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20+ Unique DIY Bathroom Shelving Ideas

From some of our favorite store-bought shelves to bathroom DIY shelving ideas, we have the perfect solution to help you decorate your bathroom in your style. Who wants to see a boring bathroom with nothing over the toilet? Be inspired by our awesome list of bathroom shelving ideas from real-life homes.

20+ modern bathroom shelving ideas with collage of bathroom shelves in background.

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What to put over your toilet?

This is such a common question that we all have tried to figure out. The two biggest things most people put over their toilet are some sort of artwork or bathroom wall shelves. Shelving in your bathroom is a great way to add extra storage space while having easy access to your bathroom essentials.

Neither of these two options has to be boring and hopefully, this list of 21+ bathroom shelves will help you to finally come up with your own bathroom shelving ideas. We love the combination of adding extra storage and style on a bathroom wall.

How high do you hang a bathroom shelf?

Normally a cabinet or shelf is hung 2 feet above the toilet or tank. If you are hanging multiple shelves, then plan on hanging the bottom shelf around 2 feet above the toilet. Your next shelf anywhere from 12-18″ above the bottom shelf.

In the image below, you can see the heights of our bathroom shelves.

bathroom shelves on gray painted wall above toilet with text Where to hang bathroom shelves? and 27", 50", 13".

How to cheaply decorate a bathroom shelf?

You can repurpose other items you already have, such as jars and other containers. Add matching bathroom toiletries and towels for your guest. A picture frame, a fake or real plant can also add interest to your bathroom.

In the list below, you won’t believe how some of our DIY friends were able to “shop their own house” or thrift store to find fun bathroom shelf decor.

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In this post, you will find examples of bathroom shelving for all home decor styles and also check out ways you can update your bathroom vanity, too!

DIY wooden bathroom shelves with bathroom home decor
DIY Simple Design and Clean Bathroom Shelves
We just love the clean look of these DIY modern style shelves. Not to mention, how adorable the shelf styling is. We could even see a cute little painted flower pot in this bathroom.
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DIY wooden hexagon wall shelves with small vase and planter
Honeycomb Floating Bathroom Wood Shelves
Now we love hexagons (hence our daughter's bedroom wall mural) and we completely love these DIY hexagon bathroom shelves. We think these would look amazing over anyone's toilet. These are the perfect place to display your decorative items in your powder room.
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recessed bathroom shelving idea
Build A Recessed Bathroom Shelves
Gain extra storage in our bathroom by building a recessed shelf. This is an awesome step-by-step tutorial to help you achieve more bathroom storage (and don't we all need that). A recessed shelf can provide ample space for all your bathroom products.
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bathroom shelf made from reclaimed wood and pipes with be brave sign.
DIY Rustic Shelves
Using reclaimed wood and pipe flanges these rustic bathroom shelves are a great option for above the toilet. Add decorative elements and a wicker basket to help store extra toilet paper and other bathroom supplies.
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modern farmhouse bathroom with wooded floating bathroom shelves
Modern Rustic Wooden Bathroom Shelves
These bathroom shelves literally are the perfect fit in this toilet alcove. We absolutely love these open shelves. They truly create a cohesive look by combining natural materials with the white shiplap wall.
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Rustic Bathroom Decorating Ideas
We are a huge fan of industrial famrhouse brackets. Here is just another DIY rustic shelving idea to see that simple shelves really can work in your smaller bathroom.
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gray painter's tape accent wall in bathroom with mirror and two shelves.
Industrial Pipe Bathroom Shelving
If you want more sophisticated pipe shelving, then this stained wood plank shelf is the way to go. We love the rich stain color against the DIY herringbone wall.
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bathroom makeover with white cabinets and simple bathroom shelf
Simple Bracket Shelves
This simple bracket shelf is an easy way to add extra storage and design without breaking the bank. This small shelf adds so much character while adding extra space.
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DIY Floating Shelf Idea
Build your own floating shelves to go over your toilet and display your favorite bathroom necessities. Not only will you have extra storage, but also a place for extra bathroom decor.
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dark bathroom cabinet over toilet with shiplap wall
Redo Your Current Bathroom Cabinet
This oak bathroom cabinet got a makeover using General Finishes Milk Paint. Why make something completely new when you might already have something that just needs a little love and elbow grease!
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DIY wooden bathroom wall shelves with painted bathroom vanity and mirror
Wood Shelf Idea Decorated with Vintage Finds
These amazing bathroom shelves are part of $100 bathroom makeover. We love the idea of decorating your bathroom and shelving with free or cheap items you find on Craigslist, Thrifting, and even Facebook Groups (learn the buy/ sell lingo here).
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Marble Looking Bathroom shelves over toilet
Marbling Looking Bathroom Shelves
Who needs to order marble shelves when you can make these awesome DIY bathroom shelves for under $30? These brackets and shelves will help brighten any space.
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DIY wire basket and wood over the toilet bathroom shelf idea
Bathroom Ladder Shelf Idea
Create your own bathroom ladder to easily hang towels and other small accessories. Always have what you need within reach with this simple bathroom shelf idea.
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How to Make Easy DIY Floating Bathroom Shelves
These DIY bathroom shelves used leftover barn wood to complete a cheap bathroom storage solution. These faux DIY shelves used a metal bracket strip to easily attach the wooden shelves to the wall.
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DIY rope driftwood shelf attached with boat anchor
DIY Hanging Bathroom Rope Shelf with Driftwood
And if you like the look of the boho shelf, but want to try to DIY it, here is a great rope shelf tutorial. We love the idea of using a boat cleat to hang this one!
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Transform a Bathroom Linen Closet to Open Shelving
Get rid of that metal wire shelving and create this beautiful bathroom linen closet makeover. We love that a base was added to the floor to create functional and amazing bathroom shelves.
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Rustic Bathroom Shelves and Pipe Hanger
Who doesn't love a bathroom shelving idea that is practical while fitting your home style? This farmhouse crate shelf is the perfect way to store all those essentials for your guests. We also love the unique faucet shelving idea.
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Easy Bathroom Shelves with Prism Shelf Brackets
These cute and smaller bathroom shelves can be done as a quick DIY project. Using scrap wood and prism shelf brackets you can quickly and easily get these cute wall bathroom shelves above your toilet.
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white and yellow bathroom with stainless shelf over the toliet.
Add A Metal Towel Rack Shelf Over The Toilet
This bathroom shelf not only looks great but also allows you to easily store your towels. We like this simple yet wide metal shelf.
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Farmhouse Shelves Above the Toilet
Learn how to make these farmhouse bathroom shelves for under $20. We just love how bathroom shelves can be practical and pretty at the same time.
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floating bathroom wall shelves in alcove.
Easy DIY Floating Shelves in a Nook or Alcove
Floating shelves are a great addition to any alcoves in your home. These simple wooden shelves fit perfectly above this toilet for extra storage.
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Other Bathroom Shelves To Love

