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50 DIY Home Projects You Can Do This Weekend

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Home improvement ideas that will add character to your home

We are all about DIY projects around here. That is why we call ourselves, DIY nuts! If we feel we can do a project ourselves, you better believe we will try. We absolutely feel so much pride when our do-it-ourselves projects help make our house a home.

Not to mention, some home DIY projects are not only cheaper than hiring professionals, but can also help you increase the value of your home. DIY stands for do-it-yourself and most of the time we are willing to try to create DIY home projects we will love. 

Just be aware, there are a few home DIYs that we will not try to conquer. Here is a great Chicago Tribune article that talks about some of the cons of doing all projects DIY. We have learned our lesson that some projects (electrical, plumbing, etc.) should be left to the professionals. 

However, there are endless DIY home projects we do feel we can take on (and you can, too) Our wishlist of DIY projects only keeps growing and we are so excited to continue to make our house a home through these home renovations that we can do ourselves.

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Read full privacy policy here. 

50 DIY Home Ideas you can do this weekend

Why do home renovations yourself?

When someone decides to take on home projects themselves, you are bound to get a unique item or feel in your home. I know some people who love to just buy all the furniture out of a catalog so that there room looks just like a Pottery Barn ad. 

I see two major problems with this:

1. That is a really expensive way to go about decorating your home.

2. There really is no individuality in doing that. 

If you are that person that just likes to buy everything, you still may be able to pick up a few DIY tips or small home items you could make to really make your house a home!

So let’s get started and show you 50 different DIY home improvement ideas you can start this weekend! You will love your DIY home decor outcomes and you will wish you would have started sooner. 

DIY Home Projects by Room

A lot of DIY home projects can be for many different rooms in your home. However, we thought it may be easiest to sort our DIY projects by room. If you think one can work for a different space, by all means, use our DIY tips to help yourself out!

DIY Kitchen Ideas

1. Paint old cabinets. White is the classic color that can really update your space. But don’t be scared to try some of the newer grays or even muted colors that are out there.

If you are on a budget, then painting old cabinets is a sure way to makeover your kitchen space. We followed the same steps to get rid of our oak dated cabinets as we did when we updated our fireplace mantel in our living room. Turning your old brown cabinets to white is a sure way to brighten your kitchen and make you love this space again.

2. Change out hardware. Something as simple as changing the hardware can update kitchen cabinets. Sometimes you may just need to really give it a great clean to update. 

3. Another DIY kitchen idea is to change out light fixtures. Changing light fixtures in any room is a great way to help give a space a quick refresh. You can find all different light fixtures for all sorts of budgets out there. We add our love for capiz shell light fixtures over our kitchen island and 4 years later we still absolutely love it!

Zig zag capiz shell chandelier from West Elm

Cheap Bathroom Makeover Ideas

The kitchen and bathrooms are probably two of the most used rooms in a house. Therefore, DIY projects that are budget-friendly can truly enhance these spaces.

4. Painting can always change a space. Different shades of grays can really make a space feel more modern. Make sure not to pick a color that is too dark if you have a small bathroom. You can see how this small bathroom got a gray herringbone accent wall to really update the space. 

5. Add new shelving. You can create your own DIY shelves or install premade shelves. This is a simple DIY project that anyone can do to help keep yourself more organized and your guests more at home. 

6. Create your own accessories, like repurposing old jars to store things like q-tips, other toiletries, and things guests might need.

Old jars used at DIY bathroom decor

7. Have you looked at your toilet paper or towel holders recently? Either repaint old ones with spray paint or treat yourself to newer modern looking bathroom accessories. Trust me…you will feel better.

8. Change out that builder grade mirror. You can find mirrors with frames that are pretty cheap at places like HomeGoods are even from Target, like this fun shaped one. And if you are like us, then those builder grade mirrors are great to put up in a basement for your home gym mirrors (always repurposing around here).

9. Add a few extra baskets for storage or repurpose an old cardboard box to help keep yourself organized. Even these IKEA spice racks can be put up to help you have a place to store all of your beauty products. 

DIY Nursery Decor Ideas

10. Consider gender-neutral nursery decor. 

There are so many nursery decor ideas out there. If you know other children may use this room, then make sure you design it to be gender-neutral. Even if you are unsure if another child will use this room…

Make the nursery gender-neutral. No one really wants to be chasing a toddler while 500000 weeks pregnant (I know not really possible, but it will feel that way) and changing out the light pink nursery accessories.

11. Use wall paint and furniture to help create the gender-neutral baby nursery.

Our baby’s room went with this color scheme of coral, whites, grays, teal and blues. While the walls were already tan (I should have painted them a light gray), we added ombre gray furniture & white, colorful artworks and accessories around the room. I still love this space and all of my children have been able to enjoy it without having to really change much.

