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How To Use Samplize Stick and Peel Paint Samples (+Our Real Review)

Samplize paint sample review

We have been wanting to repaint our kitchen island for a while now. We first painted the oak cabinets white over 7 years ago. While our cabinet painting method has lasted pretty well, I wanted a fresh look on the bottom cabinets. I thought the kitchen island was the perfect place to experiment with a new color. We thought trying these peel and stick paint samples was a great idea for this project.

We had one major problem about testing paint. When I went to do the classic buy a few small paint samples, Sherwin Williams didn’t have any. I needed to see the colors larger and we thought this was the perfect time to try a company that we were curious about. 

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Read our full privacy policy here. 

Yes, we are an affiliate for them, but that is not why we wanted to try this product. We also love finding new things that can help out our readers, so here is our honest review of Samplize.

Green Paint chips from Sherwin Williams

We have all gone to the paint store to come home with so many free paint chips. But once you have narrowed down from the pile, here is a great way to really make sure you like your paint color choice.

Knowing the paint brand will help your decisions

I am a Sherwin Williams girl (I am from Ohio and so is Sherwin Williams) and we knew we wanted to try their newer Emerald line of cabinet paint. Since we knew what brand we were going to use, trying Samplize out was a great idea as they carry Sherwin Williams paint colors.

What is Samplize? Is Samplize a legit company?

Samplize makes peel and stick paint samples made with real paint from brands like Sherwin WIlliams, Benjamin Moore, PPG and Farrow & Ball. According to their website, each 12” x 12” sample is handpainted with 2 coats of paint.  

Samplize was founded by Taylor Thomas and Amber Thomas, an interior designer from the Nashville area. She also owns a storefront called Providence Interiors.

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easy way to choose the right paint color with paint samples and Samplize paint samples

Where is Samplize located and where does Samplize ship from?

Samplize is located in Chatanooga, Tenessee.

Why use Samplize?

  1. They can wrap around corners.
  2. The paint samples are handpainted with two coats.
  3. They are created using REAL paint and not dyed to look like paint.
  4. Samplize paint samples have a texture like drywall for a more accurate color showing.
  5. If you don’t take the backing off, you can reuse them.
  6. Larger paint samples can be brought with you to make design decisions and try in different spots.
  7. No mess trying to make your paint sample boards.
  8. No leftover paint to deal with.

So for this project, I went to our local Sherwin Williams to grab a few paint samples of the colors I was considering. Only to find out that Sherwin Williams has no paint samples available due to storms in the country a while back. So this was actually a blessing to try a new way to see what colors you love. 

You are also able to get a larger paint sample that can stick. So trying it around the corner of my cabinet was a good idea. The lighting on one side of my island is definitely different than others. Therefore, the wrap-around idea sounded like a good idea.

I could have order a larger paint sample from Sherwin Williams, but it would not have been sticky, still have cost money and I think I would have had to come back to the store to pick it up.

Depending on if you want leftover paint or not, this is a great way to avoid being wasteful. You can also order directly from your home or couch. 

Not to mention, I love the idea that they were going to come to my house in less than a week.

Teal Samplize paint sample with painter's tape on cabinet

You can see the finished green painted kitchen island here and more ways we used paint to update this space.

Take large samples with you to help choose other elements in your design

We plan on taking our large samples with us to the tile shop to help pick out a backsplash that we might want to use. This will be extremely helpful when needed for an actual and accurate sample idea. However, if you plan on doing this, you may just want to use painter’s tape when attaching the sample and not take it off of the backing.


Once you take the backing off, it is really hard to reapply. So just make sure you are 100% ready for that commitment. 

According to the Samplize website, you can even repaint these. So that might be an option if you save the sample and want to test what another brand or color might look like over your current paint selection.

We were intrigued and loved seeing that these paint samples tried to imitate the texture you might see on drywall. Samplize paint sample definitely seemed richer in color than a dyed small paint chip.

texture on Samplize paint sample
Notice the drywall texture on the paint samples.

How long does it take for Samplize samples to arrive?

