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31 Absolutely Clever Repurposed Furniture Ideas

We are such a fan of repurposed furniture projects. Not only do you create something that is unique and custom for you, but you are also helping the environment by upcycling something that already exists. Here is a list of 31 repurposed & upcycled furniture projects to help you inspire your next project.

31 upcycled home decor ideas

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What is repurposed furniture?

Repurposed furniture is when you redo or makeover a current furniture item to either have a new purpose or just a new look. Dressers can become chairs or you can give a whole new look to a desk with new materials. Furniture makeovers are such a great way to make you love your home…

And that is why we are all here!

Hopefully, this post will make you rethink the next time you just want to throw something out or you will look twice at that item at the end of the driveway.

Where can you get furniture for furniture makeovers or repurposed furniture projects?

  • Craigslist
  • Driving around on trash day (especially in more affluent neighborhoods)
  • Taking those hand-me-downs from relatives even if you are not sure you have a purpose yet
  • Thrift Stores
  • Salvage shops/Antique Stores: One of our local favorites has a “barn” room where things may be broken or need lots of love, but you can score them for cheap!
  • ReStores: Not only are you helping Habitat for Humanity, but you can find some really great pieces of furniture

So once you have the items, how do you make old furniture look new?

  • Add a fresh coat of paint (chalk paint, spray paint, any paint)
  • Change out the hardware
  • Add wheels
  • Give the furniture a new purpose
  • Put two pieces together
  • Contact paper can work wonders (See 12 Clever Contact Paper Projects)
  • Create a different finish
  • Don’t be scared to take apart and use different pieces and parts
  • Reupholstering can be your best friend
  • Add fun accessories to a piece of furniture
  • Use rope or other craft supplies to repurpose an item
  • Add circuit lettering and designs
  • Handpaint or draw designs

Upcycled & Repurposed Furniture Ideas

Isn't it great when you can take something old and turn it into something modern for your home? Here are 31 repurposed and upcycled DIY projects that will inspire you to turn trash into treasure.

DIY Repurposed Dresser Ideas

From turning a dresser into a chair to just refinishing what you already have. We love these ideas of how to upcycle your old dresser into something new.

Repurposed Table Ideas

Just like old dressers, there are so many different ways to upcycle an old table. We love the variety in these projects.

Repurposed DIY Home Decor Items

There are so many ways to completely transform tires, old trays and drawers to add to any home decor style.

Other Awesome Repurposed Furniture Ideas

These DIY projects are just more examples of how you can redo old things into awesomeness!

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We hope these repurposed furniture projects will have you rethinking that “trash”! You can always repurpose or upcycle it into a brand-new home decor item.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.