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15 Amazing DIY Home Paint Projects You Can Try Today!

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Learn How 1 Can of Paint Will Simply Help Modernize Your Home

If we can paint it, we will. It is always one of the first things we think about when trying to update our home. Home DIY painting projects are sure way to cheaply modernize every room in your house.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but once you start home painting projects, you will just want to keep going!

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How to use paint to modernize your home?

  1. Consider painting walls neutral colors that will not go out of style.
  2. Use fun painted accent walls to add to your space.
  3. Think out of the box and use bright and fun colors for furniture makeovers.
  4. Use other materials like contact paper or gel stain along with paints for unique DIY home projects.
  5. Never throw away your leftover paint. You never know when you just might need a little extra color.
  6. Always test the paint in your actual lighting.
  7. Don’t be scared, it is only paint and can always be redone.
  8. Make sure to properly prep surfaces if you want it to last.
  9. Take your time. Saving wet brushes and rollers in Ziploc bags can be a lifesaver.
  10. Consider painting more than just walls. Look at trim, cabinets and even flooring to completely makeover any space.

15 cheap home paint projects

From DIY wall painting ideas to painted furniture makeover, here are 15 of our favorite DIY painting projects that you can try today!

It is amazing how far one can of paint will go. Simply put DIY paint projects are some of our favorite ways to modernize and makeover our home. Here are 15 of our favorite DIY paint projects.

Most importantly have fun!

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We just love how paint has helped us update our home while staying on budget!!

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