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Are Green Kitchen Cabinets The Next New Kitchen Cabinet Trend?

Trendy colors in painted cabinets is the new way to add your personality to your kitchen

I don’t normally make bold statements, but while white kitchens will always be in style we are loving fun, deep colored cabinets. Especially green cabinets because they are such a versatile color. No matter what your style is there is a shade of green for you.

What to do if you do not want to paint all of your kitchen cabinets a bold color?

You can even see in the latest HGTV dream home that they painted just the lower kitchen cabinets a bold and rich color. And if that is even too much for you, you can always add just a fun painted color (like a dark green or blue) to your island only.

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Our personal experience with bold cabinet colors

When we were thinking of changing our painted white kitchen cabinets to a color, naturally gravitated towards green cabinets. Then I kept seeing green kitchen cabinets and knew I had made the right choice. Here are a few of those green kitchen cabinets that I feel will be the next kitchen trend.

We recently read an article about how the bright painted cabinets from the ’50s and ’60s may be making a comeback. Now my grandma may have had yellow Formica counters with red cabinets. I don’t think that look will be completely back, but she did know how to rock an artsy mid-century look!

Why choose green kitchen cabinets?

Greens can go with a lot of other colors. Some of the lighter tone greens (see our favorite neutral green wall color) can honestly fit any color scheme. Green paint colors also come in such a wide variety, from more vibrant to toned done neutral greens. Greens, just like grays also come in so many tonal colors.

Just be careful you don’t go too mint or yellow green. In this post, we share two examples that have done these colors just right!

At first, we thought we would go more with a gray-green neutral color like SW Pewter Green. However, we chose to paint our kitchen island SW Rookwood Sash Green. It was more of a blue-green color and we are very happy with the contrast that it provides in our budget kitchen makeover.  After seeing how awesome and brand new the cabinets looked, we knew we will have to paint all the lower cabinets this green.

Even Elle Decor shares examples of Cameron Diaz’s green kitchen cabinets, so I guess we are totally on-trend for kitchen cabinet color without even knowing it!

How to pick a cabinet paint color?

One of the best ideas is to bring home a lot of paint chips. Compare the paint chip for your current wall color, chip color for your trim and any other prominent colors. Display the chips together to see how they look. If your trim is not white, then you should also hold up the chip color one you are thinking to white.

Comparing colors to a pure white paint chip will give you a better sense of the color in your space.

Also, once you have narrowed it down consider ordering a larger paint sample. We ordered 3 paint samples from Samplize. This was important because you are able to wrap these peel and stick paint samples around the corner of the cabinet in order to see the color from different angles. 

buy paint samples now

You can read our full Samplize review in this post.

Green Paint chip samples with text 2021 Kitchen cabinet paint trends

What paint is best for cabinets?

No matter what color you are going to paint your cabinets, you need to make sure you buy the right paint. We have had huge success with Sherwin Williams Proclassic Latex Enamel paint when we first painted our kitchen cabinets white.

However, this time around we painted our kitchen island with Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane Enamel. I will only be using this paint from now on to paint cabinets.

This product is super unique because it is water-based but almost acts like oil paint in the hard finish and also helps stop yellowing. It was easy to work with and self-leveled better than any cabinet paint we have worked with before.  The two biggest cons to this paint are that it took time to fully cure due to humidity in my house and it does have a stronger odor than a typical latex enamel. However, the finish was totally worth it for us!

While a professional painter might pick a different paint, we love this paint especially if you are painting your kitchen cabinets as a DIY project.

5 Awesome Green Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Here are 5 different ways you can DIY your kitchen cabinets with a trendy green color your choice. It honestly can fit any home decor style.

Green Kitchen Cabinets

From a grayish-green to a more warm yellow-green, green kitchen cabinets are such a great bold way to add color to your kitchen in 2021 and beyond. Paint your whole kitchen or just a few bottom ones and make a statement.

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Trust us, we love our green kitchen cabinets & know we made the right kitchen cabinet paint color choice.

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