees in your yard).
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vertical wooden planter on side of house made by 2 x 4's.
DIY Vertical Herb Garden Planter
If you have limited garden space, then this tall planter idea is for you. Grow herbs and flowers close to your home for easy access and viewing.
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DIY wood shim planter box idea with 4 terracotta pots
Wood Shim Planter Box: a DIY that’s easy enough to tackle!
If you don't like power tools, this DIY wood project is for you. Use wood shims to create this simple planter box idea.
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DIY House Number Planter Sign
Not only is this wooden DIY a fun planter box but also a modern house number display. This unique planter is such a great idea from the wooden boards used to the font of the metal letters.
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diy wooden planter with succulents with bricks
Pallet Wood Planter
This unique wooden tiered planter makes the perfect succulent planter for your front porch. We love the levels and it seems like a pretty simple woodworking project to build.
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diy pallet wood planter with painted letters
How to Build a Bee Garden from a Wood Pallet
Create this cute vertical garden planter out of an old pallet. Not only are you helping the bees, but giving yourself a great place to plant those flowers and small plants.
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hanging rope planter shelf on brick wall
Display Your Plants with This Hanging Rope Shelf
We love this simple and easy rope hanging planter idea. You could build this shelf in one weekend and have your plants ready to grow in warmer weather!
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diy wooden planter box
Wooden DIY Planter Box
We love projects that use leftover material and no one wants to waste expensive cedarwood. This small planter idea is the perfect use to create something beautiful with your leftover wood.
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logs creating diy planter bed
Log Raised Beds: A Free Raised Bed Solution
Improve the quality of your soil and use wood you may already have to create these log-lined raised beds.
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Paver Planter: Make Large Outdoor Planter Boxes
The mix of concrete paver stones with wood creates an awesome flower box for your front porch.
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DIY Cedar Hexagon Planters
These modern cedar planters are gorgeous by themselves. You can choose to build small or large cedar planters this weekend.
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DIY Build for Outdoor Vertical Garden Pots (With Free Plans)
We love that the actual plants do not come in contact with pressure-treated wood. This is just another awesome vertical planting idea.
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DIY Flower Box
Get step-by-step instructions for creating this simple wooden flower box to hang near your front door.
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Stacked Hexagon Wood Flower Pot DIY Tutorial
DIY wooden planter build is definitely unique and can add character to any porch. The best part about this planter is that it is pretty inexpensive to make.
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Easy Planter Ideas

Sometimes you can just use paint or other materials in an unexpected way to create your own DIY planters.

silver bucket with chalkboard label as flower pot
Easy DIY Herb Garden Planter Idea
These super cute and easy DIY planters are an easy way to grow those herbs this summer. We love the simplicity and are suckers for wooden chalkboard labels!
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two painted terracotta pots with spray paint for marble effect.
DIY Marbled Planters
We just love these faux marbled planters. Who wouldn't want to display their plants in these beautiful pots? Not to mention, no one will know how cheaply you were able to create this marbled paint pattern using spray paint.
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diy concrete planter with yellow flowers
DIY Concrete Planter
Get the whole family involved in creating these planter ideas. We love the rustic look and feel of these fun concrete forms.
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DIY Hanging Planter Basket Using Grapevines
Making a hanging planter is the perfect way to reuse those invasive vines growing in your yard. Instead of using store-bought baskets consider making your own hanging planter using grapevine, Carolina jasmine, honeysuckle, bittersweet, or Virginia creeper.
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DIY Outdoor Wicker Basket Planters
Get all the tips and tricks for using wicker baskets as your planters this Spring.
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Repurposed Planters

Using items you already have to help create your garden can save you money and be helpful for the environment. We love these creative and unique repurposed planters.

repurposed gutter into planter on house
Old Wooden Gutter Repurposed As a Planter
We love a good repurposed project and using this old wooden gutter as a planter sure fits the bill. So look around your home and see what you have that could be used as a DIY planter.
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Simple Vertical Garden Plans (Step-by-Step)
This DIY planter combines some of the same ideas from the others in the list. Vertical gardening that uses rain gutters is a budget-friendly and space-saving way to give gardening a try.
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Vertical Herb Garden Ladder!
Use that old wooden ladder to create a vertical herb garden to help save space in your backyard.
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red wooden wagon used as planter
Create a Vintage Wagon Garden Planter in 30 Minutes
Have your kids grown up and you have an old wagon lying around? Check out the fun way you can turn an old wagon into a DIY planter! This is an amazing option for your front porch or deck!
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milk jug planter idea with kids hands planting flower
DIY Plastic Bottle Planters
The whole family can get involved in creating their own milk jug planter idea. Even using different markers or paint to personalize these DIY planters. This sounds like a fun activity on our next sunny Spring day.
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plants growing in grow bags
Vegetables you can Grow in Bags
Don't have space, but really want some fresh herbs or vegetables. Who would have thought you could use grow bags as a DIY planter? For the price of these bags, it might be worth just trying for fun!
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wheel barrow planter with flowers and rocks
DIY Tipped Wheelbarrow Planter
Don't trash that old wheelbarrow! Use it as a fun DIY planter idea. You just might have to treat it with outdoor paint that will help stop rust first.
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easy plastic bottle planters with googly eyes
DIY Monster Planters: A Recycled Masterpiece
Teach your children about recycling and repurposing items while creating a new tiny DIY planter. The kids will love watching the "hair" grow!
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Upcycle An Enamelware Canner Pot Into A Large Flower Container
All upcycle projects do not have to be complicated or involve multiple steps and processes as is the case with this upcycled canner pot.
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k-cups used as seed starters for fennel, kale
Reuse K-Cups for Your Garden
Use your old K-cups to help start your garden. Get those organic seeds growing by starting to reuse what you already have at home.
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How To Build Garden Beds with Pavers
Learn everything you need to know about building a raised garden bed with paver stones.
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Terracotta Pots Still Work

But don’t discount what you can create with painted terracotta pots. We absolutely love painted flower pot ideas, but we hope this list will get you to think outside the box (vertically, wooden or otherwise).

Now, if you are looking at these planters and don’t feel you have a green thumb, you may want to check out these tips for planting from Remodelholic.

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We can’t wait to try these DIY planter ideas for our backyard. Vertical gardening is definitely on our list this year.

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  1. Dara @The Roots of Home says:

    So many great ideas! Thanks for sharing my wooden gutter repurposed as a planter. I’m pinning this for future reference!

    1. Thanks, Dara. We love all the awesome planter ideas for gardeners and non-gardeners alike!

  2. Louise O'Boyle says:

    I absolutely love your ideas. Like many people in my neighbourhood I’ve started some gardening to enjoy some wonderful flowers and vegetables in summer. I love the idea of building your own planter boxes. I’ll be giving this a go!

    1. Hi Louise. We absolutely love our DIY raised garden boxes. Our daughter is super excited to get planting this year!

  3. Christine says:

    I am all about gardening on budget so I love this ideas! Great list and so inspiring.

    1. Hi Christine. I am glad you love some of these budget-friendly gardening ideas. I hope your garden turns out great!