bathroom shelving ideas for above the toilet

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

  1. Ainsley Over-the-Toilet Ladder with Baskets: Easily add bathroom storage with this Pottery Barn classic shelving idea. Not wanting to spend that much money, then check out an alternative from Amazon.
  2. Rustic Wall Bathroom Shelf: This rustic, yet clean design from an Etsy seller will easily allow you to display your towels and bathroom decor.
  3. Deco Curve Metal Wall Shelf: This sleek and open design will add a modern touch to your bathroom walls. This bathroom shelf can match any decor and finish as it comes in 4 different finishes.
  4. Pembroke 3-Piece Tiered Shelf: If you like the look of the pipe shelving above but don’t want to cut your own wood, then this is a great shelving unit for you to consider above your toilet. 
  5. West Elm Polished Shelf: If you are going to spend a little to buy your own shelf, we love the details and modern look of this West Elm 3-tired shelf.

Shelving FAQs

Is it okay to put wood shelves in a bathroom?

Wood shelves are a great option for your bathroom. If you make DIY shelves, we recommend adding polyurethane or a different clear coat to the wood to help protect it from moisture.

What can I put on the wall behind my toilet?

Consider painting an accent wall, constructing one, adding molding, wallpaper or making shelving with artwork and accessories. Whatever you make sure you can clean it easily.

Can you put shelves above the toilet?

Yes, make sure that your shelves are at least 14″ above the tank so you can tank the lid off. We love the look of at least 2 shelves decorated with your own items and bathroom accessories.

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Want more DIY bathroom inspiration?

We love how our bathroom vanity cabinets turned out after we painted them and added a new countertop and faucet. Mixing old with new was a great way to update a small bathroom cheaply.

Adding bathroom shelves is a practical and stylish way to update your space. These great ideas can help you create a functional and beautiful bathroom that reflects your personal style.

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