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12+ DIY Picture Wall Ideas That Are Inspiration For Your Blank Wall

Picture wall ideas for any home decor style

We love blank walls around here because they have endless possibilities. Sometimes a painted accent wall is the best DIY project for your space. Other times a great picture wall is the best way to cherish all of your memories. Here are 12+ awesome picture wall ideas to inspire your next DIY blank wall project. 

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Gallery wall ideas

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Will picture or gallery walls go out of style?

People are always going to want to display artworks and photographs of their families. Picture walls when done correctly will always be part of home decor. If you are worried about putting holes in your walls or just aren’t sure, a picture ledge or non-permanent hanging solution is the way to go. While some picture walls may be more trendy (think…modern farmhouse), the classic grid or framed art walls are here to stay.

Word to the wise. I know we are normally about being completely budget-friendly. If you are going to be buying frames make sure you get ones you really like. (Okay still budget-friendly because my favorite picture wall uses IKEA Ribba Frames). There is something to be said about putting a nice mat and frame around a photograph or artwork. It definitely takes it to the next level.

Picture Wall Ideas

  1. Hang unframed canvases in a unique way
  2. Use the same style of frames but in varying sizes to create a cohesive look
  3. Place 9 of the frames in a grid pattern
  4. Mix different shapes and sizes
  5. Add fun quotes, accessories, or clocks
  6. Create easy DIY artwork
  7. Mix children’s artworks with adult artworks for an eclectic feel
  8. Use command hooks, Command strips and/or nails to help hang
  9. Have fun with color

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12+ DIY picture wall ideas

Other gallery wall ideas to include instead of just using photographs

  1. Canvases
  2. DIY artworks
  3. Framed & matted children’s artwork can look like a modern piece
  4. Framed cloth remnants for patter and interest
  5. Favorite quotes
  6. Clocks
  7. Greenery
  8. Arrows or other wood cutouts
  9. Picture ledge
  10. Watercolor paintings
  11. Mirrors of all shapes and sizes
  12. Shadow box (or even a DIY shadow box)
  13. Old maps or blueprints

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Picture Wall Ideas

Picture walls are such a great way to show your personality and cherish your memories. Here are DIY picture wall ideas for any home decor style.

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Now, what are you waiting for, go ahead and start creating your next picture wall today!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.