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Sherwin Williams Grayish SW 6001 (Cooler Gray Paints From Sherwin Williams)

A cool gray paint color that we love

When you look up the best gray paints by Sherwin Williams you will find that Accessible Beige (a greige color), Agreeable Gray, Silver Strand, and Repose Gray keep popping up. While they all have their own followings (hmm, Joanna Gaines) there is one color that you don’t hear all about but might want to consider.

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Grayish SW 6001 by Sherwin Williams has been used in our house in two different bathrooms and our whole basement that really doesn’t get natural light. Grayish is a tough color to fully commit to due to its ability to look different in other spaces. However, we love that it is just not the same old gray that everyone else has on their walls.

Comparing Sherwin Williams Popular Grays to Grayish

Compare Sherwin Williams gray paint repose gray, polished concrete, agreeable beige, grayish

Here is a chart we shared in a post about popular gray paint colors. You can see how grayish appears to be a more neutral gray than some of the other more beige or greige paint colors. 

Is grayish a good natural or neutral color?

We are very happy with our Grayish painted spaces because it is light enough but also adds some depth or richness with color. However, some people say that Grayish can be too purple or blue for them. I guess since I tend to lean towards cool colors that is why we are happy and have used this color in several places. 

What is the hexcode for SW Grayish?

#D0CAC7 Hex Color Code

hex code for SW 6001 Grayish

What we find interesting about looking at the hex codes of paints, you are able to see the surrounding colors. You can see the left side of the surrounding colors leans towards purple, but the underlying main color is warmer. It is an interesting mix of where warm meets cool. Which in our opinion can make this a pretty modern and different color.

Sherwin Williams gray paint swatch with grayish, essential gray, proper gray

Why do some grays look purple and others more brown?

Any gray paint is going to lean more warm or cool depending on the mixtures of the colors. All paints will look different depending on the undertones and lighting. It is always important to test your paints in your specific lighting. Your personal perception or way you see color will also factor into the undertones you are seeing.

Need help with testing out paints? We wrote a full review on how we used large peel and stick paint samples to help us choose an island color recently. 

Will Grayish look purple or have cool undertones?

We think grayish definitely has purple undertones, but we love cool colors, and why we probably gravitated towards this color. Make sure you fully test this color out either using Samplize, painting large boards, or even physically paint samples on the wall to fully see how it will look in your space.

What color is close to Grayish without the purple undertones?

Some people have had success with Alpaca as a nice color without purple undertones.

Grayish Complementary Colors and Color Schemes for Grayish

According to the Sherwin Williams website, Alaea, Snowfall, and Roman Column are great coordinating colors with Grayish SW 6001.

However, we think this color is neutral and light enough to really go with any color scheme you may want to add. In our large bathroom, you can see the natural slate stone paired against the grayish walls. As well as a darker mirror and gel stained darker cabinets. 

We actually have Behr Charcoal Blue Cabinets against our painted Grayish walls in an upstairs bathroom. The cool-colored bathroom cabinets play well off the wall color. In addition, we have stained reclaimed wood with industrial pipe shelving and the contrast of warmer tones also works well.

When does Grayish work and when might you want to pick a different color?

We think that the Grayish looks the best in our small bathroom with the cool colored painted cabinets and wood shelf. In our basement, it also works well due to the large space and just needed a light neutral for the walls.

behr charcoal blue painted light with SW grayish walls and silver mirror

In the larger bath, I probably would have chosen a warmer gray like Agreeable Gray, but when you have a can of paint leftover you just use that. We also wanted a different gray in the bathroom than in our bedroom (which is Techno Gray). The soothing Grayish works, but I am sure we could have something that had a little more brown undertones to complement the slate tile.

slate and gray tile next to grayish

Also, our SW Liveable Green in our common areas complements this color as well. 

Grayish in small bathroom

grayish painted walls with charcoal blue painted cabinets with fun shaped silver mirror

Grayish is light enough that it does not seem to shrink the space. We chose to add more color in the cabinets as something different in order to keep the walls this light and airy neutral paint color. You can read all about how we modernized this bathroom and what it looked like before.

Grayish in a larger bathroom with natural light

lights off in main bath room with gray tile, dark walnut vanity and grayish walls

You can see how the paint color appears different with the light fixture on.

lights on in main bathroom with gray and grayish walls

Grayish in basement with limited natural light

sw 6001 in basement with white cabinets and tv

In our basement, we have some original oak molding showing with white painted trim using Sherwin Williams Proclassic Latex Enamel not tinted. The white molding looks clean against the nice Grayish Paint color. If you need help choosing a white paint color, we have some great examples of the most popular white paints in this post.

oak molding with white doors and toys in basement and grayish painted walls

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Good luck with your DIY painting projects & hopefully you found a few Sherwin Williams gray paints to try on your walls.

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