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17+ DIY Christmas Wrapping Ideas For The Whole Family

Creative wrapping ideas

Adding your own unique prints to butcher paper, brown bags or other plain paper is a sure way to add fun to gifts for your family. Here are 17+ different creative Christmas wrapping ideas you could use to make your own homemade wrapping paper. Don’t worry a lot of these DIY wrapping ideas can be used at any time in the year, too!

Why making your own homemade wrapping paper?

Besides it being awesome from the environment, you can add your own personalized touches and involve the whole family. Our young daughter is always wanting to help be involved in all things DIY (which of course we love).

It can be fun for the whole family and the gift recipient will appreciate the extra homemade touch (especially if children are involved). You can use whatever supplies you have on hand to create DIY wrapping paper. There are endless possibilities when it comes to adding a DIY element to wrapping paper.

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What is butcher paper? 

Butcher paper is just another name for brown kraft paper. You can buy it rolls from Michaels, Large Home Improvement stores or even the Dollar Store. While a nice roll of paper is nice to start with you can always deconstruct a brown paper bag. Not only will it save you money but is a much nicer eco-friendly way to create DIY wrapping paper.

What can you use instead of butcher paper to create homemade wrapping paper?

For a lot of these wrapping paper examples, we cut apart old brown paper bags we had lying around. This works especially well for smaller gifts. Just note that a brown paper bag will be a little more wrinkled than your typical brown kraft paper roll.

DIY Christmas wrapping out of brown bags
Brown Bags used instead of butcher or kraft paper

How to cut apart a brown paper bag to make wrapping paper?

  1. Cut down the side seam.
  2. Cut off the bottom and open.

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17+ creative Christmas wrapping paper ideas

Creative Christmas wrapping ideas

  1. Add fake foliage: either spray painted
  2. Add a twig, pincone and twine for a rustic look
  3. Create a fun nametag: consider use Mod Podge and glitter on cheap wooden embellishments
  4. Add ribbon, twine or yarn (check out the yarn Christmas tree)
  5. Create a pattern by drawing simple holiday items (presents, abstract trees, etc.)
  6. Print or stamp natural items
  7. Use stamps and paint or ink to create a patterned DIY wrapping paper
  8. Reuse items you already have on hand (example: wrap present in a dish towel)
  9. Add stickers to create a pattern
  10. Reuse old brown bags instead of buying new Kraft paper
  11. Use gold or silver paint markers
  12. Create a fun abstract art with liquid watercolors
  13. Use washi tape to add designs
  14. Use a pencil eraser or wine cork to create a polka dot pattern
  15. Create repeated face design on a digital platform like Canva
  16. Create DIY Calligraphy paper
  17. Repurpose different papers like a phonebook pages
  18. Add an fun homemade Christmas card or tag

DIY Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Here are 17+ DIY wrapping paper ideas. Most look gorgeous on brown butcher paper but can be modified for any taste.

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We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and create memories together making DIY Christmas wrapping ideas!

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