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How Do You Remove Spray Paint from Glass?

Learn how to easily get spray paint off of glass with this quick and easy tutorial.

spray paint on glass fireplace door with towel under glass.

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This quick and easy post came about when we were updating our fireplace cover and painting our mantel. My husband decided to cover the glass with paper towels when spraying the brass on our cover.

I know we should have known better, but we make mistakes!

You would think we have done enough paint DIY projects to know that the spray paint would leak through the paper towels.

As you can see, we had a nice little line of spray paint in the middle of our fireplace cover that needed to be removed.

fireplace glass cover with silver spray paint on it.

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Recommended Supplies

  • Glass Cleaner (We used commercial grade Windex)
  • Small Razor Blade
  • Paper Towels
glass cleaner in spray bottle, razor blade and paper towel on marble countertop.

Simple Steps To Remove Paint From Glass

1. First, spray the glass with Windex or a natural glass cleaner of your choice.

2. Next, take a small razor blade and hold it at a 45-degree angle.

hand holding razor blade at 45 degree angle getting spray paint off glass.

Be careful. You do not want to scrape the glass. Make sure that the glass is always wet when using the blade. As you can see in our picture, there is a lot of Windex on the glass cover.

3. Wipe areas with a paper towel and you should be all set!

clean glass fireplace cover with reflections of living space.

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How To Clean Glass Naturally

We also love when simple ingredients can be used to clean everyday items for our projects.

1. Boil white vinegar and water to use as a homemade cleaning solution.

2. Make sure you wear gloves and be careful so that you don’t burn yourself. Dip a rag into the solution and rub it on the glass. You may have to let it sit for 10-15 minutes to help loosen the dried paint.

3. Keep rubbing until the paint comes off.

4. Use a mixture of a few tablespoons of dish soap and warm water to rinse off vinegar residue once the paint is off.

I hope you learn from our mistakes, but now you know how to easily clean spray paint off of glass!

Other Spray Paint DIY Ideas

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What is your favorite and simple way to clean things?

How To Clean Spray Paint Off Of Glass

Learn how to easily clean dried paint off of glass surfaces.
Print Tutorial
hand holding razor blade at 45 degree angle getting spray paint off glass.
Prep:3 minutes
Active Time:5 minutes
Total Time:8 minutes


  • Razor Blade
  • Paper Towels


  • Spray glass with glass cleaner.
  • Use a small razor at a 45° angle to carefully remove paint. Make sure to keep the glass wet.
  • Wipe the area clean with a paper towel.
Author: Erin Nutter
Cost: under $3

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  1. Scott A Webster says:

    That slick idea with dish soap taking spray paint off from a window does not work at all unless you have 3 or 4 days to rub paint I think they are talking about regular paint

    1. Hi Scott. Thanks for the information. Our go-to way to clean spray paint off of glass is definitely using a razor blade.