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Baby Nursery Closet Ideas: How to organize your baby’s closet cheaply!

Simple nursery closet organization ideas

When you have a new baby, keeping all the stuff that comes along with them can be quite a task. I am the first to say that it is a tough task to stay organized. So just ignore all those professionally organized baby nursery closets that you see on Instagram or on TV! However, I do have some very PRACTICAL and CHEAP baby nursery closet ideas for how to organize your baby’s closet.

Yes, my baby nursery closet ideas are not the most glamorous, but they will help keep you sane. Here you can check out this article if you are looking for celebrity nursery inspiration, but I will just stick to basic DIY nursery closet organization ideas!

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Baby Nursery Closet Idea #1: Use DIY Nursery Closet Dividers

I simply used cardboard and cut a line with a circle so that is could go around where the baby hangers would go. Then using a special marker (this is my favorite marker) to write the baby cloth sizing.

DIY easy nursery dividers for clothes

I know these are not the fanciest baby closet organizers, but they do the trick. If you are looking for neater ones, you could always paint them or order these awesome girl closet dividers (below) or these amazing gender-neutral baby closet dividers.

And even though I know it is hard, just try to stay on top of keep things organized by size. You will be happy that you used nursery closet divides when you can’t remember which size outfit you need. Or when you are searching your nursery closet in the dark trying to grab a baby outfit in the dark after needing a quick change of clothes.

Baby Nursery Closet Idea #2: Have a too small box

Okay, so one of the biggest pains about dressing your baby is that all the sizes are slightly different depending on the brand. So one 6-9 month sleeper in one brand might not be the same as a sleeper in another brand.

I do love these sleepers in case you were wondering and you can check out my simple list of must-have baby registry items. But even if you love something it is still really important that you stay on top of your baby nursery organization when sorting through your clothes.

Therefore, as soon as you know that your baby no longer fits in an article of clothing, throw it in your too-small box. This box could be a simple cardboard box, repurposed box or fun container that you purchase.

When I see the box full, then I start to organize, sell or give away. This really helps me to stay organized with all that comes with a baby. Not to mention, your baby will fly through clothes at the beginning and it is so hard to remember with sleepless nights if that outfit fits before you put it on your baby.

Baby Nursery Closet Idea #3: Use clear containers with LABELS to store clothes not in use

After 3 babies, can you tell I had to really figure out a DIY baby nursery closet organization system? I swear baby and toddler socks will still be the death of me. They always seem to get mixed up, but at least the right-sized clothes mostly seem to be in the right kid’s closet.

However, I do feel pretty confident in my system of how I organize clothes by size once kids grow out of them.

DIY Baby Closet Organization ideas

In this picture, you can see my simple closet dividers (again, I know not the most glamorous), but they do the trick of keeping me organized. You can also see how I label my clear bins and stack them on the shelf when not in use.

This simple baby nursery closet idea will help you, especially if you need to save clothes for future children.

The reason our DIY baby nursery was done in a gender-neutral color scheme, is because we never knew what gender we were having. Therefore, I had to readily have baby boy and girl clothing ready for our 3rd child.

However, if you are looking for a great DIY baby girl nursery idea, make sure you see what we did to my daughter’s room once we had to move her out of our baby nursery! I would simply create large clear bins and place a post-it backward on the front with the size and gender of the baby closet. Then stack these in the nursery closet until I needed them.

My nursery closest ideas are more practical than fancy! However, I know they can get the job done and help you feel more organized.


5 Cheap DIY Nursery Closet Tips, Practical

Baby Closet Idea #4: Have a donate or sell bin of baby clothes and baby items

As hard as it to part with baby gear, now that I am done having children I know I have to do it. Slowly I have been giving my favorite baby items to friends, selling in Facebook groups and donating baby items to those less fortunate.

Now, I also have a sell box where I make “lots” of clothing that I post in groups to sell. Putting a ribbon around the group of clothes instead the clear bin makes it super easy to find when you need it. You can find my tips for using buy-sell-trade groups in this post. You would be amazed at the awesome things you can find and how you also can easily get rid of things.

Next to my clear clothes bins, I also have all of my children’s keepsake boxes. This way I can easily access them when I want to add more items.

Nursery Closet Idea #5: Use a hanging shoe rack to store pants

Baby pants and bottoms are very hard to keep organized. I have found that using a cloth shoe organizer can help you stay organized and sane. I simply fold a few pairs and keep the ones that I know are the baby’s current size near the top.

Shoe organizer to store baby pants

We did not build DIY shelving in this closet but in the room next door to the nursery we did. Check out how to build your shelves to help you stay organized!

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Practical and Cheap Nursery Closet Ideas

In this post, I think that I have said that my baby nursery closet ideas are NOT fancy, but get the job done! I hope that you are able to gain some DIY baby nursery organization inspiration!

Decluttering always feels good, whether it is cheap DIY ideas or fancy organization systems you can buy! Or if you want to go the DIY route, here are 40+ DIY Shelves for Any Home Decor Style.

Being a parent is tough and easy nursery closet organization ideas can help us stay sane.

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Julie Plagens

Saturday 22nd of February 2020

I am generally pretty organized so I did all the things you suggest except the divider. I love the home made one. It may not be glamorous, but it does the job. When you have a little one or several, the last thing you want to spend money on is a divider. I'd rather use that money to get more clothes! Many blessings to you and your kidos.


Saturday 22nd of February 2020

Hi Julie! Yes, simple clothes dividers can do the trick. No need to spend money on something that goes in a nursery closet.

Lisa Alioto

Friday 21st of February 2020

Love the DIY part of this!!! Great ideas!


Saturday 22nd of February 2020

Thanks, Lisa. We are always looking for DIY ways to do things, even DIY ways to organize baby closets!

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