Paint projects using Behr Charcoal blue
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7 DIY Projects Using Behr Charcoal Blue Paint

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Paint projects using Behr Semi-Gloss Latex Enamel

Want to know the crazy thing? We ordered this paint online. At the time, we didn’t even want to go into a hardware store and for the price of a gallon of Behr Charcoal Blue paint, we knew it was worth trying. Little did we know how many DIY paint projects a gallon of this paint would get us. Here are 6 paint projects using Behr Charcoal Blue.

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Where can you buy Behr paint?

We ordered it online from Home Depot. We did when we ordered our stock cabinets for our laundry room makeover. Now we thought we were going to use two gallons to paint our interior doors, but I guess that DIY project just hasn’t happened yet.

Pros to this Behr paint

Cheaper than other semi-gloss latex enamel paints

Does have a nice finished and shiny look

Easily applies to different surfaces

We are noramally Sherwin Williams paint people. But even on sale, SW paint can sometime run you a lot more than this paint. Therefore, that is why we tried this paint. As of right now, it is holding up on all of our projects (and we have kids that completely destroy things). I am sure next year we can come back and update if this paint easily become damaged, etc.

Cons to Behr Paint

Is not as thick as other latex enamel paints

May need one extra coat

7 DIY Projects Using Behr Charcoal Blue

So on a whim, we ordered two gallons of Behr Charcoal Blue Semi-Gloss Latex Enamel Paint. Guess what?

We still have one gallon left, and here are the DIY projects using this color.

Do you have a favorite paint color? Remember sometimes inspiration or new colors can just accidentally happen.

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We never thought we would have used Behr Charcoal Blue for so many of our DIY paint projects.

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