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Easy Painted Flower Pot Ideas You Can Do Right Now

Simple monochromatic painted flower pots you can do in less than 30 minutes!

Here are 6 different painted terracotta pots ideas that can be done very quickly. Did you know that the Dollar Tree sells these cute tiny terracotta pots? I figure the best place to try these painting techniques was on these small planters.

If these painted flower pot designs worked on the small pots, I know they will work any size you choose. 

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We also used a more modern terracotta pot in this painted pot tutorial (no it is not real marble)!

6 Easy Monochromatic Painted Pot Ideas

Grays can pretty much go with any home decor and are the perfect complement to the nice new green plants we plan on growing. Our tiny terracotta pots are perfect to start our herbs in with children.

  1. Use Painter’s Tape and mix various shades of the same color
  2. Use the end of the brush to make dots
  3. Leave some terracotta showing
  4. Create a cute character face (super easy!)
  5. Use a whitewash or dry brush technique
  6. Paint a diagonal shape across the pot
  7. Dab the paint on to create an abstract type landscape

insanely-easy painted flower pot ideas

You could do any of these designs with pretty much any color of your choice. Our favorite painted flower pot were the cute face, dots, and dry brush ones. 

Other ways to add to your painted flower pots

  1. Mod Podge other materials such as tissue paper to get a fun look
  2. Use paint markers (we plan on adding gold soon to some of the terracotta pots)
  3. Use a sharpie to small details (even try these paint sharpies)
  4. Add gems of other small craft supplies
  5. Stamp words with cool letter stamps (these look like an old fashioned typewriter and would be awesome on our drybrush pot)


Cheap acrylic paint

Paint brushes (at least a large and small one)

Terracotta pots (any size)

Paper plate

Painter’s tape or masking tape

Optional: Paint markers (our favorite metallic ones) or oil-based sharpies

supplies used for painted flower pots

How To Make These 6 Easy Painted Flower Pots

1. Geometric Ombre Design

painter's tape used to create ombre geometric painted pot
  1. Paint the whole pot white using acrylic paint.
  2. Once dry, tape diagonal lines on the pot using painter’s tape. I end up ripping the tape to make it skinnier. If you want super clean lines, make sure your tape doesn’t have a ripped edge.
  3. Mixing a variety of grays (black and white paint) fill in the shapes.
  4. Once the pot is partially dry, carefully remove the tape.

painter's tape used to create diy painted flower pot design

2. Polka Dot Design

Leave top part terracotta and paint the bottom of flower pot white
  1. Paint the pot white. We left the top the terracotta color.
  2. Once dry, use the other side of the brush to dot your black paint on. Adding more dots to the bottom and less as you go on top.
the end of a paint brush used to make dot design on terracotta pot

3. Dry-Brush

  1. Make sure you don’t have too much paint on your brush and sweep the brush arcoss in the pot. You want to see the texture and the brush marks.
  2. You can dab the extra on paper. Once white is dry, dry brush on top with a few gray strokes.
drybrushed painted flower pot

4. Dabbing Paint

dabbing paint to create an easy painted terracotta pot
  1. Dab white paint all over the pot.
  2. Create an ombre look by adding gray and black closer to the bottom.

5. Cute Painted Face

painted simple black line face on terracotta pot
  1. Paint whole terracotta pot white.
  2. Use black paint and fine brush to draw a simple face. You could also probably use an extra-fine sharpie for this or paint marker.

6. Geometric or Diagonal Painted Design

diagonal white shape for a simple flower pot idea
  1. Using white paint to divide the pot in half. We may add a fun gold outline here with our favorite paint marker soon.

easy white painted flower pot

How can these painted flower pots go outside?

You can spray them with a spray sealer or use an outdoor mod podge to add a protective layer. If all along you know that you are going to place these pots outside, then you could also use Thompson Waterseal before you paint.

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Need more DIY planter inspiration? Check out our favorite DIY planters or how built our own raised cedar garden boxes. We love plants, DIY and when they can be combined together!

easy painted flower pot ideas black and white

We love it when simple and easy works for a DIY project. And these painted flower pots are exactly an easy DIY project we needed.

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