Here are some gender-neutral baby nursery color palettes to consider

Gray-coral-teal-navy blue 

Gray-yellows-darker yellows

Monochromatic Grays, Darker grays with pops of color of your choice

12. Create your own DIY nursery curtains, pillows and mobile. 

It is cheaper to find fabric you love and go from there. Sometimes your nursery color inspiration may come from a fabric first like this pillow that we loved. 

Gender Neutral Baby Nursery Ideas with gray chair and patterned pillow

Now if you don’t want to follow this gender-neutral advice, then you must check out this accent wall we did for our daughter when she was moved. She was still in a crib, and while it is her big girl bedroom, it still acted like a baby girl nursery decor design. By creating an accent wall, this room truly became a room our daughter loves.

Pink & Gray Hexagon Ombre Painted Wall

13. Add extra DIY nursery shelving.

Just like in our bathroom, using IKEA spice racks is a great way to add extra storage and shelving in your baby nursery. These can be spray painted any color and are great way to display all the fun books and stuffed animals your little one will be receiving.

Spice racks used for DIY baby nursery ideas

14. Create DIY Art for your nursery. You could make this easy word art canvas or paint canvases to fit your color scheme. Even if you don’t feel artistically inclined, check out this simple drawing technique that may help you be more confident to get a drawing on canvas. 

15. Create DIY nursery organization with things such as DIY closet dividers. You can read more about how we tried to stay on top of all that comes with a child!

DIY easy nursery dividers for clothes

Living Room DIY Projects

16. If needed, paint. Always the number one DIY project I would say to easily makeover a space is to get the brush and roller out and get to work. It truly is such a great and inexpensive DIY way to update your home.

17. Don’t just paint the walls, but paint molding and trim. This is a total pain, but you will not get over how fresh your house can look with freshly painted molding. Again, we use this same technique to paint our kitchen cabinets, molding and fireplace mantel.

White painted mantle in DIY fireplace update

18. Consider mounting your television. For the longest time, we had an old cheap television stand in the corner of our living room. When you are young and broke you will buy whatever works. However, mounted our television in the corner of our living room has really made the room seem so much bigger. 

19. Add extra shelving. After our television was mounted in the corner, we had to come up with a DIY corner shelf for our cable box. Adding just this one shelf seemed to replace our need for ugly television stand we had that we were able to sell in buy-sell-trade groups (learn more about buying and selling furniture for DIY projects in our post about the lingo).

DIY Corner shelf wood clamped together using c clamps

DIY Home Office Ideas

20. Consider your home’s layout. If you are not using your dining room, then turn it into something you would use, like a home office.  You will love having your own space to work. We have even seen people turn small closets into desk spaces so that they have their own personal place to go and work. 

21. Add fun artworks on the wall. Here are even other tips for how you can frame and display children’s artworks anywhere in your home.


Stained Pallet Wood with Clothespin displaying toddler and kid art projects

22. Redo old furniture. Do you have an old metal desk or can you buy one cheaply? These large tanker desks can be found a lot of places or any desk for that matter. Some simple spray painting can really give you a workspace you will love.

DIY Metal Teal Desk Makeover with Glass Top

23. Use art supply carts and repurposed furniture pieces to help you stay organized. This old buffet was a perfect piece of furniture to use a DIY chalk recipe to help makeover the piece. Even adding just some simple hardware truly made this a brand new piece of furniture. I love the fun and eclectic hardware from World Market. 

DIY Chalk Painted Purple buffet with new hardware
Use this DIY chalk paint recipe to makeover furniture.

24. Don’t be scared to add and mix colors when designing. The home office is the perfect place to try a new DIY project on a file cabinet or old chair. Go for it and have fun!

DIY Basement Projects

We have a very in-depth post on all things you can consider when redoing your basement space. Luckily ours was “finished” on one side. But finished and nice are two separate things. Make sure to check out the full basement makeover for details about the following things you could consider to help you love your basement.

25. Update your basement ceiling. Those old drop ceiling tiles that you think are white…are actually probably pretty dingy. You will never realize how much a room can look brand new once you have updated the ceiling. We have loved using this product to make our ceiling look brand new. 

We also wrote a full vinyl drop ceiling tile review on it, in case you are thinking this might be a great basement ceiling improvement project you want to check out.

26. Paint molding or doors. While we have painted every single piece of molding white upstairs, we knew that our basement didn’t need that. Instead, just picking to paint the white columns and closet doors really brightened the basement.

White column with oak molding in DIY basement remodel

27. Redo any room that is not what you need. We had to redo a room in our basement that had golf wallpaper everywhere. Which brings me to this painting technique or option…

28. Seal or remove dated wallpaper. If you find that you have wallpaper you are unable to remove, sealing it will allow you to be able to paint over. Make sure you sand the edges slightly first (check out the whole basement post because we had A LOT of wallpaper to deal with done there).

