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55+ Easy Weekend DIY Home Projects That Are Budget-Friendly

DIY home improvement projects do not have to be intimating. Here are a few projects to help get your creative wheels spinning. Once you start creating a home you love with DIY, you will wish you would have started sooner. 

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We are all about DIY projects around here. That is why we call ourselves DIY nuts! If we feel we can do a project ourselves, you better believe we will try. We absolutely feel so much pride when our do-it-ourselves projects help make our house a home.

Not to mention, some home DIY projects are not only cheaper than hiring professionals but can also help you increase the value of your home.

What does DIY stand for?

DIY stands for do-it-yourself and DIY home projects are a great way to turn your house into a home.

Home Improvement Projects That Should Not Be DIY

Just be aware that there are a few home DIYs that we will not try to conquer. Here is a great Chicago Tribune article that talks about some of the cons of doing all projects DIY. We have learned our lesson that some projects (electrical, plumbing, etc.) should be left to professionals. 

However, there are endless DIY home projects we do feel we can take on (and you can, too). Once you tackle of few weekend projects, your wishlist of DIY home projects will probably keep growing.

Why do home renovations yourself?

When someone decides to take on home projects themselves, you are bound to get a unique item or feel in your home. I know some people who love to just buy all the furniture out of a catalog so that their room looks just like a Pottery Barn ad. 

  • That is a really expensive way to go about decorating your home.
  • There really is no individuality in doing that. 

If you are that person that just likes to buy everything, you still may be able to pick up a few DIY tips or small home items you could make to really make your house a home.

man using saw to cut wood in garage.

Whether you are painting or using power tools, here are 55+ weekend DIYs to help inspire your next project.

Weekend DIY Projects By Room

A lot of DIY home projects can be for many different rooms in your home. However, we thought it may be easiest to sort our DIY projects by room. If you think one can work for a different space, by all means, use our DIY tips to help yourself out!

DIY Kitchen Projects

The kitchen is the perfect place to spend your weekend. You can really make a big impact in a small amount of time. Don't worry there are ways to cheaply makeover your kitchen.

Cheap Bathroom DIY Projects

The kitchen and bathrooms are probably two of the most used rooms in a house. Therefore, DIY projects that are budget-friendly can truly enhance these spaces.

DIY Bedroom Projects

Painting a wall, creating closet shelving or just adding new accessories can make your bedroom feel cozy on a budget.

DIY Living Room Projects

From the fireplace to storage, your living room needs to be comfy and inviting. Use this weekend to complete a DIY project so you never want to leave.

DIY Home Office Projects

Consider your home's layout. If you are not using your dining room, then turn it into something you would use, like a home office. 

You will love having your own space to work. We have even seen people turn small closets into desk spaces so that they have their own personal place to go and work. 

DIY Basement Projects

The basement is the perfect place to start with your beginner DIY projects.

DIY Laundry Room Projects

Other Indoor DIY Projects

Consider looking at your entryway or walls to see if there are any other weekend DIYs you can complete.

DIY Weekend Outdoor Projects

Here are some DIYs to help refresh your outdoor space.

Need More DIY Inspiration?

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Let’s Start Your Home Improvement Projects

Now is the time to start getting those hands busy creating and making things to improve your home. We know that these are all possible with hard work and determination. 

You will be so happy when you start to see your DIY home improvement ideas come to life!

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Charlie Davis

Tuesday 27th of July 2021

Looking for a DIY site that I too can share ideas and ask questions.


Thursday 29th of July 2021

Hi Charlie. I would recommend looking at a few DIY Facebook groups. People are always sharing their projects and/or asking for advice.

Ruth Nchekei

Monday 8th of June 2020

Hey this is great. Very very helpful for me. No share buttons?


Monday 8th of June 2020

Hey Ruth. Thanks for the kind words about our DIY projects. May I ask what device you were on? I do have share buttons at the top and button. If you are on a tablet or computer you also should have been able to share with the hover Pinterest icon as well. I hope that helps.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.