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3 Easy DIY Pallet Wood Projects You Need to Try

The best DIY projects that we have made from pallet wood

We have all seen amazing projects and DIY home decor ideas that can be made from old pallet wood. I love that you can find pallet wood just about anywhere. Sometimes companies will let you have the pallets for free or you may have had something delivered to your house and now you have a pallet that needs a makeover. That is why we are sharing 3 easy DIY pallet wood projects you have to try.

I have even seen the pallets listed in Facebook selling groups (here are some tips on how to score free items for makeovers). 

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Read full privacy policy here.  

How to Easily Break Down a Pallet

The biggest pain of making anything out of pallet wood is breaking it apart. But it is so worth it because you get wood for free!!

Tips when taking the pallet apart

  • Use a reciprocating saw to cut the nails off of the side as seen in this video.. This way you only have to pry up the nails in the middle.
  • Make sure you are using the right blades for cutting nails
  • I have read that if you spray the nails with silicone spray, they may come out easier ( we did not do this, but it might be worth a try)
  • Or use a circular saw and just cut right inside of the outside wood piece. Using a crowbar to lever out the nails in the middle.

You may even want to check out this video about different ways to break down a pallet.

Our favorite pallet wood projects 

Pallet Wine Rack

Wine rack made from pallet wood

Turn your old pallet into a wine rack. My husband was able to complete this wine rack with only pallet wood. After breaking down the pallet, he cut the side pieces so that the bottom was the width of the pallet wood. 

Pallet Wood Wine Rack with wine bottle

You do need to sand the pallet wood down to get it smoother. You may not need to sand it as much as we did if you are going for a more rustic look. After this pallet project was put together we stained it with our favorite stain color (which we did for the next three pallet wood projects).

Other DIY wine rack design considerations

Do you want to hang glasses?

Then use a router to add spots for the wine glass to hang upside down. 

Where are you hanging this wine rack?

Make sure that you attach this to the studs in your wall and that is level. When this wine rack is full, it is very heavy. Now you can enjoy your wine and keep it organized. 

How many bottles of wine do you want the rack to hold?

Our pallet wine rack is 31″ long total, but 28″ where the wine bottles go. When full, it holds approximately 8 bottles of wine with some wiggle room.

Can I just purchase a wine rack?

We get that DIY projects take time. I always search to see if it is worth it for us to make something or just purchase it. We know that some people love the rustic farmhouse look, but you really don’t want to have to break down a pallet. Or you really love the look but it isn’t worth the time to create. 

Here are a few wine racks I found before we decided to make our own.

Ebony Winerack from Wayfair (looks like ours but with a gray stain)

Pallet Wood Wine Rack from Etsy

Wine-Stem Rack from Crate and Barrel (if we were not making one I may have considered this highly rated verision that also seemed to be a great price)

Rustic State Sonoma Vertical Wine Rack from Amazon (highly rated and cheap, but only seems to store 4 bottles)

Create a DIY pallet wood mail holder

DIY Pallet Wood Mail Holder

Use pallet wood to create a space where you can store your mail before opening. We had the perfect spot by our refrigerator to put this. This was a great DIY project to help us stay organized.

The sides and front were made from pallet wood and the back was just a scrap of plywood that was stained.

Pallet art displays

Stained Pallet Wood with Clothespins and wire for display

Use a simple piece of pallet wood to create this DIY art display. We talk about other art display options in this post, but this pallet wood display is our favorite!

It is such a simple and easy DIY project. Once you have sanded, stained one piece of pallet wood (and sealed with a light layer of poly), you simply add a wire. After this DIY art display is up on your wall, use fun clothespins to hang your children’s artworks. 

These clothespins seem super fun, or sounds like another DIY project to make our own decorative clothespins…

I also could see these pallet projects in a home office to help you stay organized instead of using a corkboard or bulletin board. You can cut the pallet wood to any size to fit your space.

Save money with supplies you are already have

One of the best things about these pallet DIY projects is how much money it saved us by reusing wood and supplies we already had.

***For any DIY home project, remember to “shop” your home and supplies first before purchasing new. I know we have a ton of things that we “forgot” about. Those items add up and help make your DIY projects unique. 

We hope we inspired you to think about what you may want to make out of olf pallet wood. We would love to hear about your next DIY pallet project that helps make your house a home.

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3 DIY Pallet Wood Projects

***Looking for more DIY projects you can do this weekend! Check out our post about 50 DIY home ideas here.***

Now what are you waiting for…

Go ahead, create your own DIY pallet project (or any project) to help make your house a home!

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