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11+ Easy DIY Piñata Ideas For Your Next Party

We love when DIY projects can save you money and help you create a customized item that would just be so hard to find. Here are 11+ homemade piñatas ideas that will inspire you to make a piñata for every party.

11 cool DIY piñata ideas with collage of different piñatas.

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What can you use as a base to make a homemade piñata?

In this list of DIY piñata ideas you will see that the following items can be used for piñata bases:

  • foam core or poster board (see another awesome DIY project you can do with your leftover tissue paper and foam core)
  • balloons
  • cardboard boxes
  • cereal boxes
  • packing tape around a balloon (Yes, you have to see this one)
  • lunch sack or paper bag
  • toilet paper rolls

What supplies can you use to make a homemade piñata?

  • classic paper maché (flour and water essentially)
  • cover in paper and tissue paper
  • cut crepe paper in a fringe design
  • create texture with tissue paper (such as roses)
  • use regular paper to add facial details etc. once the piñata is made
  • paint dotters or paint to add extra color

Easy Homemade Piñatas

DIY piñatas are such a fun way to add a little personality to any party. Here is a list of 11 different DIY piñata ideas you can make this weekend. Some are easier than others, but all are sure to have your party guest smiling.

We hope that your party planning goes well and that you cover all your bases, from fun party activities to DIY treat bags. You can see our list of fun and easy birthday favor bags in this post. No matter what just have fun and enjoy the party.

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We know your homemade piñata idea will be the hit of the party, no matter which piñata design you choose!

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