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14+ Nursery Shelf Ideas That Are Playful & Practical

Are you preparing a special space for your little one? These DIY shelving ideas are the perfect way to add extra storage to your baby’s room while fitting your nursery theme.

6 different images of baby nursery shelves with text overlay "nursery shelf ideas".

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Tips For Installing & Styling Shelves

Safety Over Design

It is always important to consider the weight, location, and materials of shelves and shelving decor items. You also want to make sure that you are properly securing shelves into walls and placing them in a safe spot.

Make sure that you are not putting a shelf where the contents could fall on the child or where the child could hang.

Find Studs

Anchoring shelves into studs is the best way to make sure they are completely secure. Depending on what you plan on displaying, you may be able to get away with drywall anchors. Check out this Family Handyman article for more tips on how to install shelves.

Use a level

Placing a small level on your shelf will help ensure you are hanging it level.

small bubble level on pipe shelf idea to check it is level.

Eye Level Is Best

Hanging shelves at eye level is a great place to start. You can even see your plan by mapping it out with painter’s tape or a sketch of the room.

Accent With Color

Whether completely fun painted shelves or bright colored decor, these nursery shelf ideas provide creative ways to have fun with color and pattern.

wooden blocks with colorful painted shelves behind them.

Add Your Own Unique Decor

Do you have a personalized sonogram image? Or a special book for your little one? There are endless ways you can personalize nursery shelves in your baby’s room.

You can see in the examples below all the different items that were used to add style to the shelves.

Use What You Already Have

There is no need to go out and buy all sorts of new items for your nursery shelf decor. Little babies come with a variety of cute things and memories that can work as decor.

Just make sure that you are not placing anything too heavy, breakable or unsafe on those shelves. Babies can start scaling walls before you realize it.

pink ladybug board book and Roar book.

Books Make Great Decor

Illustrations and book covers are really unique artworks waiting to be displayed. No need to just shelve those baby books so you can’t see the artwork.

It is a great idea to use them as colorful accents in your nursery. You may even instill the love of reading earlier than you thought.

Pick Your Location

Assess the spaces you may possibly put nursery shelves. Will you be using wall shelves, floating shelves or bookshelves? You could even use a combination of these to create a practical storage solution for your family.

14+ Nursery Shelf Ideas

From bracket wall shelves to homemade bookcases, this list of nursery shelf ideas has a practical DIY shelving idea for your baby's room.

Nursery Shelf FAQs

How high should my nursery shelves be hung?

It depends on the purpose of the shelf. If you are creating a wall bookshelf, then you want your shelves to be low enough for a child to reach. If you are hanging above furniture then 2 feet above is a great rule of thumb. Adjust this height accordingly and make sure you are not hanging shelves where a baby could stand and pull up on. Always consider safety over design in a nursery.

How far apart should my shelves be?

A general rule is about 10″-18″ between shelves. Consider what you will be displaying to decide if that is enough room for the look you are going for.

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Did this list excite you to add more storage to your baby nursery? We hope this list of shelving ideas inspired your next weekend DIY project. Whether you plan to create simple wood shelves or more elaborate wall shelves, adding shelving to your baby’s room is a great way to add storage and style.

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