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Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas: Inexpensive DIY Decorations

Homemade anniversary decoration ideas will keep you on a budget during anniversary party planning

When my parents were approaching their 40th wedding anniversary, my brother and I knew that they deserved to celebrate with a wedding anniversary party. If you can tell from my DIY ideas on this blog, I am not one to want to spend a ton of money on anything I can do myself…

or in this case wedding anniversary decorations.

Therefore, this 40th wedding anniversary party was at our house with around 60 of my mom and dad’s closest friends. Besides having to feed 60 plus at this party, I knew I really wanted to celebrate my parents by coming up with my own DIY wedding anniversary party ideas and decorations

Not to mention it would also keep me on budget for the party! If you are on this site, then you probably love that DIY or homemade projects can save you money as much as I do!

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Cheap, Simple & Homemade Wedding Anniversary Party Decor

Here you can see some of the simple, yet meaningful anniversary party ideas that I created for this event that were so inexpensive to make. I can honestly say that these were done for FREE (just like my playhouse makeover), because I already had the craft supplies needed.

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Easy party decor ideas

Upcycle Wine Bottles to Become Picture Holders

Yes, I do have several empty wine bottles available. You probably do too!

The biggest pain of this DIY decoration or any sort of upcycled wine bottle is getting the label off. To get the label off the wine bottle, I soak them in my kitchen sink and with dish soap (I am not sure how this brand seems to still be the best for all sorts of things)!

After the wine bottle (soon to be picture holders) have soaked for around an hour, then try to use a rough sponge or even your nails to get the labels off. After I scrubbed most of the label off, I used this product to help just get rid of the sticky residue or really stubborn parts.

DIY wedding anniversary picture holder decorations

Personalize the Upcycled Wine Bottle Picture Holders

I used my favorite paint marker

(I sure do say that a lot in these posts, just like I did on my keepsake boxes for my kids).

And I wrote their anniversary year on the outside, drew a heart with their names and created a few that just said “40” with simple dot designs.

Then add pipe cleaners and clothes pins to hold not only old pictures of my parents, but also of their parents at their wedding. I was so lucky that my aunt sent me old wedding pictures that I could use for display.

Not only was this a fun anniversary wedding party idea, but it was an awesome way to display A LOT old wedding pictures for their anniversary party.

And it was completely FREE! I already owned all the craft supplies used to create these DIY anniversary party decorations.

In addition, my mom loved this wedding anniversary party idea so much that she took home a few of the bottles and had them on display for several months after the party.

I would count that as a huge win, considering it was such an inexpensive wedding anniversary decoration idea and that my mom LOVED them so much!

(Not to mention all the anniversary party guests absolutely got a kick out of all the fun pictures from the past 50 years!)

Create a In (specific year)… framed print

This was simply done in Pages on my Mac. I believe you could create this on any device. Using a website like Canva (like I did in these inexpensive treat bags) or any other design software would work.

DIY Wedding Anniversary Party Decor Ideas

On this particular wedding anniversary decorations, I looked up happenings in 1977 such as:

Price of bread:

Most popular TV show:

Top song on the billboards:

The wedding anniversary party guests got a kick out of reading this information.

This also had people see and participate in another wedding anniversary idea I had…

Create a card guests can fill out to tell about a favorite memory

On this table, I also created a simple card that I printed on colored tagboard. I had a chalkboard sign asking people to fill one out for my parents.

The blue tagboard card asked 3 questions for wedding anniversary party guests to answer.

How long have you known the couple and how did you meet them?

What is your favorite memory of the couple?

Words of encouragement, advice or any funny story you would like to share.

And then a line that said with love….so party guests could put their name.

If I really had been on top of this whole surprise wedding anniversary party then I would have mailed those with the anniversary party invitations (which were total DIY invites as well). I think guests would have liked time to fill out this on their own.

I guess there is always a 50th wedding anniversary party!

Create a DIY Congrats Banner to Celebrate the Anniversary Party Couple

I cut triangles out of blue burlap and used peel and stick glittery letters to put CONGRATS on the banner. The banner was held together on connected pipe cleaners and hung on our freshly painted mantel.

Cheap DIY Congrats Banner on Blue Burlap

Also, every birthday I display my DIY birthday banner that is triangles of tan burlap with blue stenciled on letters. I love that every birthday there is a DIY banner on display and not just some store-bought paper banner.

This banner was so simple to make because you really just have to cut the burlap, stick on the letters and use fun clothes pins (these are super fun and come in several different glittery colors) to attach to twine.

I have used this DIY congrats banners for baby and wedding showers as well! It is great to just have it in a closet for when I need it!

Other DIY Anniversary Party Ideas

Here are few other things I did to make sure this DIY anniversary party went well.

Use a Cake Stand to Display Cupcakes

Use a cake stand to display cupcakes. I simply ordered little yellow frosted cupcakes with white shiny glass looking sprinkles from Sam’s club. They were inexpensive and looked amazing displayed on a large cake stand.

Yes, I am a DIY girl, but baking is not my thing.

Forty Cake Topper on Cupcakes for Anniversary Party

I was also able to create a simple cake topper using gold peel letters (the same I used on the DIY Congrats Banner) and attached to tooth picks to put in the top.

Create a DIY Anniversary Drink Station

I made two types of sangria and had them out in two large mason drink dispensers. Again, I used small chalkboards to label each drink selection. I thought this was a great way to save money and still look nice.

If sangria doesn’t sound great, here is a list of batch made drinks you could try as a signature wedding anniversary drink.

DIY Wedding Anniversary Drink Staion

We also had just light beer. Since this was a daytime anniversary party, it was perfect to just have a simple anniversary cocktail, instead of providing guests with a full bar.

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I am so happy that my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary party was such a fun and easy party to throw. From the simple DIY decorations to the memories shared by all, it truly was a memorable anniversary party!

I loved all of these wedding anniversary party ideas (and so did my parents)!

Easy DIY Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

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