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Liveable Green Paint Color In Our Home

Our favorite neutral paint color for our home is not a gray paint color. Learn all about the color we have throughout all our main living areas in our home.

Sherwin Williams Liveable Green Paint Gallon in Superpaint with brush and tray

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We love Livable Green so much that not only have we used it on the main floor of our current house, but on our first home as well.  If you are looking for a neutral color that is just a little different than your typical beige or gray, you may want to check out Liveable Green SW 6176 paint for your next home painting project.

Great Way To Test Paint Colors

Do you want to see more green paint colors and samples? Then you may want to check out our full review of Samplize Peel and Stick paint samples and how we chose the next green for our kitchen island.

best green paint colors

Best Green Color Paints

  • SW Liveable Green: Neutral green that can go with all different accent and wood stain colors
  • SW Sea Salt: If you are looking for a color tone that still will lighten a space, check out this color.
  • Benjamin Moore Essex Green: A very dark, cool green. Using this sparingly in your home painting projects can add a modern feel.
  • SW Shade-Grown-A medium and modern paint color that is perfectly toned down and rich green color.
  • Farrow and Ball Green Smoke: On their website, this color gets 4.6 stars and is a great option for a rich moody green. Some reviewers say they are happy they tried this color even though they were not completely sure when testing.

Read More>>>>2022 Colors of the Year are ALL Greens! Check out some of the most popular and trendy colors by big paint companies.

In the links above, you will see that you can get cheap and large samples of the paint colors from Samplize. This is a great way to test out your colors without having the mess of cleaning up the paint samples and having tons of paint left over.

I talk about a different alternative at the end, but this is by far the best mess-free paint sample idea. Use code “FIRSTFIVE” for $5 off your first purchase. That means you can test a lot of these colors soon no matter what colors you are trying to weed out.

aloe plant in white pot in front of SW 6176 painted wall.

Complementary Colors & Color Scheme Ideas For Liveable Green

Liveable Green is listed as in HGTV Sherwin Williams Natural Wonder Collection. Here are a few of our favorite colors from this collection and ones that would pair well with livable green

  • Adaptive Shade HGSW3493 / SW7053
  • Software HGSW1463 / SW 7074
  • Extra White HGSW4005 / SW7006
  • Truly Taupe HGSW3435 / SW6038 or Temperate Taupe SW 6037
  • Mannered Gold HGSW2173 / SW 6130

HGTV Sherwin Williams Paints vs. Sherwin Williams Paint

Are the HGTV numbers the same as the SW numbers to describe the paint?

As far as we can tell, the numbers are not the same. For example, if you are going to purchase Liveable Green from Lowe’s, the number is HGSW3247 and if you go to Sherwin Williams you will purchase SW 6176.

However, we do think the names stay the same. Therefore, just make sure you buy the same paint from the same place if you ever have to replace a gallon later on. Even though they are all made by the same company, the line of paint you get may look different in each line on your wall, just as a different finish would.

What is the difference between HGTV Sherwin Williams paint sold at Lowe’s and the paint sold at Sherwin Williams stores?

First off, when I started using livable green, Sherwin Williams’s paint wasn’t even in Lowe’s. However, I know I linked above because the colors are the same as in the store.

It appears the quality of the paint you purchase at the big box store will not be the same as the current options you can get at the actual Sherwin Williams Store. 

In the past, I have been very happy with Sherwin Williams SuperPaint. It isn’t as expensive as some of their other lines of paint and seems to really do the job for us.

I read in a forum, some people would compare the HGTV line of paint sold at Lowe’s, to the ProMar 200 line of paint you can get at the Sherwin Williams store. Therefore, the Superpaint line would be a higher quality purchase (just make sure you buy your SW paint during their 30% or once a year 40% off sale).

If you really want to see what contractors have to say on this, check out this forum. It seems to be a pretty interesting debate on the best quality of paint. I am sure we could all go down the rabbit hole.

Other Colors In Our Space

light neutral green painted wall with DIY tv shelf attached
Here you can see our Red Mahogany stained DIY TV Shelf against the light neutral painted wall

Future Paint Colors To Consider

SW 2810 Rookwood Sash Green or SW 2847 Roycroft Bottle Green on our bottom cabinets in our kitchen (see our tips for how to paint oak kitchen cabinets white).

I actually listed Rookwood Sash Green as a color to go with Liveable Green before I actually went ahead and repainted the kitchen lower cabinets. You have to see how that rich blue-green color complements the wall color now in our kitchen.

I can’t wait until I am able to paint our backsplash and repaint all the lower kitchen cabinets (see our tips about choosing the right cabinet paint in this post).

Even the classic Benjamin Moore Hale Navy would go well with this color. If our countertops didn’t have black in them, I would have considered this ever-so-popular color for our island.

We also think a more natural birch wood stain color would look awesome with livable green. Too bad we have all that 90’s honey oak we are working to get rid of.

Livable Green In Living Room

We have an open concept living room in our kitchen and then into our foyer. There are different ceiling heights and areas that receive more and less natural light. We like SW 6176 because it adds just enough color but is still neutral enough no matter what the lighting.

Liveable green walls with leather brown chair and white molding
We love this chair in case you are also shopping for a comfortable LazyBoy recliner.

Liveable Green Paint In Kitchen

Here you can see the white cabinets and how Liveable Green looks in different types of lighting. Not only did we use Liveable Green in this house’s kitchen and main living area, but in our smaller ranch house as well.

