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25+ Clever DIY Spray Paint Projects Anyone Can Do

Do you love fun colors in your home decor or are you sick of looking at the same old thing? Spray paint is the perfect way to make you love your home decor again. Here are 25+ amazing DIY spray paint projects to inspire your next DIY.

6 different spray paint diy home projects.

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What is the best spray paint to use for home projects?

We are huge fans of the universal handle on the Rustoleum spray paints. Remember that spray paints come in different finishes and the finish you will want will depend on the style you are going for. Most of the time we choose high gloss or semi-gloss. However, we are very intrigued by the chalk spray paint and frosted spray paint found in these DIY projects.

Our Favorite Spray Paints

What are good spray paint projects?

  1. Canvas Art
  2. Hydro dipping Ideas
  3. Painting Flower Pots (Yes, you can spray paint terracotta flower pots)
  4. Repurposing Furniture (check for more repurposed ideas here)
  5. Update lamps
  6. Update lighting fixtures
  7. Makeover cabinet hardware, handles, hinges and pulls
  8. Redo that old doorknob
  9. Update your old outlet and switches
  10. Create one-of-a-kind art
  11. Create a cohesive color scheme on old frames for your next gallery wall
  12. Create cute home decor items out of everyday things like jars and old yogurt containers
  13. Wine bottle decor
  14. Party decorations
  15. Fun, colorful DIY shelving ideas
  16. Spray paint glass (learn how to remove spray paint from glass if needed)
  17. Update old ceramic vases
  18. Makeover thrift store finds look brand new
  19. Give plastic toys a new look
  20. Spray paint old frames in one color for a fun gallery wall

Our Favorite Spray Paint Idea

#23 is a great example of how you can make something look more upscale with just a little creativity. Frosted glass spray paint for the win. We also even shocked ourselves with the outcome of #3.

24+ Spray Paint Project Ideas

DIY Projects Using Spray Paint

From simple and easy home decor items to larger furniture pieces spray paint can truly update and modernize almost anything.

If you are inspired by this list, then you may want to check out 18 creative art displays for your home!

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What is your next spray painting DIY project you are going to try? We hope this list inspires you to add something fun to your home decor.

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Friday 9th of April 2021

I love spray paint! It's so much faster and easier to clean up than a can and a brush! These are fun projects!


Saturday 10th of April 2021

Hi Jen. Yes, we love using spray paint for that exact reason. Thanks for the kind comment and for stopping by our site.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.