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Best Blue Green Paint Colors From Sherwin Williams

It is no surprise that we are green paint lovers. From our light green living room to now our painted lower kitchen cabinets, green paint really has helped us modernize our home. We searched high and low to find the perfect blue green paint color.

Sherwin Williams Rookwood Sash Green paint on paint stick with can of paint open.

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We think we found it with Sherwin Willams Rookwood Sash Green (plus find a few other Sherwin Williams blue greens you might want to consider).

What rooms look good using blue green paint colors?

When doing research for a blue green we actually found a lot of examples that have exteriors done in blue greens, specifically front doors. From a lighter Sea Salt to a richer Rookwood Blue Green, front doors and exteriors can stand out but blend in with nature.

Variation In Feel And Color

Some blue greens are more green blue and others have a more neutral base with blue green undertones. Your lighting and direction of natural light coming in will factor into how a blue green paint color will appear in your house. Some designers and DIYers will refer to these types of colors as chameleon colors.

What is a chameleon color?

When designers talk about chameleon colors they simply mean that the color will change due to the surroundings. Most blue green paint colors fall into this category. They may appear more green with incandescent or north-facing light and appear more blue when paired against orange colors in the space.

Complementary colors (orange and blue) and (red with green) will intensify those undertones in your space. For example, adding orange accents may make a blue-green appear bluer or red accents may make it appear greener. 

Because of the so many factors that can play a role in picking colors for your walls or cabinets, it is best to test multiple colors in your space. We like using Samplize to do this in an eco-friendly way.

 Popular Sherwin Williams Blue Greens

Here is a list of several different tones and shades of some popular blue green colors from Sherwin Williams.

different blue green paint colors with text popular blue green paint colors.

Best Lighter Colors

  • Rainwashed: depending on the lighting can sometimes look more green or more blue
  • Tidewater: Light paint color that has the most blue in it. We have used this in our son’s room and it definitely feels more light blue than anything else.
  • Sea Salt: the most neutral of the lighter blue green colors and favorite from many designers.  

Richer and Darker Blue Green Colors

  • Riverway: The grayest color that has a lower LRV on our list. Get hints of green and blue with this more neutral gray color.
  • Rookwood Green Blue: This is the more neutral and lighter cousin of our favorite Rookwood Sash Green.
  • Rookwood Sash Green: Our current favorite can appear to be more blue or green depending on the time of day in our kitchen.
  • Really Teal: If you love a vibrant blue green this teal color is for you.
  • Cape Verde: More green than really teal that it is close to a classic hunter green color.

Best Light Blue Green From Sherwin Williams: Sea Salt

Our blogging DIY friend, Courtney over at Pizzazzerie shows us how blue green paint can create a calming bedroom with Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. We just love the light and airy feeling created in this bedroom by using high LRV blue green.

Sea Salt paint on the walls of bedroom with white linens on bed from Pizzazzerie blog.
Photo credit: Pizzazzerie.com

If you are looking for a more neutral light green, check out the light green paint we have in our living areas.

A lot of people like using blue greens in their bathrooms and bedrooms because of the calming effect these colors can have. Notice how the warmer tones and wood accents really complement this versatile wall color.

However, we think greens work well in all living areas and even as a painted cabinet color option.

Rookwood Sash Green

This color has been a game-changer in our cheap kitchen makeover and painted mudroom closet. The blue green color lends itself to be more green than blue but isn’t nearly as overpowering as a hunter green color. This color has roots in historic color palettes but is also perfect for our modern aesthetic.

can of rookwood Sash Green paint with paint stick on white shiplap.

What is the hex code and LRV of SW 2810?

The hex code for this blue-green paint color is #506a67 with an LRV of 13. With this lower LRV, it is a rich and darker color than some of its counterparts.

Here is the breakdown of the colors: R:80 G:106 B:103.

Did you know a majority of paint companies chose green paint for their 2022 color of the year? We wrote about those favorite light green paint colors early this year. 

SW Rookwood Blue Green vs. SW Rookwood Sash Green

SW Rookwood Blue Green SW 2811 is a different color than Rookwood Sash Green SW 2810. I find it odd that when I look at Rookwood Blue Green I actually think it is greener and lighter than Rookwood Sash Green. 

Rookwood Sash Green vs. Rookwood Blue green with paint splotches of two different green paint colors.

Sash Green has an LRV of 13 and Rookwood Blue Green has an LRV of 21. That is a pretty big difference when you are thinking of how deep or dark the color may be.

Rookwood Sash Green Cabinets

When I saw the small paint chip for Rookwood Sash Green, I knew it was the modern color I was going for to repaint our painted cabinets. Originally, I wanted to use Pewter Green or something similar. However, the richness of this Sherwin Willams blue-green really won us over. 

two toned painted blue green kitchen cabinets with white upper cabinets and red apples on counter.

Read more>>>Find the best white paint colors for when painting kitchen cabinets white in your home.

How to get a sample of Rookwood Sash Green?

The only bummer was that we were not able to get a large peel-and-stick paint sample from Samplize. They do carry most of Sherwin Williams paint colors, so you can always test out the other blue-green colors you want with this eco-friendly option. 

green paint chips from Sherwin williams and Samplize peel and stick paint samples

Colors That Complement Rookwood Sash Green

One thing that is very interesting about this versatile blue-green paint color is that it is part of the Color Enthusiast Paint collection, Victorian and Historic Exterior Wall Color collection for Sherwin Williams. We absolutely love the Color Enthusiast palette and feel it can help bring a modern feel to any space. 

paint chips from Sherwin Williams from the color enthusiast collection.

Don’t shy away from natural elements

Natural elements like stains or natural woods go well with blue green walls as long as they are not too yellow. Light-washed wood can give a calm and beachy feel. Bright oranges or corals can contrast well with the richer blue green colors.

Other Colors That Go With Blue Green

Sherwin Williams paint colors that go with blue green with 6 different colors
  • Indigo Batik 
  • Leather Bound
  • High Reflective White
  • Earthen Jug
  • Niebla Azul
  • Sommelier

In our kitchen, we also think our Liveable Green walls pair nicely, and the lightness and warmth contrast with the Rookwood Sash Green.

Rookwood Sash Green In Entryway

We converted a closet to a simple DIY mudroom solution for us in our entryway. Since this area is near our kitchen, we chose to continue the color scheme of Reflective White and Rookwood Sash Green into the cubby.

We were able to transform this closet simply by repainting the already painted wood shelves with this rich blue-green color. 

Sherwin Williams Rookwood Sash Green painted in mudroom closet with blue rug and items hanging.

Does Rookwood Sash Green look different after a few coats of paint?

Yes, don’t freak out when you first start painting with this blue green color. On white, the color almost looks hunter green after the first coat. When I was painting my kitchen cabinets my dad came over to see my progress and was totally questioning my color choices (even though he didn’t say that at the time).

first coat of paint with blue green paint from Sherwin Willams on mudroom cubby.

Once the kitchen cabinets and this mudroom cubby were completely painted, he was very pleasantly surprised at how the color looked.

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Rookwood Sash Green is the perfect blue-green paint color to add a fun eclectic or traditional feel to your home.

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