White painted kitchen cabinets with gray stools and light neutral green painted walls.

Here is what our kitchen looks like now, after painting the island SW Rookwood Sash Green. If you are looking for a deep green-blue color, I absolutely love our DIY kitchen makeover.

two-toned painted kitchen cabinets with white and green painted cabinets.

You can see how what our kitchen looks like now with freshly painted lower cabinets and redone backsplash. Honestly, we can’t believe how awesome our newly repainted kitchen looks (still with Liveable Green walls).

You can see the full tutorial on how to paint a tile backsplash here.

Liveable Green in Small Bathroom 

This basement bathroom gets no natural light and is really just a space for the kids. We tried to update the bathroom cabinets with Behr Charcoal blue, just like our cheap upstairs bathroom remodel. In this room, the Livable Green tends to look a little warmer than in the natural light of our upstairs.

SW 6176 in small basment bathroom with painted oak cabinets

Liveable Green In The Hallway

As you can see in our hallway, the Livable Green definitely helped brighten up the space and work with the beige carpet. Soon we plan on changing out the carpet to be hardwood with a TBD color.

Sherwin Williams Livable Green Paint in hallway with painting and oak floors

Liveable Green In Foyer

The honey oak flooring we have throughout our house does work well with the livable green. We love the bright white molding and blue dark door to contrast with the color. Luckily, I don’t think even a space with this much natural light washes out the color and I love how my black-and-white photo gallery looks.

Blue front door with white trim and sidelights

More Examples

Here you can see my hallway with SW Polished Concrete used to create the fun herringbone accent wall in our hallway bathroom.

SW Liveable Green with SW Polish Concrete in bathroom

My parents even liked the color so much that they used it in their home and they have stained oak cabinets and trim. If you are thinking this color only works with white trim, think again.

In their home, the color looks warmer than ours. We think this is partially because they have lower ceilings throughout their house. We do and we get more natural light.

lamp on with painting and gray couch and liveable green painted walls

Other popular Sherwin Williams green colors vs. Liveable Green

Some people have asked us how SW Softened Green and SW Filmy Green compare to Liveable Green. Here is an image to compare the colors.

Sherwin Williams Green Paint vs Filmy Green and Softened Green

Liveable Green vs. Filmy Green

As you can see (even though it is very hard on a computer screen), Liveable Green and Filmy Green are very similar. It appears to us that Liveable Green is slightly warmer. Filmy green may be a safer bet if you are a fan of green-gray paint colors.

Softened Green vs Liveable Green

Softened Green is a richer true green color than Liveable Green.

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Color Picking Tips

Remember, the type of light bulbs and lighting you choose will impact how the paint looks in your home. 

Use Peel and Stick Samples

If you need to try out several samples and you don’t want to have all this paint leftover, you may want to consider Samplize. These are no-mess painted samples that are 9″ x 14.75″ that you can move around your home.

Make Your Own Samples

Or you can paint your own sample on posterboard or watercolor paper. Thicker watercolor paper works well to make your own samples because it has a similar texture to drywall. While this works well, you still will be leftover with a lot of paint samples.

If that doesn’t bother you, then we think this method is best. However, if you just want a simple way to test paint without the hassle and clean-up try getting samples shipped right to you.

Have leftover paint samples?

Consider using them for a DIY painted accent wall or to make your own chalk paint for furniture makeovers.

Green Paint FAQs

Is Green a good color for a house?

Stick with us, but we think different green tones of paint are going to be seen a lot. Accent wood colors, white trim and craftsman style. And there are so many different varieties of green paints out there. We have even been seeing cabinets in green colors really add some fun to kitchens and bathrooms.

Is green a neutral color?

Yes, even though we tend to always think of gray (and I guess beiges), certain greens can definitely tend to more a more neutral paint color. We love Livable Green because it works with a lot of decor options. Pairing Livable Green with bright white trim or cabinets will really create a fresh look without being overbearing. 
If you are looking to pick a great neutral (but green paint color) for your walls stick with the first couple of tints on the swatch to create a clean look. Just be careful of those yellowish-green bases as that can easily go wrong.

More Painting Ideas

If you are considering a light, neutral paint color then you may want to add Liveable Green paint as an option.

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  1. Amazing article! You do a great job of explaining the different Sherwin-Williams paints. We use SW a lot and also their website helper on figuring out what local HOA’s guidelines are. Keep up the good work.

  2. THANK YOU for posting this article with photos of Liveable Green. I’d been trying to choose a new green paint color for my main living space. It was previously painted SW Recycled Glass (by the previous owners). I wanted to keep the space green but was seeking a much softer green color. I picked up a sample of SW Liveable Green and also scoured google for design images of the color. And that’s where I found this detailed article. So I just want to say “thank you” because your overview and photos pushed me to choose Liveable Green and I couldn’t be more pleased. It’s gorgeous — so serene and beautiful!

    1. Hi Lauren. Thank you so much for the kind words. I loved Livable Green so much that I have painted the open living rooms with it both times. I am so happy that you love your new paint color.

  3. Thank you so much for this article – it is INCREDIBLY helpful to see Liveable Green in all these different lighting conditions as we consider it for our home!!

    1. Hi Amanda! Thanks for the kind comment. Yes, real life pictures of paint colors are always helpful.