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Easy Homemade Wrapping Paper

We love eco-friendly ways to give gifts and save money. We just finished making DIY leaf print wrapping paper last week and just wanted to keep going. Here are two extremely easy homemade wrapping paper ideas.

easy homemade wrapping paper ideas

Why use brown paper bags?

Yes, you can buy butcher paper and get a flatter surface to start with. However, you know we love repurposing and upcycling furniture and other household items.

  1. It will save money.
  2. Recycle/repurpose what you already have.
  3. Better for the environment.

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How to make homemade polka dot wrapping paper

handing holding homemade polka wrapping paper wrapped present

This DIY wrapping idea honestly could not be any easier. Get the whole family involved in this fun gift wrap idea. These wrapping paper ideas definitely will allow your crafty side to come up without too much prep or time.

Recommended Supplies

  • Circle Stickers (great for fine motor activities with kids as well)
  • Brown paper bag or Kraft paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Fun bow, name tag etc. you can add later

How To Make DIY Polka Dot Wrapping Paper

Step 1: Cut Brown Paper To Be Flat

Cut your brown paper bag or us butch paper.

Step 2: Wrap Gift

Wrap the gift like you normally would using butcher paper.

Step 3: Add Metallic Dots

Place silver (or any colored) stickers around your box to create a DIY polka dot paper.

silver circle stickers added to brown paper bag for easy homemade wrapping paper

How To Make DIY Word Wrapping Paper


  • Gold paint marker
  • Brown bag
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Step 1: Cut Open Bag

Step 2: Use Gold Paint Marker

Repeat a word or words diagonally across the paper with a paint pen. Don’t worry about making the writing perfect. That is the joy of repetition!

gold paint pen writing Merry on brown paper bag for easy homemade wrapping paper

Step 3: Wrap the gift.

Where can I buy gold paint markers?

Our favorite brand is Sakura. Sharpie does make a version but we really like the paint pen markers. They can be a little expensive so here are a few places you can check the prices before buying.

Trust me, paint pens come in handy for all sorts of DIY projects (did anyone say wine bottle photo holders).

easy homemade wrapping paper ideas

Ideas for DIY calligraphy wrapping paper

  1. Name of recipient
  2. Holiday word (we used Merry)
  3. Word to describe the recipient
  4. Favorite saying
  5. Favorite song lyric

Need more ideas for DIY wrapping paper??? Check out 17+ DIY creative wrapping ideas in this post.

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We just love how easy our homemade wrapping was to create!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.