29. Add carpet squares on top of concrete. We did this on our unfinished side and were able to add our home gym over there. Way better and cheaper than putting in flooring that was only going to get sweat all over it.

30. Build your own storage in your basement. Here is an example of how you can use upper stock cabinets to create DIY built-in storage in your basement.

DIY basement makeover with DIY storage cabinets using white upper kitchen cabinets

31. Transform an old piece of furniture into something completely new. Here you can see how an old entertainment center turned into an awesome dress-up clothes storage idea.

We just loved how we were able to take a piece of junk furniture (honestly someone had it out at the end of the driveway) and create something so special for our daughter. If a piece of furniture is sturdy enough or you can fix it, minus well try to refurbish it into something completely new.

32. Create a kid’s area in your basement and a more living room like area for adults. You would be surprised how adding a couch, mounting a television and adding a rug on one side of your basement could really give adults a place to relax and kids a place to play.

DIY Closet Ideas

33. Organize, organize, and organize again. Now the best DIY advice I can give is to take everything out and try to put it back using bins or your homemade storage containers.

34. Create your own DIY shelving. You can see how simple painting pine shelving can add so much more room and spots for your items here.

DIY small closet shelves

35. Turn an entryway closet into a mud bench or “mudroom”. Adding extra hooks, using baskets and extra shelving will help everyone in your family have a place to put things right when they come in the door.

DIY Laundry Room Ideas

36. Paint stock cabinets and attach them above your washer and dryer. Adding 36” heigh cabinets can give you almost a whole other shelf to store your household projects.

37. Add a keyring hook right inside your laundry room or wherever is closet to the garage door.

38. Organize cleaning projects in baskets. We love these plastic looking bins.

39. Add extra hanging hooks for when clothes need to dry. You can always make your own by adding hooks to a stained piece of wood. 

DIY hooks on wood in small bathroom

40. Add an extra shelf above the washer and dryer for extra storage. You can even use mason jars or decorative jars to hold laundry detergent and softener.

DIY Outdoor Spaces

So remember at the beginning of this post we talked about how some projects are just better for professionals. We felt it was best to have professionals create our screened-in porch. However, we did work to have a say in all the design aspects (like this gray composite decking) and you can see how even being involved in those design choices can really make a professional project, still showcase your ideas and creative vision.

41. Make your own outdoor furniture with leftover composite decking (or regular pressure-treated wood). Outdoor furniture can be pretty pricey, and if you are like us, then you love it when you come up with a solution for leftover materials you already had.

42. Don’t just make tables, consider also making outdoor benches out of composite decking.

DIY Tables and bench being built

43. Create raised garden boxes or DIY your landscape to be a true oasis. Adding potted plants, gardens and simple landscaping can really enhance your outdoor space. If you don’t really have a green thumb, try some of these easy plants first.

44. Build a DIY playset that your children can love. This can be a smaller playset with a simple rock wall or huge endeavor that can grow with your children for many years.

DIY backyard playground

45. Not quite ready to get those power tools out…then go ahead and try to makeover old plastic toys. You would be amazed at how much money you can save when you repurpose outdoor toys. In the above link, we go into full detail on how we did this Little Tikes Playhouse makeover.

Easy Home Improvement Ideas for any room in your home

46. Consider painting an accent wall. Again, paint is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to refresh a space. See how our herringbone accent wall and ombre hexagons really made these two spaces in our home unique and fun!

47. Create an accent wall with other materials beside paint. 

48. Create fun accessories and home decor items. You can turn simple terracotta pots into designer looking flower pots with this method. Or you can redo old cardboard boxes to create unique storage boxes for your pantry or other closets.

Gold, Black and Gray DIY Marbled Pots using spray paint

49. Make fun art displays. Whether they are more formal picture gallery wall or a little rustic kid art display. Creating spaces that help you stay organized and display all of your memories is truly something to cherish.

50. Declutter and Organize…and then do it again. This is one of those DIY improvements that you can do every day for 5 minutes. I try to stay on top of this, but it is hard. Challenge yourself for one week to spend 5 minutes a day organizing and decluttering. You will feel amazing by the end of the week.

You can always find something to declutter and organize. Making these DIY memory boxes really helped us have a place for all of our children’s keepsakes. 

Time for your home improvement projects to start

Now is the time to start getting those hands busy creating and making things to improve your home. We know that these are all possible with hardwork and determination. 

What are you waiting for?

You will be so happy when you start to see your home improvement ideas come to life!

Hello! My name is Erin and I am a DIY nut. Currently, I live in Ohio with my beautiful family. My husband and I love making our house a home through DIY projects. I hope this site inspires you to become a DIY nut!


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