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Eco-Friendly DIY Wrapping Paper Out Of Brown Paper Bags

Do you hate spending money on buying wrapping paper to only then have a trash bag full at the end of your holiday gathering? We hate how wasteful wrapping paper is and thought why not repurpose items we already have this holiday season? There are many different ways to make DIY wrapping paper, but here is a fun leaf print wrapping paper idea for the whole family.

brown bags with handpainted and printed leaves to make cheap homemade wrapping paper

How To Make DIY Leaf Print Wrapping Paper

You could purchase butcher block paper or cut up old brown bags to use. We chose to cut up the brown bags in order to be as eco-friendly as we could when dealing with wrapping paper.

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How to cut a brown paper bag for gift wrapping

  1. Cut down the seam on the side of the bag.
  2. Then begin to cut the bottom off. 
  3. Once you make it all the way around, you will be able to open up the brown bag to create a flat butcher paper. 
green leaf print DIY wrapping paper out of old brown paper bag

Other things to consider when using brown bags for your wrapping paper

There will be wrinkles and seams. Consider putting better designs on the flat and best spots. When you are wrapping your presents you will end up using the best paper. This brown paper gift wrap idea can use any colors of paints you like to either be Fall gift-wrapping or DIY Christmas gift wrapping.

leaves, gold paint, paintbrush and brown paper bag used for eco-friendly DIY wrapping paper

Recommended Supplies

  • Leaves (preferably fresher ones, not ones that are curled up and brown)
  • Acrylic Paint (Cheap student-grade paint will do the trick) 
  • Paintbrush
  • Extra white paper
  • Brown bag or large craft roll
  • Scissors

How To Print Leaves

  1. Cut brown bag or layout the butcher paper.
How to cut a brown bag for wrapping paper

2. Find the textured side of the leaf. Paint the side with the veins. We first wanted to gold but realized the color didn’t give us enough contrast on the paper. Therefore we used green and red with a little gold mixed in to give it a metallic look.

paint brush painting textured side of leaf for leaf print

3. Flip leaf over with paint side down.

Paint leaf flipped over to create print for DIY wrapping paper

4. Put the white paper on top and rub the area where the leaf is.

fingers rubbing white paper on top of leaf

5. Carefully pull up the leaf. 

leaf being pulled up after printing on brown paper bag

If it appears there is enough paint on the leaf, you can try to print it again. You may get more of a “ghost” print, but I like that look.

6. Repeat until your paper is covered.

7. Let dry and wrap those presents with your DIY brown bag wrapping paper.

present wrapped with DIY homemade painted wrapping paper

What if I wanted to make more precise leaf art prints for DIY artwork?

You could use a brayer with ink if you want a more precise print. However, I liked getting different textures to show with the leaves and didn’t need them to all be the exact same because honestly, this is just a fun DIY wrapping paper craft to do with your family.

For one of our brown paper bag wrapping papers, we just stamped a foam brush to create a handpainted pattern. There are so many different simple ways you can use acrylic paint and brown paper bags to create eco-friendly DIY wrapping paper.

Looking For Craft Projects Using Brown Bags?

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cute DIY wrapping paper insanely easy with leaf prints on brown paper bag

Most importantly, have fun creating DIY wrapping paper with your family and love that you are helping the environment using what you already have.

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