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Best Light Green Paints Colors For A Fresh Feel

After a few years of uncalm times, green paint colors can make you feel more relaxed and natural. In the past couple of years, neutral green paints have made a comeback and we don’t see them going somewhere anytime soon. Keep reading to find the right green paint color for you.

Sherwin Williams Liveable Green Paint Gallon in Superpaint with brush and tray

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Psychology Today states that “seeing green has been linked to enhanced creativity.” We know we feel more creative when surrounded by nature and more natural colors.

Lighter green paint colors can add warmth while staying neutral, making them one of our favorites. In 2022, even most of the big paint companies would agree. Each of them named a green paint as their color of the year.

Will green paint colors work in my home?

The biggest factor you want to consider with any paint color is your lighting. Have you ever been in the paint store and fallen in love with a small sample only to bring it home and realize you hate the color?

That is because the lighting in your home is different from that in the store. If your lights give off a more yellow haze (think Edison bulbs) then certain greens may appear more yellowish-green than you thought.

And vice versa, certain cooler grays may end up being too harsh or gray. Saturation of color may also not work if, for example, if your room doesn’t receive enough natural light.

Popular Light Green Paint Colors

9 neutral green paint swatches on white square.

Here are some lighter green paint colors to consider for your next painting project.

SW Liveable Green

8 years ago, we chose SW Liveable Green and have no intention of repainting anytime soon. This lighter green paint from Sherwin Williams in our living areas was a perfect way to have a calming color that works with changing home decor tastes.

liveable green painted walls with lap, table and painting in living room.

While we love gray paint, I am sure there will be a time when gray wall paint becomes a little dated. Nowadays, people are searching for a little more color in their lives.

SW Evergreen Fog

If you have natural wood tones or like the boho look in your light fixtures, a green paint color may be one to try. This recommended paint palette can pull from different natural tones.

Lighter Green On Bathroom Cabinets

Our friend Sarah at Rustic Rocky Canyon recently painted her bathroom vanity with Evergreen Fog. She was surprised that it was lighter than she thought. In addition, we absolutely how it looks with the natural wood-framed mirror.

SW evergreen fog painted bathroom vanity with wood framed mirror and pendant lights.
Photo credit: @rockycanyonrustic on Instagram

Lighter Green Kitchen Cabinets

These light green cabinets by Painted By Kayla Payne, are so warm and inviting. Pairing the painted cabinetry with gold hardware gives a modern feel.

Light green painted kitchen cabinets.
Photo Credit: Painted By Kayla Payne

Behr’s Nature’s Gift

A similar Behr color would be Nature’s Gift, which pairs well with clean white painted trim and natural wood.

light green painted walls with shelves and entry table.
Photo Credit: Paint Color Project

FAQs About Green Paint

Green paint is so versatile and works with a variety of accent colors. Not to mention, greens tend to bring out a calming attitude. From sea glass green to more moody sage colors, greens can go well with many different color schemes.

Warm green paints will have yellow undertones. Depending on the amount, this may or may not be noticeable.

Cool green paints will have blue undertones. Sherwin William’s Sea Salt is a great light example of this. Gray can help balance the color so it does not appear too minty.

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Picking a paint color for your home can be hard, but it is one of the best ways to make it feel more modern. We hope you find the best green paint colors for your home.

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