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Best Light Green Paints Colors For A Fresh Feel

Green paint colors are showing up everywhere. Keep reading to find the right green paint color or you. Greens are honestly the perfect color to use in your home.

Sherwin Williams paint chips with Color of the year 2022 above Evergreen Fog

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After a few years of uncalm times, green paint colors can make you feel more relaxed and natural. Not to mention, most of the main paint companies chose a green color for their 2022 colors the year.

Colors Of The Year

Recently Sherwin Williams announced that the 2022 Color of the Year was Evergreen Fog. They describe it as a “soothing, subtle and a perfect shade to freshen up any space”. It can’t be that big of a coincidence to have that many companies worshipping calming green colors.

8 years ago, we chose SW Liveable Green and we have no intention of repainting anytime soon. This lighter green paint from Sherwin Williams in our living areas was a perfect way to have a calming color that works with changing home decor tastes.

While we do love gray paint, I am sure there will be a time when gray wall paint becomes a little dated. Now in days, people are searching for a little more color in their lives.

Sherwin Williams Liveable Green Paint Gallon in Superpaint with brush and tray

What SW number is Evergreen Fog?

Evergreen Fog is SW 9130.

Is Evergreen Fog a warm or a cool color?

Evergreen Fog is a cool gray-green color that can work well in different spaces. Just like SW Liveable Green, you can mix and match different earthy tones to create a relaxing and modern home design.

For all the paint colors we are talking about here, I have linked to Samplize to see the real colors. Samplize is a company that sells large peel-and-stick paint samples from paint companies like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

What paint swatch is Evergreen Fog on?

The other colors listed with Evergreen Fog are:

Complementary Colors To Evergreen Fog

Complementary colors to SW Evergreen Fog

Evergreen Fog On Bathroom Cabinets

If you have natural wood tones or like the boho look in your light fixtures, then a green paint color may be one to try. You can see how this recommended paint palette can pull from different natural tones.

Our friend, Sarah at Rustic Rocky Canyon recently painted her bathroom vanity with Evergreen Fog. She was surprised that it actually was lighter than she thought. In addition, we absolutely how it looks with the natural wood-framed mirror.

SW evergreen fog painted bathroom vanity with wood framed mirror and pendant lights.
Photo credit: @rockycanyonrustic on Instagram

Will green paint colors work in my home?

The biggest factor you want to consider with any paint color is to consider your lighting. Have you ever been in the paint store and fallen in love with the small little sample only to bring it home and realize you hate the color?

While that is because the lighting in your home is different from that in the store. If your lights give off a more yellow haze (think Edison bulbs) then certain greens may appear more yellowish-green than you thought. And vice versa certain cooler grays may end up being too harsh or gray. Saturation of color may also not work if say your room doesn’t receive enough natural light.

two-toned painted kitchen cabinets with white and green painted cabinets.
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It is normally too hard to tell if you really are going to love a paint color from such a small paint chip. We have used Samplize peel and stick samples when picking a green cabinet paint color.

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Behr, Benjamin Moore & Farrow Ball Colors Of The Year

2022 paint colors of the year Behr Breezeway with paint swipe, BM October Mist, SW evergreen Fog and Breakfast room green

It is completely crazy that a lot of the main paint companies chose a shade of green paint to be their 2022 Color the year. We think that greens will be overtaking grays in the near future. There are so many different versions out there that I am sure most people can find one to work with their home decor.

Benjamin Moore’s 2022 Color of the Year: October Mist

Paint color with Benjamin Moore October Mist

This moody green-gray color is a soft sage color that is a little more saturated in color than Sherwin William’s Evergreen Fog. This green color would be perfect for cabinetry or even built-ins in your home office. If we do a wood accent wall sometime in the near future, we have to consider this color.

Behr’s 2022 Color of the Year: Breezeway

paint color with Behr Breezeway

Just another silvery gray color that can be used on walls or cabinetry to bring a more modern feel to a room. Behr describes this color as bringing tranquility with his sea glass hue. Looking to change up your front door color, this light, and airy color may do the trick. This color tends to have a little more of a mint feel and may be comparable to Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.

Farrow and Ball 2022 Paint Palette of the Year Included: Breakfast Room Green

Farrow and Ball Breakfast Room Green

This color gives us a mad med midcentury modern feel. You don’t have to use it to only paint your breakfast room.

If you are looking for a new and modern paint color you may want to check out different light to medium green paints. Your walls or cabinets will thank you! I am not always the hippest person but feel that I have been spot-on with my love for green paint recently. If only I could say the big paint companies read my blog and inspired them!

Best Sherwin Williams Light Greens

In addition to Evergreen Fog and the other 2022 Colors of the Year, here are a few other lighter green paint colors from Sherwin Williams to consider for your next painting project.

Sherwin Williams Light Green Paint Colors with variety of greens with names
  1. Clary Sage 6178
  2. Filmy Green 6190
  3. Softened Green 6177
  4. Sea Salt 6204
  5. Liveable Green 6176
  6. Spinach White 6434
  7. Acacia Haze 9132

Why are so many people recommending green paint colors?

Green paint can be so versatile and work with a variety of accent colors. Not to mention greens tend to bring out a calming attitude and we all need that after the past couple of years. From sea glass green to more moody sage colors, greens can go well with anything.

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We hope you find the best green paint colors for your home soon!

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