Some of the comments on Facebook groups or other reviews said that the samples were taking forever to arrive. So naturally, I was very curious how this would go. I live in the midwest of the United States. So obviously my turnaround time may be different than other locales. I can’t imagine it to be too different.  

I order my paint samples at 6 a.m. on a Friday and received them the following Tuesday morning (possibly Monday night). Therefore this was an awesome and timely way to check out some paint samples.

Samplize paint samples with smaller paint chips on top

Does Samplize offer a discount?

If it is your first order and you sign up for their email you will be able to get a $5 off coupon. Therefore, my 3 samples qualified for free shipping and I was able to get $5 off. WIN, WIN! Here is our cart.

Samplize paint order cart

What about the quality of Samplize paint samples?

The samples are said to be actually painted with the actual paint. Paint samples from the stores are dyed just to look like the color and therefore are sometimes not nearly as accurate. We also noticed that the Samplize samples seem to have more of a similar texture that you won’t be able to achieve with the 2” sample.

Also, make sure if you are using these that you do not place them on freshly painted surfaces. We found that if masking tape did damage our wall then we were good. Just be cautious as we read a few reviews that talked about taking the paint off the wall. My guess is that they were freshly painted.

How did our cabinets hold up when putting the sample around the corner?

You can see in my video in this post, that I lightly attached the Samplize paint sample to the corner of my kitchen island cabinet. I was able to easily pull off the sample and kind of stick it back on the backing.

Green Samplize paint sample wrapped around kitchen island cabinet

People complain about not being able to save them once the backing is off. So it won’t be perfect, but you can put your Samplize paint sample kind of back on the paper. And I thought of just trimming the edges that I could save the larger square in case I needed it.

Where to buy Samplize?

Home Depot recently starting carrying Samplize samples as a variety box like neutral gray or trendy colors to order. From what we can tell, you get 6 paint samples in a box. If these were the colors you plan on getting it may be cheaper to get the box.

Or considering just buying the peel and stick paint samples directly from their website (spend over $15 get free shipping and sign-up for their email for $5 ff your first order).

If you are really confused and just don’t have time to go to a paint store, then you can always purchase the whole paint chip collection from Sherwin Williams.

Where to put your paint samples to help make your color decision?

Paint is one of those tricky (but most bang for your buck, if that makes sense) design choice to make. Paint and colors will all relate to each other. Here are few places to consider placing your samples to make sure you color combination work in your space.

3 green Samplize peel and stick paint samples on cabinet

Tips for paint sample placement

  1. Next to home decor and furniture items that you are keeping. If you love that new couch, then you really want to make sure that your new paint goes with it.
  2. Next to your trim colors. Is your trim white or wood, this will impact the appearance of your paint.
  3. Next to stone or tile in your space. 
  4. Cabinets
  5. In different lighting situations: consider natural light, what does your home look like at night with just your lights on, with no lights on or any combination and different time of day
  6. Near windows as well. Did you know your landscaping outside can reflect or change the appearance of the color?

Cons to using Samplize

1.The biggest con that I personally have experienced is that one of the colors I wanted from Sherwin Williams I wasn’t available. I honestly think I picked one of the newest Sherwin Williams colors to get a sample of.

2. Once the backing is off you are committed to placing it different places carefully. It is really hard to put back on the backing board if you want save it, but can be done. Honestly, just trim the extra off that is hanging off to save the larger square.

3. One of our paint samples had a little white specks on it probably from rubbing together in the envelope. It really didn’t impact our ability to make a color decision though.

white dots on Samplize peel and stick sample

4. You can’t get these paint samples (or any paint samples really) in all finishes. This Spruce article may help you figure out what finish you want after you figure out your color.

What brands of paint can you get Samplize samples of?

Sherwin Williams, Farrow & Ball, Benjamin Moore, Home Depot and PPG.

Will they be adding any new paint brands to their sample collection?

We were unable to find out if they plan on adding more paint lines in their samples. We will let you know what we find out.

All in all, we were happy to have used Samplize paint samples. Not only did it save one more trip to the paint store, but we were easily able to browse colors at home. 

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Now that we have made our paint color decision by using Samplize, it is time to get to our next painting project

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