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12 Clever DIY Projects Using Contact Paper

When you think of contact paper my guess is that you do not think of these amazing DIY projects all done with contact paper. This self-adhesive paper has come a long way. From simple crafts to completely updating your kitchen, you will want to check these DIY projects out!

12 clever contact paper diy projects

What is contact paper?

Contact paper is a vinyl adhesive that is used for a variety of reasons from decorating to protecting flat surfaces.

We love the variety of contact papers you can purchase. From classic marble contact paper to patterned contact paper and everything in between there is a pattern for you.

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DIY Projects Using Contact Paper

Now when you think of contact paper you may think of the old peel and stick varieties that were always peeled up in your grandma's shelves.

However, now contact papers or "peel and stick" papers come in a variety of patterns and finishes. Here are DIY projects that you won't believe are done using contact paper.

Favorite Contact Papers

From marble contact papers to blue contact papers to granite looking contact papers. Here are a few that were used in these DIY contact paper projects.

Contact Paper Project FAQs

Does contact paper come off easily?

Most newer contact papers will come off easily. Contact paper is meant to be removable and why it is such a great way to update something on a budget.
If you are remodeling something with older contact paper you may have some difficulty removing it. Check out our list of easy ways to remove sticker residue if you run into problems.

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From marble contact paper to basic clear, these contact paper projects provide budget-friendly DIY home decor inspiration.

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