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12 Stunning Bathroom Accent Wall Design Ideas

Accent walls are a great way to add character and charm to your bathroom. Whether you are going for a funky eclectic vibe or timeless look, there is a bathroom accent wall idea for you.

8 different images of bathroom accent wall ideas.

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Types of Accent Walls For Bathrooms

  • Painted Walls: from painted designs to just bold colors, paint is a simple way to get a budget-friendly accent wall.
  • Wallpaper: Whether traditional or peel-and-stick there are so many different varieties of designs to fit your style.
  • Hand-Drawn Accent Walls: If you don’t want the hassle and mess of wallpaper, you could make your own faux wallpaper by drawing on a painted wall. We love the black-and-white design below, which was done for under $10.
  • Tiled Accent Walls: A popular choice in bathrooms, you can find a design or style that will create a timeless look in your bathroom with subway tiles, ceramic tiles and more.
  • Wood Walls: wood panels, shiplap, board and batten or reclaimed wood can make statements in your bathroom. Just note that certain wood walls may not withstand the moisture in a bathroom if you do not have proper ventilation. That being said, with proper care and maintenance, a wood accent wall can add a unique and cozy touch to a bathroom.
  • Stone or Mosaic Tiles: Natural stone or faux stone panels can be used to create a more modern look for your space.
can of white paint with paint stick dipped in.

Testing the color before committing to a new color scheme is always a good idea. Colors will always look different in your own lighting and environment.

Do you need help deciding what color of paint to use?

We recently just tried Samplize, which beats having to buy individual paint samples. These 9″ x 14.75″ samples will be shipped directly to you and save the hassle of clean-up (we loved that). See our full review here.

white and gray peel and stick paint sample.

Options For Layouts

One of the biggest questions is about which wall should be an accent wall. The images below show you that you can choose any wall that works for you. Normally people consider the wall behind the toilet and vanity, but it is a personal preference about which feature you would like to draw attention to.

DIY vs. Professional Installation

  • GREAT DIYs – Wallpaper, painting, and basic wood accents are great beginner DIY projects.
  • LEAVE TO THE PROFESSIONALS – You may want to consider hiring a professional for tiling jobs. Tiling in small spaces is an art form, and using the right professional may save you time and materials in the long run.

We have done tiling as a DIY project, you want to fully know what you are getting into before starting.

Bathroom Wall Inspiration

tricorn lack painted bathroom vanity with door and 3 drawers in half bathroom.
DIY Paint Pen Accent Wall (Cheapest Faux Wallpaper Ever)
This is probably the most budget-friendly accent wall idea. All you need is a few paint pens and your imagination. Don't worry if you don't want to draw this freehand in your small space, you could always make a design that traces a stencil.
By having white walls this small space appears bigger, but it is not boring. Add gold accents like this budget mirror and you have a completely fresh feel.
Paint Pen Wall Tutorial
Bold Bathroom Makeover Using Floral Wallpaper
The vibrant color of this wallpaper really gives a unique look and bold statement in this bathroom makeover. You can find all different patterns to fit your design style.
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gold wall hooks on wood blue board.
Light Blue Board and Batten Wall
We learned a lot by putting MDF board and batten in our bathroom, but we are still really happy with this choice. The light blue color added a light and airy feel, not to mention the extra storage and a place to hang towels.
MDF Board and Batten Tips
Neutral Boho Vibes
This tiny powder room makeover is amazing. Would you believe that this accent wall is not tile? It is actually wallpaper that gives off a completely different vibe than the other dramatic examples in this post.
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gray painter's tape accent wall in bathroom with mirror and two shelves.
Paint A Geometric Design
A can of paint and painter's tape can really go a long way in a bathroom space. Make a design to fit your personal style. Add fun decorative shelves to increase storage and complement your chosen painter's tape pattern.
Painter’s Tape Accent Wall Idea Here
Trim Wood Accent Wall
This wall is the perfect place to hang those towels on modern black hooks. Painting it a neutral color and adding bright-colored accents really gives this bathroom a cohesive look.
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Make Your Own Faux Wallpaper
Use removable indoor vinyl to add different designs to a white bathroom. This unique pattern of geometric shapes is a fun way to add character on a tight budget. While you are at it, don't be scared to paint your bathroom cabinets a fun color.
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Bathroom Wallpaper Accent Wall DIY
You don't even know the rest of the room with this gorgeous black accent wall. This powder room just shows that you can still add a decorative element in smaller space and that you can feature any wall.
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Paint A Faux Concrete Bathroom Accent Wall
A faux concrete technique makes the perfect focal point for this bathroom design. The unique part of this feature wall is that it is on a blank wall and not behind the vanity, toilet or shower. It just proved you can put an accent wall on any of the bathroom walls.
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Rustic Painted Paneling
Painting beadboard, wood paneling or shiplap can add a lot of visual interest to your bathroom. This color scheme is the perfect complement to this DIY vanity. This modern bold color is such a great choice for this small bathroom.
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Cozy Blue Vertical Shiplap
The mix of a wood vanity and blue painted shiplap are a wonderful addition to this bathroom makeover. You won't believe this is the same bathroom when you click to see the before images.
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painted mural in bathroom with wood vanity.
Paint A Botanical Mural
If you like to paint, add a funky touch with your own botanical mural. This one-of-a-kind accent wall sure will make people smile.
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  • When choosing a paint color for your bathroom, consider its layout, size, and the amount of natural light it receives.
  • You should also consider coordinating with existing design elements to create the mood you want.
  • Lighter colors can help make a small space feel more spacious, while bold colors can create a cozy atmosphere in a larger room.

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There is no wrong way to add an accent wall to update your bathroom and showcase your personality. A bathroom is the perfect place to have some fun with our design and decorating choices.

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