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DIY Cabinet Paint Color Ideas

We are true believers in using paint to completely update your home. With a little elbow grease and time, your home can have a completely new feel. From accent walls to cabinets, any painting will truly add your personality to your home. Here are DIY cabinet paint color ideas that will makeover your home on a budget. 

what color should I paint my cabinets with color ideas

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Showcase Your Personality

From grays to red (yes, we did say red) there will be a color you love or maybe haven’t even considered. Let’s just say purple as well…

What are the most popular cabinet colors?

Grays and whites will always be still in style somewhat.

However, in 2021 (and soon 2022), more and more kitchens are adding elements of bold and moody colors to their cabinetry. We tend to love cool colors like blues and greens and you can see those colors popping up in different home makeovers all the time.

Even HGTV has joined this trend and you can see some of their favorite bright and colorful kitchens here.

In this list of cabinet color ideas, you will also see how people chose to add color to only some of their cabinets. We used to not like the two-toned cabinet trend, but now we are all about it.

Why not add just a little color to showcase your personality? Not to mention, darker colors will appear a lot cleaner!

What color should I paint my cabinets?

Honestly, this depends on your natural style and the other decor in your home. Another huge factor to consider is how much natural light you receive in the areas you are painting. For example, if your kitchen is small and dark then brightening your kitchen with white cabinets may be the way to go.

However, don’t shy away from bold color choices (like we chose for our budget kitchen remodel). We think the current trend is to not be scared to add bold colors to cabinetry.

Do you need help picking your cabinet color? 

Search For Photos You Like

First, we recommend doing your research like you are doing now by reading this post. Look at images you like and don’t.

Some people may love the purple cabinets we have on this list and others may totally turn away. Obviously, that is a great place to start.

Start A Cabinet Color Pinterest Board

You can even start a Pinterest board where you pin cabinet color inspiration. Once you have a base idea, go to a paint store and pick out small samples.

Look At Samples In Different Lighting Situations

It is best to look at them in different lighting situations and compare them to a white paint swatch so you can see the true color. You can see all the green small paint swatches we first started with.

Order Larger Paint Samples

After a few days, you will want to narrow down the small paint swatches and then consider ordering larger paint samples or making your own.

We recently used Samplize to help narrow down the exact green color we wanted to use for the kitchen island. You can see our full Samplize review of the process in this post. 

DIY Cabinet Color Ideas

When trying to change the look of your room, changing the cabinet color is honestly an easy way to update your space. We love these on-trend colored cabinets, but there are a lot of other cabinet color ideas you may love (or hate).

What is even better is when these cabinet painting projects are DIY projects. We share a lot of our cabinet painting tips in this post!

D you still need more inspiration? Follow us on Pinterest. We are always pinning ways to cheaply makeover your kitchen and your home.

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Once you find a color for your cabinets, don’t overthink think and just start that DIY cabinet painting project.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.