12 Easy DIY Loot Bag Ideas For Your Next Birthday Party Favor

Does your child have a birthday coming up? Do you need inspiration for that treat or party bag? Learn how you can easily make goodie tags and bags with these 12 easy loot bag ideas.

collage of birthday goodie bags with text 10 DIY birthday loot bag ideas.

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Tips For Buying Items Cheaply To Fill Bags

  • Check the clearance section after any holiday. Might require a little planning, but totally worth it and even cheaper than just buying things from the Dollar Store.
  • After any holiday you can always grab things for super cheap. We have some Spring birthdays in our family and I snagged Valentine’s toys for 70% off at the end of February. 15 Bubbles and skateboards for less than $3!
  • Consider buying items in bulk
  • Make your own favors like our DIY letter crayons.
cam spelled in rainbow letter crayons.

How To Make A Printable Tag

Canva is amazing! You could design free party invites, create tags and your own custom thank you notes. Here is a screenshot of a new mustache design I just customized as a thank-you tag. Even if you don’t have design experience, you will be able to figure this site out.

You can use Canva.com on your laptop, instead of your phone or tablet. If you are just creating basic party favors, you can use the free version.

You can always upgrade to the paid version to really unlock more designs. If you haven’t checked out this site, you need to.

Step 1: Search The Templates

One could spend hours searching and trying new templates in Canva. Make sure that the free logo is on the templates you want to use. Trust me, you will be able to find one that will fit your birthday theme.

Canva mustach gracias artwork and template

Step 2: Customize The Template

For my son, I simply found this adorable mustache one that said “A stache of thank yous” and change it to add “for celebrating my birthday and for being my friend”.  This probably only took me 5 minutes to create and mainly because I was “shopping” around and looking at all my options!

Step 3: Download And Print Goodie Tag

Next, I downloaded the image from Canva to my camera roll and added them to my pages app (mac’s word program). Then, I was able to resize and fit as many birthday tags on a page as I wanted. After that, I hit print and I was ready to cut them out.

This personal rotary trimmer is handy for some of my simple paper projects!

Step 4: Add Birthday Treat Bag Items

There is an endless array of options here. I was able to find beaded necklaces and jumpy frogs at my local dollar store.

plastic bag with goodies for kids with homemade tag inside.

More DIY Loot Bag Ideas

Here are 10 other DIY birthday party bags ideas. You will probably want to pin this to not forget the next time you are planning a party.

Our favorite is #6

We will for sure be adding this to our kid’s craft list soon!

Wolf Loot Bag Tutorial
How adorable are these felt birthday goodie bags? We see this bag as an inspiration for many different felt animal birthday treat bags.
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Easy Racecar Birthday Treat Bag Idea (with Free Printable Tags)
Give a gift kids will play with. Parents will thank you for the simple car toy instead of a lot of small plastic junk.
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Alien Party Favor Bags
Create these fun alien birthday party bags before the party or have all the supplies ready for a birthday party activity. Let kids get creative about what an alien may look like. We love when a goodie bag can also act as a party activity.
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DIY Horse Goodie Bags
This simple DIY party favor bag is sure to make the horse lover in our family happy. Use materials you probably already have on hand to create these fun loot bags.
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Frankenstein DIY Treat Bags
These adorable treat bags are a perfect DIY Halloween bag that can store all that yummy candy. You could even use these for October birthdays. Have fun with the facial expressions and get creative while making these fun Frankensteins.
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Cricut Infusible Ink on a Cosmetic Bag
If you have a special tween or teen these DIY cosmetic bags could be the perfect party favors for that special birthday sleepover. Learn how to use Circuit Infusible Ink during this crafty project.
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Color-Your-Own Tote Bags
Use iron-on transfer paper, white totes and colorful fabric markers to create this fun DIY birthday loot bag and party activity. We know a few kids who would love this idea to create a personalized bag to take home.
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Filled Balloon Party Favors
Every kid loves a balloon. Now, what if it was filled with a few goodies? Use fun patterned balloons to really treat your party guests and watch in amazement when they get to pop them.
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Faux Wood Party Goodie Bags
These DIY party favor bags were used for a Sassy Sasquatch Bigfoot Party. This simple idea really worked well for this party theme. Fill these with fun exploration items like a mini magnify glass, mini flashlight and cheap notebook.
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DIY Goodie Bags Dipped in Confetti
Our friend from Mod Podge Rocks claims you don't need any crafting ability to make these. Have fun creating these simple and easy favor bags. They even mention using sparkle Mod Podge if you are feeling fancy. We can only imagine the fun loot or prizes you might put in these sparkly bags.
Check out our recent DIY laptop cover makeover that also used the glittery topcoat.
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DIY Art Party Favor Idea (with free rainbow printable)
No need to put these watercolor paints in a bag. Just add a cute rainbow tag and you have an awesome DIY party favor.
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DIY Unicorn Loots Bags with Free Template
I feel like we can't have a list of DIY birthday goodie bags without including a unicorn. These simple and cute party favor bags can be made relatively quickly and filled with all different types of goodies.
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What can you fill loot bags with?

Candy, cookies, chocolate, small toys, fidgets or any item that fits your party theme. Consider having the child make the bag as part of your party to save you time and money.

How many party favors do you put in goodie bags?

It depends on the amount spent on each item. Don’t go overboard, but a good rule is anywhere from 1-4 items. Kids are happy that you thought of them. You can save money by purchasing items in bulk for your loot.

Do you have to give party favor bags?

Like anything in parenting, this is completely up to you. A good rule of thumb would be to see if your child comes home with goodies after going to another birthday party. If you don’t want to spend a ton, you could always just buy small bags kids decorate and fill with candy before leaving.

These loot bags are sure to be loved at your next birthday party. Everyone always appreciates a great DIY party favor. Now go ahead and be the hit of your party!

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  1. You are a genius to grab Valentines goodies marked down for treat bags. We do family parties but I let the kids take treat bags to school and it makes them so happy. Very cute tags!

  2. Shirley Wood says:

    Your treat bags are too cute and you were so smart to pick up those Valentine’s clearance items to use! I love Canva too. There is so much you can design over there!

    1. Hi Shirley! Thanks for visiting! What would we all do without Canva!!! I hadn’t ever heard of it until I starting blogging.

  3. Cherryl Ehlenburg says:

    These are so cute! My son is a teenager now, and I miss putting together those fun birthday parties for him!

  4. Mother of 3 says:

    These are adorable! I bet they were a huge hit. Pinned.

  5. Thanks for the tip regarding Canva. Your treat bags are very well done!

  6. How fun! It’s always great to buy seasonal items that can be used with some changes for various occasions!

  7. Leslie Susan Clingan says:

    What fun!! I know your son was so proud of these cute treat bags. Hope his birthday is as big a success.

    1. Thanks Leslie! He was so excited! It is crazy how just a simple treat bag can make their day!

  8. Roseann Hampton says:

    How fun for your son to be able to pass these out to his friends!

  9. I love Canva too! It’s always great when you can diy and save money for party things. Great job!